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  1. Failure Investigation Report – National Fuel Gas Rupture – Activity ID 128512 Principal Investigator Patrick Raichel - NYDPS Regional Director Byron Coy Date of Report 03/02/2011 Subject Failure Investigation Report – Line K rupture near Knoll Road Summary: On December 21, 2009, at approximately 11:30 am National Fuel Gas (NFG) Dispatching received a call from the local police department reporting a pipeline “explosion” in the vicinity of New Oregon Road, Eden, NY. A review of the SCADA system and additional phone calls from the public indicated that NFG’s Line K was experiencing a severe pressure loss. NFG crews were dispatched to the vicinity and valves were manned. After operating the valves, the pipeline was secured at 12:32 pm. There was no ignition or explosion of the escaping natural gas. Further investigation determined that Line K was ruptured at a point some 641 feet south of Knoll Road, north of New Oregon Road in Eden, NY. The rupture was evident as the pipeline segment-self excavated due to the operating pressure and the extent of the rupture. On December 22, 2009, the ruptured section was removed and retained for metallurgical analysis. After removal, the line was repaired by replacing a four foot section of 20” pipe. New York Department of Public Service (NYDPS) Staff was present during all field activities starting with the field investigations on 12/21/2009. An analysis of the ruptured pipe was conducted by the Battelle Memorial Institute of Columbus, Ohio, which determined the following: “A guillotine rupture occurred on Line K, a 20-inch diameter pipeline with a 0.375-inch thick wall made of early vintage Grade B steel. The operating pressure at the time of failure was reported at 180 psig. Operator, Location, & Consequences Date & Time of Failure: 12/21/2009 Commodity Released: Natural Gas City/County & State: Knoll Rd., Eden, NY OpID & Operator Name 13063 National Fuel Gas Unit # & Unit Name 2021 Northern District SMART Activity #: 128512 Milepost / Location Lat: N42.61020 Long: W078.81948 Type of Failure: Rupture Fatalities: 0 Injuries 0 Description of area impacted Rural Property damage $84,800 National Fuel Gas GT NY 508 2009-12-21.docx Page 1 of 3

  2. Failure Investigation Report – National Fuel Gas Rupture – Activity ID 128512 System Details Line K originates at the NY/PA state border, carrying gas through Cattaraugus and Erie Counties. It terminates at regulator station WSE85, located along Seneca St., West Seneca, NY. It consists of 42 miles of 20" pipe and 18 miles of 16" pipe that was installed in 1910. Events Leading up to the Failure 11:30 am, 12/21 NFG Dispatcher begins to receive phone reports of natural gas explosion along New Oregon Rd., Boston, NY 11:40 am, 12/21 NFG confirms gas loss on line K through SCADA reading and begins dispatching personnel 12:12 pm, 12/21 Valves BNE-193 and BNE-195 are closed 12:28 pm, 12/21 NYS DPS Staff is notified by NFG 12:32 pm, 12/21 Valve NCE-5 is closed, flow of gas is secured, effected pipeline segment is isolated 3:00 pm, 12/22 Ruptured segment of pipeline is cut out and secured for metallurgical testing 3:30 pm, 12/23 Pipeline is repaired 1:45 pm, 12/29 Pipeline is re-pressurized, tested and restored to service at reduced operating pressure Emergency Response In response to the rupture, NFG personnel secured three valves (BNE-193, BNE-195 and NCE-5). Six people were evacuated. NY DPS dispatched personnel and arrived on site at 2:30 pm on 12/21/2009. Summary of initial start-up plan and return-to-service, including preliminary safety measures After repair was made to pipeline segment and purged, NFG put the line back into service. The line was re- pressurized in three stages, 175 psig, 200 psig and finally 220 psig. Flame ionization surveys were conducted after each increment with negative results. After the third leak survey, the pressure was reduced to 175 psig. On 12/29/2009, a pressure reduction