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  1. RANDAU . 1. FURM AN n.n.s. X79 1.Y NIIAVLN I' ({ " WAY VI({GINIi\ n l'.i\CII, VIRlilNIA 2 .q (804) 468-4684 WARRANTY ROOT CANAL ' i ~ People always ask us how long shoulu this last? In our ollil:e we ~ t r i v e lor perfl! linn ,!nu patient satisfaction, whidl iswhywe arc happy to provide you this wamlllt y, something no other office is offering. Let us relllemocr in today's technolo 'y almost everything we have It::arncd i ~ on the preventive siue, Instead of going to tht: lkntist every few years for" J)rill, Bill and Fill", let's try preventive deutistry, If you spenu fou r minutes in the morning and evening brushin and flossing anu come in fM your regular six Illonth chel:k-ups, together, we can preve nt almost all dental disease. On your l:lJlltinuin' care professionally clean and examine your teeth (with x-rays), apply flumiue and sealants where neeueu, anu finu any early problems should they uevelop, ! > , we will i ~ i t DO RUOT CANALS ALWAYS WORK? No! A root canal isa therapy not a cure and about \0%of them fail. Failed root canals generally respond well to special surgical procedures done at an mal surgeon's or endodontist's office, ShoulcJ you elect to have this surgi al pn)cedure d me, for a period of three (3) years from the date of serv ice, we w ill pay Y.2 of the cost of this procedure directly to the oral s u r g e o n elect not to have this procedure done and have your tooth removecJ, we will apply the full amount of the root canal towards the C llst of replacing that tooth with a fi xed bridge. ' ~ or ndodontist 's offi e. Should you THIS WARRANTY IS NULL AND VOID IF THE PATIENT DOES NOT MAINTAIN HIS/HER fi MONTH CONTINUING CARE CLEAN­ ING APPOINTMENTS, Tooth Number(s) ___ _ Signature (or Seal) _____________ Date ______

  2. GENERAL & COSMETIC DENTISTRY (804) 468-4684 RANDALL I. FURMAN D.D.S. R79 I.YNNHAVEN PARKWAY VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA 21452 Root Canal Treatmen A tooth rcceives nutrition from the pulp CD . The pulp is encased in the middle of the tooth and contain. ablood upply and nerve nelwork.lfthe pulp is damaged in any way @, it may become infected and form an ah cess@. Root canal treatment may be recommended in this situation. Untreated, such a condition could lead to loss of the tooth and a serious infection. A series of appointments i u. ually required for root canal trcalmenl. At the first appointment, the dheased pu Ip ti%lIc must be completely removeu@. The tooth is cleaned out to eliminate the infectious causing hactcria. At a suhsequent appointment,t hc canal is complctcly filled and scaled@. This is done only after the canal is completely free of bacteria. In many cases, rootcanal treatment is less costly than replacement with an artificial toolh. Proper home care of yourteeth, along with regular dental checkups, may prevcnt a ituation thm requires mol canal treatment. Instructions I. Plc:1sC lake two a. pirin, Tylcnol, Advil, Nuprin, etc. whil' you are still numb whether you think you need it or nnl followed by two more 4-{, hours later. 2. The area above or below the root canal tooth may be s n itive to chewing or touch for a few days. If it ever takes a lurn for the wor,e, ph:ast: call us immediately. Remember, approximately one out of len rOOI canals do not work. This is only an :1l1cmpt to avc your tooth. 3. This non-vital toolh is now very brittle. Please avoid chewing hard substances on it until your post and crown arc placed, or tooth breakage may occur. 4. Irso dircctcu, please remember to take your antihiotic ..