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  1. Root Canals

  2. 1. Date: 05/24/00 Name: John 46, White, Male Experience since the removal of root canal tooth…. For the past 5 years I have had a pain in my lower back. The pain was more of a nerve pain and not a muscular pain. After having one of my lower left molar teeth extracted, the nerve pain in my back stopped. Being a police officer, and wearing a gun belt that can weigh as much as 15 pounds. I contributed the constant pain in my age and profession. Since having the tooth extracted, I have been more active physically because there is no fear of the pain returning. 2. Date: 10/11/00 Name: Mickey 66, White, Male Experience since the removal of two root canal treated teeth…. I had chest and neck pain that seemed like heart attack pain on three separate occasions (in about 1 – 11/2 years). After I had two lower molars removed I have not had that same experience. 3. Date: 10/06/99 Name: Kevin 36, White, Male Experience since the removal of root canal tooth…. Tooth #14 which was root canalled previously was extracted on 09/29/99. One week later: 1. I had a lot more energy 2. No fatigue (fatigue has been present for the last 3 years). 3. Sinuses are clear – have not taken any medication (Tavist –D) for sinuses. 4. Date: 08/16/00 Name: Vernon White, Male Experience since the removal of a tooth…. Before the tooth was removed I felt draggy and tired. Within 24 – 48 hours I felt different. Afterwards, I had more energy !! - 2 -

  3. 5. Date: 01/30/01 Name: Sharon 56, White, Female Experience since the removal of one root canal treated tooth…. I’ve had severe anxiety and fits of anger as well as tiredness over my whole body. I feel that since my one and only root canal was extracted I feel less anxious and have an overall increase in energy. Although not a dramatic effect, I feel that is was best to have had done the procedure and am pleased with the results. 6. Date: 07/18/00 Name: Diane 58, White, Female Experience since the removal of a root canal treated tooth…. I have noticed I did have a lot of lower back pain for approximately six months. After I had a tooth extracted, upper left side, the pain has gone away. It took about a month and now I’m pain free. 7. Date: 02/12/02 Name: Patrick 49, White, Male Experience since the removal of a root canal treated tooth…. I am a forty-nine year old male doctor who was in great health. In February 2001 I went for a routine dental visit, I had no symptoms, it was a check up. X-ray films suggested that an older root canal procedure needed to be redone. An endodontist agreed, the appointment was scheduled and them performed. I had no problems with the procedure and felt fine after it was completed. Within two days I started to have problems. My blood pressure increased over 20 points both systolic and diastolic. I had been taking it for years after swimming in the morning and it had been in the 117 / 75 range. I rationalized that it was due to the stress of the procedure and that I would drop back down. It improved slightly for a while but then started to climb again. Within two days of the procedure I developed right and left shoulder pain. This continued and increased over the next eight months. It affected my ability to abduct my arm – it reminded me of an earlier injury to my shoulder that I had in my early twenties (this happened to be the same time that I had the original root canal done but did not make an impression until now). The reflex for the tooth, according to the tooth chart, showed that it referred to the shoulders. Within a few days my resting pulse and my working pulse and my exercising pulse increased by about ten beats per minute. This did not improve. My recovery pulse after exercising was also much less efficient. I swim six days a week and am very in tune with my split times for different parts of my workouts. After the root canal my times slowed down over one second per length. If I swam for lengths, 100 yards, I was - 3 -

  4. about five seconds slower. If I swam 20 laps with the same effort as before I was almost 30 seconds slower (with a higher pulse). As a doctor, I measure different peoples grip strength, before the root canal it averaged 220 pounds, within two days if dropped to 160 pounds. It slowly returned to 180 pounds. Shortly after the root canal I developed a chronic athletes foot problem over my foot reflexology point for the shoulder. Within a few months I was starting to feel some brain fog (I am 49 years old!). I have always played a great game of ping pong but found myself losing in ping pong games to people that could never give me a strong game before. I started to notice skin texture differences, waking more at night and other little things. After reading several books on root canal problems, I knew that I had to remove the tooth, which had continued to feel non-symptomatic. I knew from the books that in addition to extracting the tooth they would have to grind out the adjacent bone. My dentist extracted the tooth. Within two days my grip returned to 220 pounds, 85% of my shoulder pain was gone, my foot infection was gone, brain fog was gone, pulses returned to normal. After a week, I was swimming best times ever for twenty lengths of the pool (I was a conference champ in college for swimming – it was now faster). All of my problems were gone with the exception of the blood pressure, it is improving slower that I would like; it is getting closer to older readings. Samples of my tooth have been sent to a lab to check for levels of infection. I am glad that I removed the root canal tooth, I now wish that I did not wait eight months. An irony was that the day after my tooth was extracted; I had a full day of patients scheduled. My first visit was with a new patient whose chief complaint was pain all over her body (many others had diagnosed it as fibromyalgia). I asked her how long she had this problem and she said something I had never heard, she said it had started June 14th of the previous year. I asked her what happened on the day before it started, and she said that she had gotten a “root canal.” ( I have never known it to have had that sudden of an onset). I have come to respect what can happen to a person if they have a focal infection in their body. Thank You ! - 4 -

