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  1. Using Bor8 Rods in a Wood Window If wood windows have rot, its usually in the bottom corners. Bor8 Rods will not only stop early stage rot but it will stop advanced rot and keep it from coming back. Water enters a wood window through the end grain. When a Bor8 Rod is placed near the end grain (within an inch), the boron that is released by the Bor8 Rods makes the wood toxic to the fungal organism and kills it on contact. The fungus cannot survive because it cannot use the wood as a food source. So if the wood has the fungus, it kills it. If the fungus tries to establish itself, it cannot. This process of protection will continue as long as the paint and caulk prevents liquid flowing water from saturating the wood and washing away the borates. In the worst case scenario, the Bor8 Rods will protect the wood for about 10 – 12 years. Best case, this could protect the wood indefinitely. If the wood needs to be retreated any time in the future, it can be done as simply as drilling out the original hole and inserting a new Bor8 Rod. Boron wicks into the wood by capillary action as the rods dissolve, just like colored water wicks up a celery stalk like the experiment you did in 3rd grade. Water is the biggest enemy of water. Dry wood won’t rot but as soon as it gets to about 30% moisture content, the conditions are favorable for decay to begin. Fungal spores are airborne and can easily land on a damp wood surface and take root. Once the spore lands on the wood it begins to germinate and send “roots” called mycelium into the wood where they secrete an enzyme that dissolves the cellulose of the wood and feeds the fungus. As the fungus depletes the cellulose in the immediate area, the wood loses both strength and density. Then, the roots continue spread in all directions looking for more tasty untreated wood to eat. Some window parts are made from finger jointed wood. If that is the case, sometimes the finger joints come unglued and open up end grain that water can wick into. If your wood is finger jointed, it would be a good idea to insert a Bor8 Rods about every 4 –6 “across the area of concern to give you peace of mind that wood treated with Bor8 Rods will never rot. The Bor8 Rods can be used to treat the wood and a couple of coats of high quality paint will protect the wood for many years. Of course, if the wood is so decayed it is falling apart, you may need to use our epoxy systems to repair the damaged wood and make a simple repair. This can almost always be done at a small fraction of the cost of replacing the entire window. Bor8 Rods can also be used in windows that are in the same house, the same age, same exposure and same level of maintenance (or lack thereof). Bor8 Rods can be inserted in the bottom corners of perfectly good windows so that if the wood ever gets wet enough to rot, the rods will begin to dissolve and diffuse, treating the wood with borates and preventing the rot from ever starting. This is very good preventative maintenance.