was imposed by NFG Engineering Dept. on all of line K, from 220 psig MAOP to 185 psig until the section of line was replaced. Investigation Findings & Contributing Factors “A guillotine rupture occurred on Line K, a 20-inch diameter pipeline with a 0.375-inch thick wall made of early vintage Grade B steel. The operating pressure at the time of failure was reported at 180 psig • Field measurements made after the line blew-down indicate that axial strains in excess of the yield strain developed due to local bending and line tension, • The origin for the failure was identified as a pair of pits coincidentally located within the crown of the pipe in the vicinity of the maximum axial stresses, • The unusual local axial loadings acting on the pair of coincidentally located pits was sufficient to cause through-wall instability, which given the brittle nature of the steel led to guillotine failure, which was facilitated by the winter temperatures working in • Conjunction with the inherently high Ductile to Brittle Transition Temperature (DBTT) leading to reduced fracture toughness, • Stress concentration at the bottom of the pits could, when acting under the effects of just the local bending strain would be (sic) sufficient to cause crack nucleation at the root of the pitting, which served National Fuel Gas GT NY 508 2009-12-21.docx Page 2 of 3

  3. Failure Investigation Report – National Fuel Gas Rupture – Activity ID 128512 as the origin for subsequent crack growth. The failure was due to a unique combination of factors that involved locally high bending and axial strains unique to the vicinity of over bend across the ridge where the failure occurred, free of other contributory or causative factors.” Topography played a role in the stress loading of the pipeline at the break site. The break occurred at the top of a ravine, with the ridgeline running approximately perpendicular to the pipeline. • Appendices 1 NRC 926772 2 Incident report 20090141 -- 8341 3 Incident Location National Fuel Gas GT NY 508 2009-12-21.docx Page 3 of 3

  4. TeleDetail HMIS->INCIDENTS->TELEPHONICS (Version 3.4.05 PROD ) Rules of Behavior Home Logout Menu [Return to Search] 1..1 of 1 << Previous << Save >> RescindedComments (max 250 characters) NRC Number: Call Date: 926772 12/21/2009 13:17:12 Call Time: Caller Information First Name: Last Name: MICHEAL ROGERS Company Name: NATIONAL FUEL GAS SUPPLY CORP Address: 5955 NEW TAYLOR RD City: State: ORCHARD PARK NY Country: Zip: USA Phone 1: Phone 2: 7166675501 Organization Type: Is caller the spiller? Yes No No Response PRIVATE ENTERPRISE Confidential: Yes No No Response Discharger Information First Name: Last Name: MICHEAL ROGERS Company Name: NATIONAL FUEL GAS SUPPLY CORP Address: 5955 NEW TAYLOR RD City: State: ORCHARD PARK NY Country: Zip: USA Phone 1: Phone 2: 7166675501 Organization Type: PRIVATE ENTERPRISE Spill Information State: County: NY ERIE Nearest City: Zip Code: EDEN Location INTERSECTION OF NEW OREGON RD AND KNOLL Spill Date: (mm/dd/yyyy) Spill Time: (24hh:mm:ss) 12/21/2009 11:22:00 DTG Type: DISCOVERED DISCOVERED Incident Type Reported Incident Type PIPELINE PIPELINE PIPELINE Description CALLER STATED THERE WAS A LEAK FROM A PIPELINE DUE TO UNKNOWN CAUSE WHICH RELEASED MATERIAL INTO THE ATMOSPHERE. INVESTIGATION IS UNDERWAY. https://phmhqnwas003/...illed=%3d&reportingCompany=&operreportingCompany=%3d&responsibleCompany=&OperresponsibleCompany=%3d&startno=1[2/17/2011 9:48:10 AM]

  5. TeleDetail Materials Involved Material / Chris Name NATURAL GAS Chris Code ONG Total Qty. 0 UNKNOWN AMOUNT Water Qty. Medium Type: AIR AIR Additional Medium Information: ATMOSPHERE Injuries: Fatalites: Evacuations: Yes No Unknown No. of Evacuations: 10 Damages: Yes No Unknown Damage Amount: 50000 Federal Agency Notified: State Agency Notified: Yes No Unknown Yes No Unknown Other Agency Notified: Yes No Unknown Remedial Actions LINE WAS SHUT DOWN AND MADE SAFE. Additional Info CALLER HAD NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Latitude Degrees: Minutes: Seconds: Quadrant: Longitude Degrees: Minutes: Seconds: Quadrant: Distance from City: Direction: Section: Township: Range: Milepost: https://phmhqnwas003/...illed=%3d&reportingCompany=&operreportingCompany=%3d&responsibleCompany=&OperresponsibleCompany=%3d&startno=1[2/17/2011 9:48:10 AM]