  5. 8. Date: 12/04/02 Name: Keith 36, White, Male Removal of Root Canal Tooth…. Prior to coming to your office, my symptoms of pain ranged from lower back pain, headaches, shoulder and neck pain. These aches and pains affect my performance on the job as well as socially. Since visiting you, I asked to have my tooth removed (a prior root canal). I have noticed a dramatic change in my whole body. My pain in my lower back is completely gone, I have no more headaches or shoulder and neck pain. I am convinced the work that was done has made my health 100% better. Thank You 9. Date: 04/10/03 Name: Michael 58, White, Male Removal of Root canal…. For over fifteen years I have been battling lower back problems that range from general stiffness to spasms accompanied by extreme pain. On an average of once a year, this problem becomes severe enough to put me in bed for a week or better. Over the years I have been to a physical therapist, chiropractors and doctors to combat my condition. All have been able to provide temporary relief, but my back condition persisted. Since I have had a tooth extracted, one that previously had a root canal, my back problems have lessened considerably. We just drove 3,400 miles in one week and I did not experience any soreness or stiffness. Previously, I would have been acutely aware of my sore back for days after driving that far. I did have some discomfort recently after some strenuous work, but it was extremely brief (less than one day). Previously, after work like I had done, I would have been more uncomfortable than I was, and it would have bothered me for days. I could not believe how quickly I bounced back. I am getting more and more optimistic about the improvement of my back condition. For the first time in a long time, I feel like this might be the solution I have been looking for. I will keep you posted. 10. Date: 07/23/03 Name: Keith 41, White, Male Removal of Root Canal Tooth…. After having my root canal tooth removed, I noticed an increase in my energy level. It was GREAT! I wish I had done it a long time ago. I felt better the next day. I also noticed an improved energy level during the day. It was all worth it. - 5 -

  6. 11. Date: 08/26/03 Name: Barbara 60, White, Female Removal of Root Canal Tooth…. Before treatment: I had a great deal of swelling in my lower right jaw adjacent to the infected tooth. I also had a lot of pain in the upper left quadrant which was relieved immediately when the infected tooth was removed. I also had a lot of fatigue. I had been having heart palpitations prior to the tooth being pulled. After treatment: The palpitations stopped. The swelling in my lower right jaw disappeared as well as the pain in the upper left quadrant. The fatigue has lifted. 12. Date: 10/30/03 Name: Bob 47, White, Male Removal of Root Canal Tooth…. I had an infected, cracked molar which had been affecting both my thyroid and my heart. My heart had been pounding for months. Within minutes after the tooth was removed my heart returned to normal and I felt better than I had in months. 13. Date: 08/13/02 Name: Janet 62, White, Female Removal of Root Canal Tooth…. After trying for five months to heal an abscessed tooth essential oils and a chinese herb, I finally made the decision to have the tooth removed when the abscess was not getting better. My health care practitioner told me that my general health was being compromised and his recommendation was for removal. I had also been experiencing lower back pain on the right side for many months. After the tooth (18) was removed I began to feel a lessening of the back pain and it has now completely gone away. 14. Date: 11/20/03 Name: James 36, White, Male Removal of Root Canal Tooth…. I had back pain from the back of my head down my neck into my right shoulder, since the removal of the bad root canal tooth on upper right the pain has gone away. - 6 -

  7. 15. Date: 11/29/03 Name: Linda 55, White, Female Removal of Root Canal Tooth…. Thank you for your commitment to alternative dentistry. The removal of my teeth has had the hoped for results. Before surgery I spend two years of weakened health – swollen ankles, over-all decrease of energy, sensitive veins in my legs and arms that would begin tingling or “go to sleep.” I was concerned that this was a sign of poor heart health but my heart, on medical check up, was fine. Intuitively I knew the problem was with my teeth and began searching for a dentist I could work with. After months of asking friends and acquaintances in southern Missouri, someone referred me to you. After having my teeth removed, the swelling in my ankles began to disappear after a couple of weeks. Now, four months later, all of the above symptoms are no longer present. 16. Date: 12/03/03 Name: Lola 66, White, Female Removal of Root Canal tooth…. I was diagnosed with invasive lobular carcinoma in June 2002. Since I have always done healthy things I was shocked. So I proceeded to do research and read everything I could get my hands on regarding my path to healing. One book I read that clicked and made so much sense to me was “A Cure for all Cancer” by Hulda Clark in which she said we could cure lots of cancer if we remove all metals and root canals from our mouth. So I immediately starting doing that in the fall of 2002. Every time a root canal tooth was removed I felt a surge of energy and was wondering if that could really be possible. So I became very alert to how I felt with each removal. It was so with each of the four teeth extracted. Anyway, now I am finished and my immune system is recovering and I am again able to job on my trampoline 30 minutes and back to walking. My recovery time from minor colds symptoms are gone. Before the teeth and mouth problem it was taking me a month or two to get better. Dr.Rehme, my new teeth feel great and if you have to have partials, these are the best. 17. Date: 12/8/2003 Name: Sarah 47, White, Female Removal of Root Canal Teeth…. The following is a brief description reflecting my own recent dental health journey. It was in June and July of 2001 that I began having severe pain in my upper left tooth, which I now know as tooth #14. With the pain I began having fevers which would not go away. I saw an endodontist and he performed a root canal of the tooth. Unfortunately, the pain and fevers did not go away after treatment. I began having pain in my jaw and neck and eventually spread throughout my whole body. I visited the endodontist again, and he said x-rays of the tooth looked fine and there was no infection. - 7 -

