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  1. Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes in Earth and Space Science Unit 1: Introduction to Earth Space Science Meaning & Examples relating to: geological, astronomical, terrestrial carbon: carbon dioxide, carbonic acid, carbon cycle hundred: centimeter, centigram, percent circle, cycle: cyclone, nitrogen cycle, anticyclone tenth: decibel, decimal, deciliter writing, drawing: geography, oceanography, photography, topography water: hydroelectric, hydrate, hydrothermal, hydrosphere one who studies: meteorologist, geologist, environmentalist thousand: kilogram, kilometer measure: barometer, thermometer, diameter study of; seismology, meteorology, climatology ball: lithosphere, asthenosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere Root/Prefix/Suffix -al carb cent cycl deci graph hydr, hygr -ist kilo meter -ology sphere Unit 2: Weather Meaning & Examples Root/Prefix/Suffix alt anti baro calor clud, clus iso nimb therm high: altocumulus, altitude, altostratus against, opposite: anticline, anticyclone pressure: barometer, bar, barometric pressure, hyperbaric chamber heat: calorimeter, calorie, kilocalorie to close: occluded front, exclude, conclude, cluster equal: isobar, isotherm, isocline rain: nimbus, cumulonimbus heat: thermal, geothermal, thermometer Unit 3: Climate Meaning & Examples Root/Prefix/Suffix circ eco halo micro trans ring, around: circumference, circular, circulate environment: ecology, ecosystem, ecocline salt: halite, halogens, halocline small: microclimate, microwave across: transfer, transpiration Unit 4: Forces that Shape the Earth Meaning & Examples shell: crust, encrusted, crustal upon, above: epicenter, epicycle flowing: fluid, fluctuate, magnetic flux ice: glacier, glacial, glaze process: erosion, conservation, decomposition middle, between: mesosphere, Mesozoic break: eruption, erupt, disrupt under, below: subsoil, submerge, subduction fire: volcano, volcanologist, volcanism Root/Prefix/Suffix crust epi flu, fluc glaci -ion meso rupt sub volcan

  2. Unit 5: Surface Features Meaning & Examples Root/Prefix/Suffix aqu benth clin mar water; aquifer, aqueous, aquarium, aquaculture bottom of the sea: benthos, benthic, zoobenthos slope: incline, clinometer, decline, halocline, thermocline sea: marine, marsh, maritime Unit 6: Planetary Formation Meaning & Examples Root/Prefix/Suffix cosm e, ec, ex equi -oid universe, world: cosmic dust, cosmos, cosmic rays out, without, from: eclipse, eccentric, ecliptic, exothermic equal: equinox, equilateral, equator like, form: metalloid, asteroid, meteoroid Unit 7: Planetary Physics Meaning & Examples Root/Prefix/Suffix acceler dia grav kine nox, noc ultra faster: accelerate, centripetal acceleration through, across: diameter, diagonal, diagram heavy: gravity, gravitational motion: kinetic energy, kinetics night: nocturnal, equinox beyond: ultraviolet, ultrasound Unit 8: The Stars and Our Sun Meaning & Examples Root/Prefix/Suffix bi fus helio lu, lum nov solar two: binary star, bimetallic melt, join: fusion, fuse, nuclear fusion Sun: heliograph, heliocentric, heliosphere light: luminous, translucent, luster new: nova, supernova, novice sun: solar wind, solar cell, solar system Unit 9: Earth’s History Meaning & Examples Root/Prefix/Suffix chron geo paleo time: geochronology, chronic, synchronize Earth: geothermal, geology, geography ancient: paleontology, Paleozoic, paleomagnetism Unit 10: Biology Crossover Meaning & Examples Root/Prefix/Suffix bio herb macro photo Adapted from The Sourcebook for Teaching Science, Grades 6-12(2008) life: biology, biome, biosphere plants: herbivore, herbs, herbarium large: macromolecule, macroscopic light: photography, photosynthesis