  6. NOTICE: This report is required by 49 CFR Part 191. Failure to report can result in a civil penalty not to exceed $25,000 for each violation Form Approved for each day that such violation persists except that the maximum civil penalty shall not exceed $500,000 as provided in 49 USC 1678. OMB No. 2137-0522 INCIDENT REPORT - GAS TRANSMISSION AND GATHERING SYSTEMS Report Date No. 20090141 -- 8341 Jan 25, 2010 U.S. Department of Transportation Research and Special Programs Administration Print (DOT Use Only) INSTRUCTIONS Important: Please read the separate instructions for completing this form before you begin. They clarify the information requested and provide specific examples. If you do not have a copy of the instructions, you can obtain one from the Office Of Pipeline Safety Web Page at . PART A – GENERAL REPORT INFORMATION Original ReportSupplemental Report Final Report Operator Name and Address a. Operator's 5-digit Identification Number (when known) / / b. If Operator does not own the pipeline, enter Owner’s 5-digit Identification Number (when known) / / c. Name of Operator ______________________________ _______________________________________________________ d. Operator street address ________________________________________________________________________________________ e. Operator address City, County or Parrish, State and Zip Code 2. Time and date of the incident / / / / / / / / hr. month day year 3. Location of incident a. Nearest street or road b. City and County or Parrish c. State and Zip Code d. Mile Post/Valve Station e. Survey Station No. f. Latitude: Longitude: (if not available, see instructions for how to provide specific location) g. Class location description Onshore: Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Offshore: Class 1 (complete rest of this item) Area ___________________ Block # ___________ State / / or Outer Continental Shelf h. Incident on Federal Land other than Outer Continental Shelf Yes No i. Is pipeline Interstate Yes No 4. Type of leak or rupture Leak: Pinhole Connection Failure (complete sec. F5) Puncture, diameter (inches) Rupture: Circumferential – Separation Longitudinal – Tear/Crack, length (inches) c. MAOP established by 49 CFR section: 192.619 (a)(1) 192. 619 (a)(2) 192. 619 (a)(3) 192.619 (a)(4) 192. 619 (c) d. Did an overpressurization occur relating to the incident? Yes No Check one or more boxes as appropriate: 8 8 13063 NATIONAL FUEL GAS SUPPLY CORP 6363 MAIN STREET WILLIAMSVILLE, ERIE, NY, 14221-5887 _______________________ 5. Consequences (check and complete all that apply) a. Fatality Total number of people: / / Employees: / / General Public: / / Non-employee Contractors: / / b. Injury requiring inpatient hospitalization Total number of people: / / Employees: / / General Public: / / Non-employee Contractors: / / c. Property damage/loss (estimated) Total $ Gas loss $ Operator damage $ Public/private property damage $ d. Release Occurred in a ‘High Consequence Area’ e. Gas ignited – No explosion g. Evacuation (general public only) / / people Reason for Evacuation: Emergency worker or public official ordered, precautionary Threat to the public 6. Elapsed time until area was made safe: / / hr. / / min. 7. Telephone Report / / / / / / / / NRC Report Number month day year 8. a. Estimated pressure at point and time of incident: b. Max. allowable operating pressure (MAOP): 0 1130 12 21 2009 0 0 0 NORTH OF NEW OREGON RD 0 0 EDEN ERIE 0 0 NY 14057 84800 40000 8 39800 APPROX 3.2 MILES SOUTH OF N/A W078.81948 5000 N42.61020 f. Explosion 6 8 m m l m m m l Company policy m 1 2 m l l m 926772 12 21 2009 m m m m 179 PSIG l l 220 PSIG m Propagation Length, total, both sides (feet) Other: N/A 8 m m l m PART B – PREPARER AND AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE (type or print) Preparer's Name and Title Preparer's E-mail Address Authorized Signature Area Code and Telephone Number (716) 827-2131 BRIAN A KEMPSKI SUPERINTENDENT Area Code and Facsimile Number (716) 827-5521 KEMPSKIB@NATFUEL.COM Area Code and Telephone Number Date (type or print) Name and Title OPS Data Facsimile Page 1 of 3 Form RSPA F 7100.2 ( 01-2002 )

