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  1. STRETCHING What is Sacroiliitis? Pain and inflammation of the joint in your lower back where the pelvis meets the spine. Common Symptoms:  Pain in buttocks and lower back  Pain that extends down your leg  Pain worsens with prolonged sitting and/or standing or climbing stairs Lay flat and bring your knee to your opposite shoulder. Hold for count of 3 and repeat. STRENGTHENING Common Causes:  Trauma  Arthritis  Obesity    Obesity Pregnancy Repetitive stress Back bridges Associated symptoms:  Pain and weakness of the neck, shoulder and/or elbow  Stiffness of the neck, shoulder and/or elbow  Loss of stability and balance Treatment:  Aggressive stretching and strengthening program  Physical therapy  SI joint injections Lift leg 90 degrees and push against wall. 1 Erie Ct, Suite 7120 Oak Park, IL 60302 708-848-4662 Office Sacroiliitis Treatment