  8. As the summer progressed my pain progressed. With the pain came extreme stiffness and fatigue. I began to have trouble walking, especially down the stairs. I stayed in bed most of the time I was at home and started to become frightened because I did not know what was happening. I kept thinking “this started when I had the tooth problem.” Luckily my work schedule was flexible, and during brief times I started to research what might have caused these terrible pains and changes in my body. I never had arthritis or other pains. I visited a doctor (my family doctor was unavailable) and he diagnosed fibromyositis, or fibromyalgia and gave me Mobic for the pain. I attended a Christian healing service at my church. Through a series of very interesting “coincidences” I began to learn about the relationship between dental health and overall body health, and how root canals could very seriously impact your body. I kept running into people who knew about this also…and that verification was important because my work at the university involves research---I needed to understand the background on these dental health issues completely before I took action. I was amazed at what I was learning and what others were telling me---especially how root canals can cause pain or other problems in some people. I began researching fibromyalgia and discovered some interesting links, such as to thyroid problems. I was taking a thyroid medicine and have since learned through the Fibromyalgia Research Association that these pains could be related to under-treated hypothyroidism or thyroid hormone resistance. (I later looked at the tooth-organ chart and learned that tooth #14 could be related to the thyroid.) I visited the Fibromyalgia Research Association and began taking a different thyroid hormone at a larger dose, which helped with some of the pain. I learned that I had pain in over 75% of my body (pain I had never had before in my life); the new thyroid medicine began to help with the pain and stiffness. After learning as much as I could I decided to have tooth #14 extracted. After the tooth was pulled, any remaining pain, tension, and stiffness left my body. I have had all other root canals extracted and I have no more pain or stiffness. It is hard to believe the pain came on so suddenly back in 2001, but I now understand why, and I am wondering how other people might be helped by learning about these serious impacts of root canals on overall health. 18. Date: 05/11/04 Name: Ed 59, White, Male Removal of Root Canal Tooth . . . . I came to the office to remove a lower left jaw tooth. Prior to this visit I had experienced a great deal of pain in my right shoulder. This had occurred for several years. It bothered me to the extent that I found it nearly impossible to bring my right arm back over my shoulder. The lower jaw tooth (#19) had a root canal performed up t 15 years earlier. Upon the removal of my lower jaw tooth the pain diminished by a good 70%. It still feels almost pain free 2 months later. - 8 -

  9. 19. Date 04/26/04 Name: Jim 41, White, Male Removal of Root-Canal Tooth . . . Before I had tooth #3 taken out I was having trouble with my stomach (primarily the left side). After I had the tooth removed the pain is slowly going away and I am definitely feeling much better. 20. Date: 12/18/03 Name: Kathy 41, White, Female Root Canal Free . . . First, I want to thank you for your dedication to good health. Your efforts have been very rewarding to patients like me. I came to your office in July 2003 with a great deal of abdominal pain. I had been to my family doctor and he ordered a CT scan. I had the scan – all was normal – or so they said, but the pain was very real and still very much there. This lasted at least 6 weeks. I went to my chiropractor hoping to get help. He worked on me and asked if I had any root canals. I had two, both directly relating to my right and left side intestines. So, I had them out and my pain was gone. I must say even though it happened to me, it is still hard to believe. I has been almost 5 months and I have no pain and I am sure it will not return. My doctor was talking of exploratory surgery, to took around in my abdomen and come to find out, it was the root canals. I thank God he sent me here. You and your staff are exceptional. I do like my bridges now and am excited about being root canal free. You truly care about your patients and it shows in you dedication to teaching us good health. Thank you again and best wished to you and your staff. 21. Date: 12/23/03 Name: Karla 37, White, Female Removal of Root Canal Tooth . . . Experienced chronic sinus infections, six or more per year. Had root canal tooth pulled and six months have passed and I have experienced only one sinus infection. Immediately after the tooth was extracted, chronic back pain went away for about one month. It has slowly been coming back and I continue to see my chiropractor. Tooth that was extracted was approximately 7-10 year old root canal. - 9 -

