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  1. Common Latin Roots Latin Root Definition Example ambi both ambiguous, ambidextrous aqua water aquarium, aquamarine aud to hear audience, audition bene good benefactor, benevolent cent one hundred century, percent circum around circumference, circumstance contra/counter against contradict, encounter dict to say dictation, dictator duc/duct to lead conduct, induce fac to do; to make factory, manufacture form shape conform, reform fort strength fortitude, fortress fract break fracture, fraction ject throw projection, rejection jud judge judicial, prejudice mal bad malevolent, malefactor mater mother maternal, maternity mit to send transmit, admit mort death mortal, mortician multi many multimedia, multiple pater father paternal, paternity port to carry portable, transportation rupt to break bankrupt, disruption scrib/script to write inscription, prescribe sect/sec to cut bisect, section sent to feel; to send consent, resent spect to look inspection, spectator struct to build destruction, restructure vid/vis to see televise, video voc voice; to call vocalize, advocate Reproduced with permission from Corwin Press.