  7. PART C - ORIGIN OF THE INCIDENT 1. Incident occurred on Transmission System Gathering System Transmission Line of Distribution System m 3. Material involved (pipe, fitting, or other component) Steel Plastic (If plastic, complete all items that apply in a-c) Plastic failure was:a.ductileb.brittle c.joint failure Material other than plastic or steel: m l m l m 2. Failure occurred on Body of pipe Joint Component Other: m _________ Pipe Seam m l m m 4. Part of system involved in incident Pipeline Compressor Station m Regulator/Metering System Other: m l m 5. Year the pipe or component which failed was installed: / / PART E – ENVIRONMENT 1910 PART D – MATERIAL SPECIFICATION (if applicable) 1. Nominal pipe size (NPS) 2. Wall thickness 3. Specification 4. Seam type UNKNOWN 1. Area of incident Under pavement Under ground Inside/under building m In open ditch Above ground Under water Other: m m / / in. 20 .38 24000 m l m / / in. m UNKNOWN SMYS / / 42 2. Depth of cover: inches UNKNOWN 5. Valve type 6. Pipe or valve manufactured by UNKNOWN 1910 in year / / Important: There are 25 numbered causes in this section. Check the box to the left of the primary cause of the incident. Check one circle in each of the supplemental items to the right of or below the cause you indicate. See the instructions for this form for guidance. If either F1 (1) External Corrosion, or F1 (2) Internal Corrosion is checked, complete all subparts a – e. a. Pipe Coating Bare Coated General Corrosion Other: ____________________ m PART F – APPARENT CAUSE F1 – CORROSION 1. External Corrosion b. Visual Examination Localized Pitting m c. Cause of Corrosion Galvanic Improper Cathodic Protection Microbiological Stress Corrosion Cracking Other: ____________________ m Stray Current m l l l l m m m m d. Was corroded part of pipeline considered to be under cathodic protection prior to discovering incident? No Yes, Year Protection Started: / / e. Was pipe previously damaged in the area of corrosion? No Yes, How long prior to incident: / / years / / months l m 1972 m l 2.Internal Corrosion m F2 – NATURAL FORCES 3. Earth Movement 4. Lightning 5. Heavy Rains/Floods => Washouts 6. Temperature 7. High Winds F3 - EXCAVATION 8. Operator Excavation Damage (including their contractors) / Not Third Party 9. Third Party Excavation Damage (complete a-d) a. Excavator group General Public Government Excavator other than Operator/subcontractor b. Type: Road Work Pipeline Water Electric Sewer Phone/Cable Landowner Railroad Other: c. Did operator get prior notification of excavation activity? No Yes: Date received: / / mo. / / day / / yr. Notification received from: One Call System Excavator Contractor Landowner d. Was pipeline marked? No Yes (If Yes, check applicable items i – iv) i. Temporary markings: Flags Stakes Paint ii. Permanent markings: Yes No iii. Marks were (check one) Accurate Not Accurate iv. Were marks made within required time? Yes No F4–OTHER OUTSIDE FORCE DAMAGE 10. Fire/Explosion as primary cause of failure => Fire/Explosion cause: Man made Natural 11. Car, truck or other vehicle not relating to excavation activity damaging pipe 12. Rupture of Previously Damaged Pipe 13. Vandalism m => Earthquake m Subsidence m Landslide m Other: m m m m m Flotation Frost heave m Mudslide Frozen components m Scouring m Other: Other: m m m m m => Thermal stress m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m Page 2 of 3 Form RSPA F 7100.2 ( 01-2002 )

