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  1. Sacrum-Coccyx Positioning Guide IR Size SID Projection Method SI Joints AP or PA Axial Projection AP more commonly done Position Position Specifics Supine Preferred Rarely upright CR Angle Supine 30° - 35° cephalad 30° - male 35°- female Prone 35° caudal Centering Point Breathing Notes CR 1 ½ “ above symphysis at the MS plane Prone CR enters at L4 Collimate to film Shield below collimation 8 x 10 LW Grid or 10 x 12 LW Grid 48” Suspend AP Obl PA Obl RPO/LPO RAO/LAO Recumbant 25° - 30° obl LPO shows Right joint RPO shows left joint. Looking at side furthest away from IR RAO shows right joint, LAO shows left joint Looking at side closes to IR Shield below collimation ⊥ 8 X 10 LW Grid or 10 x 12 LW Grid 48” CR 1” ,medial to ASIS Suspend PA oblique sacroiliac joint. AP oblique sacroiliac joint. LAO demonstrates left joint. RPO demonstrates left joint. Rhodes 10-526-191

  2. Projection Method Sacrum/Coccyx AP or PA Axial Projection Position Position Specifics Supine AP Preferred Rarely PA Rarely upright IR Size SID CR Angle AP Sacrum 15° cephalad Coccyx 10° caudal PA Sacrum 15° caudal Coccyx 10° cephalad Centering Point Breathing Notes Coccyx 8 x 10 LW Grid Sacrum 10 x 12 LW Grid Supine Sacrum CR 2” superior to symphysis Supine Coccyx CR 2” superior to symphysis Prone Sacrum CR to the sacral curve Prone Coccyx Palpate and CR at coccyx 48” Shield below collimation for men Suspend ⊥ Lat Lt. lat Rarely Rt. Lat. Recumbant Limited Upright Use Sacrum Collimate to spine Shield below collimation May need sponge under waist area Use PB on table behind back To Mid Coronal Plane 10 x 12 LW Grid 48” CR level of ASIS and 3 ½ “ posterior Coccyx 3 ½ “ posterior to the ASIS and 2” inferior Suspend on expiration Rhodes 10-526-191