  10. 22. Date: 03/15/04 Name: Linda 47, White, Female Three years later . . . I feel like I am doing so much better both emotionally and physically. In particular – I think my moods have been in general more upbeat. Also my energy level has seemed a little higher. Finally, before the root canal was removed I had a lot of infections in my throat. After the root canal was removed I never had any more infections. 23. Date: 02/19/04 Name: Gene 42, White, Male Removal of Root Canal Teeth . . . Near the end of July 2002 my lower back started to hurt for no apparent reason. The pain increased every day and by August 15 I could barely move. I was admitted to the hospital in Breese, Illinois, where they did various test including a MRI. I was sent home late in the afternoon on the 16th and was given four different medications. A subsequent visit to the back specialist revealed a small bulge in the S3-S4 disc which was not big enough to operate on and was told that it should not be causing that much pain. In October I was referred to a pain management specialist in which I received four steroid injections in the lower back that gave me some relief from the pain. One year later the pain returned and was building up to the same severity that I had experienced in August 2002. A subsequent MRI test indicated an increase in the size of the bulge in the same area and was borderline operable. In January 2004 I saw my chiropractor and he used clinical kinesiology to do muscle testing that lead to the discovery that tooth #31 tested positive for lower back pain. A call to the dentist that performed the root canal revealed that it was done in July 2002. On February 12, 2004, at 1:30 p.m. the tooth with the root canal was removed. Within 10 minutes of the tooth being pulled I noticed significant reduction in lower back pain and improvement in hearing in my right ear. On the third day my whole body ached as if I had over worked for days, this was probably caused by muscles that had been tense for so long. By the seventh day, I felt better than I had since July of 2002. I noticed that the intermittent pain in my right big toe was gone, food tasted a lot better, and unconscious reduction in the number of cigarettes per day, better concentration and a reduction in the frequency and severity of sinus headaches. After this experience with a root canal, I WILL NOT allow any dentist to do one on me or anyone in my household. I strongly recommend that root canals be made illegal. The next step in oral health care in my household is to have all metallic fillings replaced with non metals. If drinking water is not allowed to contain mercury then why should a dentist put it in my mouth. - 10 -

  11. 24. Date: 04/25/04 Name: Nancy 56, White, Female Removal of Root Canal Tooth . . . After many months of indecision I made the choice to have my root canal tooth extracted because the meridian for this tooth aligned with my right hip, which was causing me an extreme amount of pain. In November 2003 I decided to have tooth #6 extracted. I had no pain after the extraction itself. The pain in my right hip after the extraction totally dissipated. Also, I have had an extreme energy increase. In retrospect I should have had the tooth removed a long time ago. I would have saved myself a lot of grief. 25. Date: 05/01/04 Name: Jennifer 32, White, Female Removal of Root Canal Tooth. . . I had terrible back pain and was seeing my chiropractor two times a week. Relief was short term maybe a day but never more than one day. With my chiropractor we explored the meridians and discovered that my root canal tooth (#8) was directly in line with the area in my back which was giving me the pain. One day the pain was so intense that I decided to have the tooth removed, as soon as the tooth came out the pain creased. I have not been to the chiropractor since !!! 26. Date: 6-21-04 Name: Richard 61, White, Male Removal of Root Canal Tooth…. I am 61 years of age and my voice became unstable about six months ago. Western medicine could find mo reason for my loss of voice except my asthma. May tests were performed including having my throat scoped 5 or 6 times. Two days after I had my root canal tooth extracted, my voice returned to normal and I am seriously thinking of going back to public speaking. - 11 -

  12. 27. Date: 06-09-04 Name: Carolyn 66, White, Female Removal of Root Canal Tooth. . . I came to your office because I had a bad tooth and had been told that I probably needed a root canal. I was not comfortable with getting a root canal, so I was referred to you by a friend. After consulting with your office, I decided to have the tooth in questions extracted. This seemed like a better option, since no one could guarantee a root canal would even solve my problem. The tooth was extracted very quickly and painlessly. Since the tooth has been out, I have noticed quite an improvement in my sinuses and while I had some back problems before the extraction, lately my back has been feeling much better. I am very glad I decided on getting rid of that old diseased tooth. I would do it again in a minute. 28. Date: 05/25/04 Name: Christie 51, White, Male Removal of Root Canal Tooth . . . I have had years of problems with my heart for years, arrythmias and chest pain. It grew worse and I had to be medicated for arrythmias 3 times per day. After the removal of a root canal that had been bothering me, I felt immediately better, more energy, and like I had been relieved of a “thorn in the flesh”, so to speak. Now, 4 weeks after healing of the area, I am feeling much less fatigued and am only having to take my heart arrythmia medication on an as need basis. My heart feels like it is rebounding form a “downhill” course. 29. 08/19/04 Name: Darlene 67, Black, Female Removal of Root –Canal tooth…. Before I had my root canal extracted I suffered real bad sinus pain in my head and eye area. My eyes would water constantly and my gums in the root canal area would hurt. I have very bad headaches. I also suffered constantly with upset stomach plus I thought I had arthritis in my leg, arm and shoulder. I went to several doctors and they all could only tell me to take aspirin, and that I was just getting older. From the first day I had the root canal tooth removed I have had not more problems period. I feel much better. It seems that all of the bad symptoms just disappeared. I will never have another root canal. I now know I can be healthy and pain free again. - 12 -

