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  1. Patellar Tendon Rupture Repair T.J. Panek, MD WEEK 1: Wear brace Quad sets Ice- elevate E-Stim Partial weight bearing (PWB) CPM per M.D. WEEKS 2-4: Weight-bear as tolerated E-Stim to quads Heel Side ROM within limits 0-45° (M.D. directed) Quad sets- TID Supine SLR- Prone SLR SL- SLR Continue in brace- Start to unlock flexion 15-40° (only if quad is good) Adductor Isometrics Hamstring Isometrics WEEKS 5-8: Add hamstring Isometrics Increase ROM 10-15°/week (as tolerated) * If and when out of brace- add balance work SLR all 4 positions Increase weight bearing (per M.D.) Start light closed chain exercises (CKC) Exercise bike from ROM

  2. WEEK 9: Increase CKC rehab Begin aerobic bike Add leg press Increase hamstring Isometrics WEEK 16: Add light running