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  1. HYPERTONIC SALINE Why does my doctor want me to do this treatment? This medication is used to improve airway clearance. Studies in cystic fibrosis patients show that 7% hypertonic saline helped improve lung function and reduced lung infections. What side effects may occur? Hypertonic saline may cause increased coughing, chest tightness and sore throat. Use of throat spray or lozenge before the treatment may be helpful at first. After the first week of treatment most symptoms should subside. Report these symptoms to your doctor if they should continue. This medication will have a very salty taste. How do I do this treatment? Dose: 4 ml (cc) of 7% hypertonic saline Treatment schedule: Pari LC Plus Nebulizer:  Use a clean nebulizer everyday  Do not mix hypertonic saline with other medications  Use a different nebulizer for each aerosol medication Mouthpiece:  Should be used as soon as child is able  A nose clip may be used to help breathe through the mouth Mask:  For infant and small children  Exhalation valve must be removed from top of the Pari LC PLUS when using the mask For Best Results:  Breathe slowly and deeply during treatment Storage of medication:  Hypertonic saline should be stored in the refrigerator. Cleaning Nebulizer:  Boil the Nebulizer for 10 minutes stove-top, 5 minute in water in microwave or clean on the top shelf of a dishwasher DAILY WHEN SHOULD I DO THIS TREATMENT? Give the aerosol in the following order of therapies: 1. Bronchodilator (Albuterol) aerosol (done with vest therapy if prescribed) 2. 7% hypertonic saline 3. Pulmozymeaerosol Antibiotic aerosol (Tobi,Colistin) Two times a day This handout was written for general information only. It should not be considered complete. For further information about 7% hypertonic saline aerosols, please ask your doctor. CF RT sheet #6