  13. 30. 8/19/02 Name: Martha 50, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. After reading about long term after effects of root canals, I consulted with Dr. Rehme. I had generalized pain in my bones, muscles and joints, in my feet, hands and elbows. I was wondering if I was coming down with rheumatoid arthritis. I had general aching and soreness. I hoped that removing the root canal tooth would improve my overall health enough to lessen the aches and pains I was experiencing. I am not completely pain free, but I am 75% better. I have more energy and feel better when I first wake up. I am sleeping better at night. The pain would wake me up every night. Now, I rarely wake up in pain, maybe one time a month. I’m not sure if the tooth was the total problem, but I was concerned that I would get on pain medicine without finding the cause of my pain. 31. 7/14/005 Name: Debbie 54, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. I was having pain in upper molar #14 for months. During this time my thyroid levels were fluctuating wildly and it was very difficult to adjust my thyroid medication. I was also experiencing bleeding from the corresponding nostril for 2 months before extraction. After the extraction of the tooth all the pain is completely gone and my thyroid has leveled out with no more wild fluctuation. Also the bleeding from the corresponding nostril has completely stopped. I feel great! 32. 07/19/05 Name: Max 77, White, Male Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. Before the removal of the root canal tooth the following: 1.Bad sinus trouble 2.Sore heel 3.Constipation 4.could barely wear night guard due to pressure on upper teeth After the removal: 1.The sinus condition improved 80% 2.Sore heel improved 90% 3.I have hardly any problems with constipation 4.I hardly notice any pressure on my upper teeth. - 13 -

  14. 33. 6/14/05 Name: Marilyn 72, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. The before and after of having my tooth with a root canal pulled is unbelievable! For the last year or two (looking back maybe five years) my life has been such a struggle. I couldn’t figure out why I had gone from a vibrant, busy, upbeat, positive, person, to one who could hardly get out of bed, didn’t want to do anything, or go anyplace – Things I had always enjoyed doing. I blamed it on growing older. Well!!! I’m back to my old self since having that tooth pulled and am now planning to have my other two root canal teeth pulled. Before having that tooth pulled I went to an endodontist (per Dr. Rehme’s advice) hoping to save the tooth. However the tooth continued causing me problems. Thus, the decision to have it pulled. I will never have another root canal!!!  34. 6/14/05 Name: Jean 38, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. I am a registered nurse suffering from an autoimmune disorder. 10 years ago I developed a condition called vitiligo which destroys skin pigment. I was also experiencing fatigue, anemia, and quite severe skin itching. After many fruitless Dr. visits, mysterious lab results, and frustration on my part, I took it upon myself to research my condition. My inquiries led me to a lot of information about the connection between overall health and dental health. Further searching led me to the field of biologic dentistry and its various practitioners. I made the necessary appointments and travel arrangements as there were no holistic dentists near my home. I first had two root canals removed which turned out to be badly infected. Within a few weeks of doing that I noticed the itching in my skin had almost disappeared. My first extraction was 10 weeks ago and I just finished total mercury removal today. I am encouraged by the improvement I have already seen and am looking forward to seeing what continued progress I may be making in the future. 35. 2/9/05 Name: Edward 60, White, Male Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. I had a lower jaw tooth removed. This had been a root canal. I had experienced pain in my right shoulder. It was immediately better, but now over a year later I am experiencing no pain whatsoever. I am totally free of any pain due to movement. - 14 -

