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  1. Ruptured Globe Repair This material will help you understand the treatment for a ruptured globe. What is a ruptured globe? A ruptured globe is a serious eye injury. Both the sclera and cornea are usually damaged in a ruptured globe. The sclera is the white part of the eye. The cornea is the clear curved window in the front of the eye. Its main job is to help focus light as it enters the eyes. A ruptured globe is caused by trauma like a car accident. The sclera and/or cornea of the eye tear or rupture as a result of the trauma. A ruptured globe requires immediate evaluation by an eye doctor and emergency surgery. How is a ruptured globe diagnosed by an eye doctor? An eye doctor performs a complete eye examination to diagnose a ruptured globe. He/she asks about how your injury happened, and tests your vision. He/she performs a flash light test by passing a small light across your eyes and watching how your pupils respond. He/she uses different lights and magnifying lenses to evaluate the structures of the eye. As part of the exam, the eye doctor also looks for signs of bleeding. He/she rules out other injuries such as an intraocular foreign body or an infection of the eyeball (endophthalmitis).He/she may order a CT scan to help confirm the diagnosis. How is a ruptured globe repaired? A ruptured globe should be repaired through surgery as soon as possible to prevent serious complications. Surgical repair is typically done under general anesthesia. This means you will be asleep during the procedure. The repair of the globe depends on the location and extent of injuries. As part of the Kellogg Eye Center Ruptured Globe Repair 1  

  2. surgery, the doctor will close all wounds and remove any anatomical structures that get in the way of closing the wounds. The goal of the surgery is to stabilize the injury, control the bleeding and prevent infection. The surgery often cannot restore vision, though the surgeon will try their best to restore as much vision as possible. Additional surgery is often necessary to treat other complications from the eye injury. What is my prognosis? It is difficult to predict the extent of visual loss after a ruptured globe. The sooner a ruptured globe is repaired, the higher the chance that there will be some vision after the injury. However, if the injury is severe, often vision does not return. It is still important to close the ruptured globe in order to save the eye. After surgery, you will need to follow up very closely with your eye doctor to better understand the prognosis for your vision. You also need to take all of your medications to ensure that you do not develop an infection after your injury. Your doctor will prescribe both oral and topical antibiotic medications, as well as other medications. Make sure that you understand exactly how and when to take all of the medications. This will give you the best chance of healing without complications. Talk to your doctor about any concerns you have about a ruptured globe repair or the medications that you need to take. If your eye becomes blind and painful after a ruptured globe, you will need to discuss other treatment options with your doctor. This often includes removing the eye and replacing it with a prosthesis. Kellogg Eye Center Ruptured Globe Repair 2  

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