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  1. 6762.20 July 13, 2011 October 21, 2015 1 of 1 standard number: superseding: effective date: Seattle City Light MATERIAL STANDARD page: CLAMP FOR 3/4-INCH GROUND RODS 1. Scope 4. Marking This standard covers the requirements for bronze alloy ground rod clamps. Each ground rod clamp shall be permanently marked with: This standard applies to Seattle City Light Stock Number 013283.  Manufacturer's name or symbol  Manufacturer's catalog number  Electrode sizes  Conductor sizes or range  UL symbol 2. Application Ground rod clamps are used to connect a ground lead conductor to a 3/4-inch diameter ground rod or #4 rebar. 5. Packaging Ground rod clamps are appropriate for direct burial use in wet or dry locations. Ground rod clamps shall be packaged to prevent damage during shipping and storage. Refer to Material Standard 6762.15 for clamps appropriate for use with 1/2-inch to 5/8-inch ground rods. Each package shall be marked with Seattle City Light's Stock Number. Issuance: EA 6. 3. Attributes 7. Approved Manufacturers Ground rod clamps shall be UL listed. Stock No. 013283 Manufacturer Eritech Hubbell Wilcor Catalog Number HDC 34 GC10303 WAG34HGR Ground rod clamp shall be of a bronze alloy design. Ground clamp shall have the following attributes: ground rod diameter, in nominal conductor size, AWG minimum maximum material body bolt torque withstand, in-lbs minimum 3/4 8. References UL-467 - “Grounding and Bonding Equipment,” 9th Edition, Underwriters Laboratories Inc. #8 1/0 Hanson, Brett; SCL Standards Engineer, subject matter expert and originator of 6762.20 (brett.hanson@seattle.gov) bronze 6762.15; “Clamp, for 5/8-Inch Ground Rods”; Material Standard; SCL 18-8 ss or bronze SCL Material Standard 5640.32, “Clamp for 3/4-in Ground Rods” (renumbered to 6762.20 in October 2015) 450 Standards Coordinator Laura Vanderpool Standards Supervisor John Shipek Unit Director Darnell Cola