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  1. suqar absorption is helpful for diabetics. Does this mean we should put bran in everything we eat? \ol ^\ r-arieW of fiber sources is rhe kev because different :iber sources play different roles. Fiber can be found in all plant foods (fruits, vegetables, grains. dried beans and leg- umes) as well as products made from plant foods (breads and cereals). The fiber content is highest if the food is kept in its natural state: eat raw fruits and vegetables in place of juices and use whole-wheat breads in liei of refinecl white. The chart below clearly illustrates why an abundance of plant foods is necessary to maintain a diet of I5 grams a day. "Food for Thought" by Kathryn Kingen Corporate Nutritionist Because oJ our commitment to health o;nd theftber issue, Red Robin nou Jeaflres uhole-uheot menu section o:nd as an option uith o'ny other burger on our ask! We also ofrer a plethora oJJreshJruits uegetables throughout otrr menu-eoenlegumes lf,lhat's tlre Stuff on Roughage? butrs in th.e " Slimmer Pickinb" o;nd. We hear a great deal about fiber in health news these days, but is it really all that important for our well being? It appears so. Research shows that fiber consumption plays a role in such major diseases as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. So what's this "ruff stuff' anyrvay? It's commonly called roughage, fiber, bran or cellulose-all material. With regard to heart disease, some fibers, such as pectin (found in apples) and hemicellulose (found in oatmeal), have the ability to absorb and eliminate cholesterol. This effectively reduces blood serum cholesterol. As we all know high cho- lesterol levels spell trouble for people afflicted with heart disease. The role of fiber with regard to cancer is related to its ability to decrease food-transit time through the gastroin- testinal (GI) tract. Studies show that the normal American dietary level of six grams of fiber yields a transit time as slow as 28 hours. When dietary fiber levels are increased to the encouraged level of 15 grams, transit time can decrease to 14 hours. This reduces the time available for the bod1, to absorb carcinogenic substances. High fiber diets also stimulate good GI muscle tone and will decrease both fat- and sugar-absorption in our chili. At Red Robin eating roughage isn't tough, it's fun and delicious. Come taste! Kathryn Kingen is a prtuate nutrition consultant as well as the RRI corporote nutrttionist. She is a Uniuersttg oJWashingtongrad- uate with a B.S. in ivutrition and Food Technologg and, JorJour gears, u)as a nutritionist ondJoodbrokerJor Encore FoodBrokers. terms for indigestible Amount Vt cup I 5%" stalk Food All-Bran Cereal Broccoli. boiled Fiber in Grams 2.3 1.5 trace White Bread, enriched Whole Wheat Bread Apple, raw Celery, raw and diced Strawberries Black Raspberries Lentils Romaine Lettuce Mushrooms I slice I slice 3" diameter I cup lO large 2/z ctJp 2/s cup 3t/z oz. 4 large .4 2.3 'Cl 1.3 5.r t.2 ,7 .8 time. Decreased Red Robin Presents Torchlight Parade Oat Bran Muffins r985 2/+ cups Oat Bran Cereal y4 cup Brown Sugar, firmly packed Y4 cup Nuts, chopped Y2 cup Raisins Y4 cup Rolled Oats y2 tsp. Cinnamon 7z tsp. Cloves I tbsp. Baking Powder /z tsp. Salt 7+ cup Milk 2 Eggs, beaten Y4 cup Honry 3 tbsp. Safflower Oil It was August 2. Whistles blared! Floats and marchers moved in procession. The bands! The fun! It was the most prestigious parade in the Northwest: the third annual Red Robin Seafair Torchlight The 120 entries included the Red Robin antique fire tmck. The Bird made an appearance as a flock of five. Under the baton of Renton High's band director, Mike Simpson, mu- sicians from Hazen, Lindbergh and Renton high schools played "Rockin' Robin" and "When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob-Bob-Bobbin' Alonq." Heat oven'to 425" F. Crease 12 muffin cups (or use non- stick baking spray). Combine all the dry ingredients in a large bowl. In a separate bowl, beat eggs into milk and oil. Combine wet ingredients with dry ingredients and stir only untll moistened-do not over-stir! Fill muffin cups three- quarters full. Bake at 425" for l5 to 17 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. Parade. Makes 12 muffins.