  15. 36. 9/27/04 Name: Linda 50, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. After tooth extracted, neck and shoulder pain stopped. Fall allergies seem to be a lot better! Thanks! 37. 9/16/04 Name: Floyd 69, White, Male Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. This is to state beginning in the summer of 1993 I was having digestive problems, including diarrhea and a bad burning sensation when I went to the bathroom. It kept me up at night and bothered me all day. In 2004 after going to several doctors, I had a bad tooth pulled by Dr. Rehme. My problems stopped! NO MORE IMMODIUM! One year later…. The last tooth you removed (which was abscessed) has resulted in the bad headaches ceasing. Also, the surrounding teeth have quit hurting & I get a decent nights sleep without having to get up, walk the floor and put on ice packs. I don’t have to take the Claritin D & get by with a low level, off the shelf, sinus tablet. I really think I can get rid of that after the weather turns cool. 38. 12/15/04 Name: Cathy 55, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. I cannot thank you and your staff enough for helping me improve my health. I had my #3 tooth (top upper right), that had made a fistula in the roof of my mouth. I understand actually an abscessed tooth. It had been there since April, but bothering me a lot longer, before the fistula appeared. I was overall feeling crappy all the time. I had the #3 tooth removed because I did not want a root canal. Since then I have only improved in the way I feel. Especially my sinus on the right and sense of smell and my stomach. Thank you! 39. 12/1/04 Name: Dave 49, White, Male Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. For about three years I had been suffering with severe joint and muscle pain. My energy level was very low and I was experiencing overall fatigue. Dr. Rehme educated me about a root canal tooth that could be extracted and replace the area with a bridge. I was not in a hurry to have the tooth pulled. Two years prior I had this crown replaced by - 15 -

  16. another dentist due to the fact that the porcelain had chipped off the original crown and the metal underneath was exposed. I prayed and asked God to show me if I should have the tooth extracted and He did. My muscle pain increased to a “4”, my joint pain increased to a “5” and I was getting more and more fatigued. I wasn’t able to get more than three or four hours of sleep at night before waking up. I could hardly stretch or exercise because of the pain. I knew that I had to get the tooth removed. In October I had the root canal tooth extracted. In only two weeks I started to notice that my energy level was going up, my joint pain was going away, and I was able to get more than three or four hours of sleep at night. Six weeks after I had the tooth extracted, I had about 95% of my energy back, my muscle pain was gone, and my joint pain was less than a “1”. My fatigue is gone, and I am able to get seven or eight hours of sleep at night. A bonus to all this was that my pH levels have started coming up and I noticed that my hair is not falling out as much as it had been. 40 12/10/04 Name: Lee 73, White, Male Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. About two years ago, I was tested for sleep apnea and a CPAP machine was recommended for better sleep. My next concern was a bad shortness of breath and the fact that I had never been checked for possible lung problems. I was found to have emphysema and I tested a 48. Three months later I tested a 25 and then later a 20 – Breathing had not improved. I told my dentist of my concerns and he found tooth #32 with a root canal that had been done some years before. The tooth has been pulled about a year ago and my last visit to my lung doctor showed a 52. My breathing continues to improve, I feel better each day since #32 and the root canal was removed. Needless to say I remain excited with my lung improvement and look forward to my next test scheduled for three months from now. Maybe I’ll never get back to an 80, but I am thankful to my dentist for his help and concern. 41. 2/16/06 Name: Lola 68, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. I came in because of an infected tooth. I was in severe pain all over my face and into my right ear. The tooth was so painful I couldn’t touch it. Over the last 4 years, I have dealt with removal of 4 root canals that were also infected so I knew what the pain was from. Again after removal of the infected tooth I felt an immediate surge of relief. The very next morning, I got up with renewed energy and no pain. If people would just listen to what happens to their body when a tooth is infected they would never consider implants, metals, or root canals. Thank you, Thank you for what you are doing. - 16 -

  17. 42. 4/24/06 Name: JoAnne 72, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. I had a root canal removed although there was no pain; it was not bothering me at all. I just felt it should come out. When Dr. Rehme removed the root canal there was a hole in my sinuses. The puss & infection from the root canal had been draining into my sinuses. I always thought I had an allergy. Since the removal of the root canal I no longer have the nasal drainage. The root canal was done 10-15 years ago. 43. 11/25/11 Name: Dennis Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. It has been over a year since Dr. Reheme extracted my upper tooth that had a rooth canal. Since then I have noticed a number of positive effects. First, I have fewer colds and sinus infections. Second, my sinus cavity on the right side of my face has less pressure and swelling. This allows me to breath easier during exercise and outdoor activities. Lastly, since the sinus cavity swelling is reduced, I do not need to take any sinus medications. The side effects of those medications (fatigue, dizziness) are gone. I would recommend to anyone that has undergone a root canal, to seriously consider this extraction procedure. 44. 1/04/12 Name:Tracy Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. I am writing to thank you for the work you have done thus far on my teeth and for the improvement in my overall health which I have experienced as a result of your work. When I first came to see you I had been having problems with a root canal on my right upper side for the past four years. I had become accustomed to the inability to chew on the affected side, chronic right-side sinus and facial pain, sleeing difficulty related to facial pain, and right-sided neck pain. In the eight weeks since you removed the root canal every one of those symptoms have resolved completely. I look forward to completing the removal of the remaining mercury fillings which we discovered are leaking during my comprehensive examination. You may remember that I came to see you shortly after finishing treatment from breast cancer. I remember reviewing the tooth-organ chart with you and learning that the root canal which had cancer. I feel that addressing my dental issues has had a positive effect on my overall health and will greatly improve my wellness in the future. Thank you for your dedication to the health and wellmess of your patients. I greatly appreciate all that you do. - 17 -

