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  1. ROOT CANAL TREATMENT You have just had an endodontic, or root canal treatment. Each tooth contains pulp in root canals. The pulp is the control centre of each tooth, and contains blood vessels, nerves and lymphatics. When the pulp becomes inflamed due to a deep cavity, or gum disease, the end result can be infection, injury or death of the tooth. A root canal treatment cleans out the pulp, and is the best way to save a tooth in this condition. The damaged pulp is removed and the remaining pulp, or root canal is cleaned and sealed. If you have been asked to come back for a second appointment to finish up the treatment, a temporary has been placed on your tooth. A temporary serves many important functions: 1) it protects the tooth from sensitivity 2) it prevents food from lodging in the preparation 3) it prevents the teeth from shifting 4) it provides a temporary biting surface WHAT TO EXPECT WITH A TEMPORARY: GUMS AND TISSUES: It is normal for your gums to be sore and sensitive in the area surrounding the preparation. You may feel this discomfort as the anaesthesia wears off. This is due to the treatment and should disappear within a day or two. CHEWING: Avoid chewing on the temporary with hard, sticky foods. Sticky foods may pull the temporary loose, and hard foods could damage the existing tooth structure. The temporary is supposed to be easy to remove and it may come off inadvertently. If this happens, rinse the temporary off and blot it with Kleenex. Rinse the tooth off and blot it as well. Stick the temporary back into the tooth. Be gentle; it will only fit one way. Do not use any substances at all to get the temporary to adhere to the tooth; this could damage the nerve of your tooth. Your best intentions may be detrimental to the preparation. If you have any questions, please call the office. FLOSSING: Floss around your temporary in a horizontal fashion, pulling the floss through, instead of pulling up and out. This will prevent the temporary from being knocked off accidentally. PROBLEMS: IT FEELS ROUGH: If the temporary or the final restoration is rough, or causes the tongue to feel sensitive, call the office. We can relieve it quickly and painlessly. BITE FEELS HIGH: If you're having difficulty biting down, call the office and we will readjust the restoration. Leaving the problem may cause the contacting teeth to bruise.

  2. SENSITIVITY: You may feel hot or cold sensitivity. This is normal with a temporary and will subside. You should not feel any sensitivity within the actual tooth after the root canal; if you do, please call the office. LOOKS UGLY: The temporary is just a space filler until the permanent restoration is placed. The permanent is aesthetically superior. IT FELL OFF: Temporaries are designed to come off easily. If your temporary falls off before your next appointment, please call the office. In the meantime, avoid chewing on that tooth. With any dental procedure, it is important to keep the area clean. Please use a SOFT TOOTHBRUSH and FLUORIDE TOOTHPASTE to gently remove food debris from this area. Be certain to floss between the teeth in this region. If you have been placed on medication or pain killers, please take them as prescribed. DO NOT CHANGE, INCREASE, OR COMBINE DRUGS UNLESS TOLD TO DO SO. DO NOT CONSUME ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WHILE ON MEDICATION. Please feel free to contact the dental office if you have any questions or concerns. We wish you a speedy recovery. F:\docs\Printouts\Patient Post Op Instruction Sheets\Root Canal Treatment.doc