  8. F5 – MATERIAL AND WELDS Material 14. Body of Pipe 15. Component 16. Joint m Dent Valve Gasket m Gouge Fitting O-Ring m Wrinkle Bend Vessel Threads m Arc Burn Extruded Outlet m Other: Other: Other: m m m m m m m m m m m m => => => Weld 17. Butt 18. Fillet 19. Pipe Seam Pipe Branch LF ERW HF ERW m Fabrication Hot Tap DSAW SAW m Other: Other: m m m m m m m => Repair Sleeve Flash Weld m Fitting Seamless Spiral m m m m m m m m => => Other: m Complete a-g if you indicate any cause in part F5. a. Type of failure: Construction Defect => Poor Workmanship Material Defect b. Was failure due to pipe damage sustained in transportation to the construction or fabrication site?YesNo c. Was part which leaked pressure tested before incident occurred? Yes, complete d-gNo Procedure not followed m Poor Construction Procedures m m m m m m m m d. Date of test: / / mo. / / day / / yr. e. Test medium: Water Natural Gas Inert Gas Other: m m m m f. Time held at test pressure: / / hr. g. Estimated test pressure at point of incident: PSIG F6 – EQUIPMENT AND OPERATIONS 20. Malfunction of Control/Relief Equipment => 21. Threads Stripped, Broken Pipe Coupling => 22. Ruptured or Leaking Seal/Pump Packing m Valve Instrumentation Pressure Regulator Nipples Valve Threads Mechanical Couplings m m Other: Other: m m m m m m m m 23. Incorrect Operation a. Type: b. Number of employees involved who failed post-incident drug test: / / Alcohol test: / / c. Were most senior employee(s) involved qualified? F7 – OTHER 24. Miscellaneous, describe: 25. Unknown Investigation Complete Still Under Investigation (submit asupplemental report when investigation is complete) m m m Inadequate Procedures Inadequate Safety Practices Failure to Follow Procedures Other: m m m m Yes No m m d. Hours on duty: / / m m (Attach additional sheets as necessary) PART G – NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION OF FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO THE EVENT OPS Data Facsimile ON DECEMBER 21,2009, NATIONAL FUEL GAS DISPATCHER RECEIVED A CALL AT APPROXIMATELY 11:30 AM THAT THERE WAS A NATURAL GAS INCIDENT IN THE VICINITY OF 9999 NEW OREGON RD. IN NORTH COLLINS, ERIE COUNTY, NY. DISPATCHER DETERMINED FROM SCADA AND OTHER PHONE CONTACTS, THAT LINE KNY WAS EXPERIENCING GAS LOSS. A REGULATOR CREW WAS DISPATCHED TO CLOSE BLOCK VALVE NCE-5 IN NORTH COLLINS AND SEND A SUPERVISOR TO NORTH BOSTON STATION TO CLOSE VALVES BNE-193 AND 195.VALVES BNE-193 & 195 WERE CLOSED AT 12:12 PM AND THE VALVE NCE-5 WAS CLOSED AT 12:32. AT THAT TIME THE LINE WAS ISOLATED.WHEN THE SITUATION WAS UNDER CONTROL IT WAS DETERMINED THAT A RUPTURE HAD OCCURRED ON LINE KNY APPROXIMATELY 641™ SOUTH OF LOWER KNOLL RD, AND NORTH OF NEW OREGON RD. FURTHER INVESTIGATION REVEALED THAT NO PERSONAL INJURIES OR DEATHS RESULTED FROM THE INCIDENT. THERE WAS SOME PROPERTY DAMAGE AT 9999 NEW OREGON RD. THE PIPELINE WAS PAIRED BY REPLACING APPROXIMATELY 4 FEET OF 20fl OD, 0.375" WALL, X-52 GRADE, PRETESTED STEEL PIPE. PART G: NARRATIVE DESCRIPTION OF FACTORS CONTRIBUTING TO THE EVENT - CONTINUED:INVESTIGATION UPDATE: THE FAILED SECTION WAS DELIVERED TO BATTELLE, COLUMBUS OHIO FOR A COMPLETE METALLURGICAL AND FAILURE ANALYSIS TO DETERMINE THE ROOT CAUSE OF THE FAILURE. BATTELLE CONCLUDED:"THE ORIGIN FOR THE FAILURE WAS IDENTIFIED AS A PAIR OF PITS COINCIDENTALLY LOCATED WITHIN THE CROWN OF THE PIPE IN THE VICINITYOF MAXIMUM AXIAL STRESS. THE UNUSUAL LOCAL AXIAL LOADING ACTED ON THIS PAIR OF COINCIDENTALLY LOCATED PITS CAUSING FAILURE, WHICH WAS FACILITATED BY WINTER TEMPERATURES WORKING IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE INHERENTLY HIGH DBTP' LEADING TO REDUCED FRACTURE TOUGHNESS. DBTT - DUCTILE BRITTLE TRANSITION TEMPERATURE. BATTELLE ALSO CONCLUDED: "THE FAILURE WAS DUE TO A UNIQUE COMBINATION OF FACTORS THAT INVOLVED LOCALLY HIGH BENDING AND AXIAL STRAINS UNIQUE TO THE VICINITY OF OVER BEND ACROSS THE RIDGE WHERE THE FAILURE OCCURRED, FREE OF OTHER CONTRIBUTORY OR CAUSATIVE FACTORS." Page 3 of 3 Form RSPA F 7100.2 ( 01-2002 )