  18. 45. 3/13/12 Name: Ruth 61, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. Since completing the biological dentistry ( removal of 2 teeth with root canals and replacement of crowns), I have noticed significantly less sinus drainage when I wake up each morning. Before these procedures, it took about two hours to clear my sinuses. Now I feel clear in 5-10minutes. I will update you with any further changes I notice 46. Name: Cheryl 45, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. I was referred to Dr. Rehme several years ago by another holistic doctor, Dr. Neil Nathan. I procrastinated for almost 2 years before I decided to take the challenge. I was suffering from back and knee pain as well as sinus pain, not being able to breathe out of one nostril. I’d had a root canal in an upper molar about 20 years ago and had always had trouble with it. For 6 months prior to seeking Dr. Rehmes opinion, I was feeling heat, constant pain, and ringing in my ears. I finally decided to preoceed with Dr. Rehmes treatment plan. HE extracted the tooth and I immediately (within 10 min) felt relief and was able to breathe thru that nostril for the first time in about 2 years. I am still breathing freely after 5 months, my back pain has improved, and my knee pain is gone. I’m excited to complete the remaining recommendations of Dr. Rehme. My only regret… that I did not seek his treatment 2 years ago when he was recommended. 47. 3/22/12 Name: Dave White, Male Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. I had a root canal that got infected. I had a headache for 2 months, non stop. Once the tooth was pulled the headache was gone. My energy level came back. So far I haven’t been taking my asthma medication since having the tooth pulled. 48. 1/ 13/10 Name: Mariam 69, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. After having my root canal removed and the deteriorating bone cleaned out I am feeling betting my neck, shoulder, and also having less bloating in the stomach. I am hoping as the infection leaves my body I will continue to feel better. - 18 -

  19. 49. Date: August 19, 2002 Name: Martha 50, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth…. After reading about long-term after effects of root canals, I consulted with Dr. Rehme. I had generalized pain, in my bones, muscles and joints, in my feet, hands and elbows. I was wondering if I was coming down with Rheumatoid arthritis. I had general aching and soreness. I hoped that removing the root canal tooth would improve my over all health enough to lessen the aches and pains I was experiencing. I am not completely pain free, but I am 75% better. I have more energy and feel better when I first wake up. I am sleeping better at night. The pain would wake me up every night. Now, I rarely wake up in pain, maybe one time a month. I’m not sure if the tooth was the total problem, but I was concerned that I would get on pain medicine without finding out the cause of my pain. 50. Date: July 8, 2002 Name: Mary 57, White, Female Experience since the removal of amalgam fillings and root canal teeth…. Four years ago (age 53) I was diagnosed with another(!) autoimmune disorder (Grave’s Disease). Everything for me has been “chronic, progressive”. My medical doctor recommended removal of silver amalgam fillings because a high percentage of hyperthyroidism is caused by mercury toxicity. This was accomplished about two years ago. At the time, one root canal was also removed because of an overfill (one of the filaments put in by a former endodontist was lodged in my left maxillary sinus, requiring oral surgery to remove it). With all mercury removed and a foreign object removed from my upper jaw and sinus, I began to crawl slowly out of the Grave’s Disease symptoms, but I hit a plateau and stopped. My medical doctor recommended removal of all root canals. He believed teeth with root canals were as toxic as mercury in fillings, if not more so. That was a difficult decision. I was always taught to keep my teeth. I would be having two teeth (#19 and #30) removed – on the chance I would not experience any change to my health – and the expense nearly took my breath away. Somehow, I chose to do it. Upon the removal of the second root canal, I remember saying, while still in the dentist’s chair, “ I feel better”. Then I thought, “Well, that’s probably due to the laughing gas”. But as my sockets healed over the weeks, I truly did notice I was feeling better. This was most unusual, since even recovering health for me has always been “chronic, progressive”. At the moment of this writing, about 8 weeks since the first root canal was pulled, I still have two large holes in my mouth (the bridge work is yet to be done). Nonetheless, without a doubt, I truly do feel good. Since I have not felt good for year, that’s really saying something. - 19 -

  20. 51. Name: David 39, White, Male I had a chronic foot fungus problem for the past 2 years that wouldn’t go away even with over the counter prescription creams. After removing an old root canal, within 3 weeks it is all gone. 52. Name: Marisa Date: 11/8/12 30, White, female The morning after my root canal/residual tooth was extracted; I literally bounced out of bed, full of energy that I haven’t experienced since high school. In the month after this, my liver/gallbladder released 7 stones the size of large gumballs, which were flushed out during colonic therapy session- AMAZING! I cannot thank Dr. Rehme and his staff enough for the services they provided. 53. Name: Jacob 29, white, male I came to Dr. Rehme with a badly infected #5 tooth. I had two root canals performed on the tooth in the past 6 years, and still was experiencing pain. Upon looking at the x-ray, it was clear that my anchor bone was completely decayed away. For over a year, I had been experiencing frequent headaches, especially when consuming sugar or alcohol. The headaches weren’t like anything I had experienced before. It felt as if the pain was shooting from my head down to my mouth. I explained the situation to several doctors and dentists, but they looked at me like I was crazy. Dr. Rehme was the first to listen to me and provide me with advice that made sense, and within a week, I was back in his office to extract the tooth. The tooth has been gone over a week now, and I already feel significantly better. No more headaches and no more throbbing pain. I cannot believe how much more energy I have, too! To anyone who may be on the fence about the decision to extract one of these dead organs from their mouth, I say “go for it! You’ll be glad you did!” 54. 4/24/06 Name: JoAnne 72, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. I had a root canal removed although there was no pain; it was not bothering me at all. I just felt it should come out. When Dr. Rehme removed the root canal there was a hole in my sinuses. The puss & infection from the root canal had been draining into my sinuses. I always thought I had an allergy. Since the removal of the root canal I no longer have the nasal drainage. The root canal was done 10-15 years ago. 55. 12/12/06 Name: Karen 51, White, Female - 20 -

  21. Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. The year 2006 was my year to experience dentistry. I had my teeth cleaned and had a problem with my top front left tooth. The regular dentist convinced me to have a root canal even though I did not want to have a root canal. He also told me I had a small cavity that he fixed. After having the root canal and filling done I had even more problems than before having the dental work done. My top front tooth kept giving me problems, it made my head hurt and I kept getting infections. I was also sick almost every day, some days were worse than others. I finally realized I had heavy metal toxicity from the silver fillings and root canals because when I would drink hot fluids ( which releases the toxins) I would get sicker. Basically I was not well at all. I found a bio-compatible dentist who helped me get my life back. My head used to hurt all the time. I could not get rid of the problem. Finally after having my root canals removed, my fixed bridge removed and what was left of my upper teeth pulled along with doing a heavy metal detox, I feel so much better. I rarely have any head pain and I can breathe so much better. My head feels so much lighter and my life has improved immensely. Thank You! 56. 7/18/06 Name: Bob White, Male Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. It has been a year since I decided to have a root canal (“dead tooth”) removed. After almost 10 years of enduring bouts of severe sinusitis and a general lowered immune system, I chose to proceed with the removal of the “dead tooth”. After researching this option I can report that after a year with no sinusitis, strengthened immune system, and a marked increase of energy and well being, I am satisfied with the results and sure I made the right decision. - 21 -

  22. 57. 9/22/06 Name: Linda Female Experience after removal of root canal tooth….. Approximately 20 years ago, I had 2 root canals done in the upper back part of my mouth. After that, I suffered from constant soreness or pain in that area. I also had frequent headaches. Occasionally the gums would become infected and needed to be treated with antibiotics. I changed dentists often trying to find relief from this problem. One dentist sent me to an oral surgeon to have one of the root canals redone. But the soreness and pain did not go away. I am so grateful to have found a dentist that understands the problems associated with root canals. The root canalled teeth have been removed and replaced with a bridge and I am happy to say that all the sensitivity, soreness, and pain are gone! I also complained to previous dentists of a “metal taste” in my mouth that often made me feel nauseous. I was told over and over again that I should not be experiencing any bad taste, that there was nothing wrong. I have had all metals removed from my mouth and replaced them with materials that are compatible with my body. The metal taste is gone, along with the nausea. I feel more focused and have more energy now! 58. 10/23/06 Name: Amber 35, White, Female Experience after removal of root canal teeth….. My health was dramatically going downhill in October of 2005. After seeking help with candida and allergies, I still felt more needed to be done. I had been referred by several professionals, and decided to explore my oral needs. An extra tooth was found in my left nostril, which needed to be removed. We also discussed replacing 2 crowns on my front teeth and the benefits of removing root canalled teeth. The pressure and irritation continued so I decided to extract my front two teeth, replace the crowns with a 5 unit bridge, and surgically remove the extra tooth. At this time I weighed about 100 lbs. had chronic fatigue, candida, and my hair was thinning. I am a retired professional cheerleader and this was a very difficult decision to make. My husband says that if someone as vain as me is willing to have their front teeth pulled, they must be feeling pretty lousy. Today is a different story. I have a beautiful smile and good hair again! I walk 2 miles every day and get to enjoy what life has to offer. My energy level and spirit have been renewed. Thank you! - 22 -