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Saline Area Schools Washtenaw ISD STATE OF MICHIGAN MICHIGAN SCHOOL DISTRICT SERIES (GEOGRAPHIC FRAMEWORK, v7) DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CENTER FOR GEOGRAPHIC INFORMATION Ann Arbor Saline Rd Oak Valley Dr Packard St Packard St Charing Cross Rd Eisenhower Pkwy Ann Arbor Learning Community Oakbrook Dr Dexter Community School District Main St Lone Oak Dr Exit 175 Turnberry Ln Hikone Dr Eisenhower Pkwy Waymarket Dr Arbor Rd State St Lohr Cir Boardwalk St Fernwood St Pittsview Dr Waters Rd Andrew Thomas Trl Lima Center Rd Birch Hollow Dr Waters Rd 94 Chelsea Cir Millbrook Dr Mary D Mitchell School Scarlett Middle School Briarwood Cir Platt Rd Ann Arbor Williamsburg Rd Waters Rd 94 Farm Ln Carpenter Rd Exit 177 KMS Pl Wood Brook Rd Research Park Dr Haab Rd Oak Valley Dr Stone School Rd Braeburn Cir State Cir Chelsea School District Phoenix Dr Clifford E Bryant Comm School Wagner Rd Highlander Way State Rd Gensley Rd Tessmer Rd Ann Arbor Public Schools Ellsworth Rd Ann Arbor Saline Rd Airport Blvd Maple Rd Schmitz Rd Zeeb Rd Airport Dr Exit 180 / 35 Rentz Rd Westbrook Dr Highland Dr Boulder Pond Dr Parker Rd Ellsworth Rd Concourse Rd Varsity Dr Carpenter Rd Platt Rd Morgan Rd Runway Blvd State Rd Aspen Rd DISTRICT LOCATION Lohr Rd Spies Rd Venture Dr Avis Dr Eastern Washtenaw Multicultural Academy Lodi Twp Pleasant Lake Rd Ann Arbor Saline Rd Thomas Rd Diuble Rd Stonebridge Dr Maple Rd Payeur Rd 23 Woods Of Travis Pointe Dr Pleasant Lake Rd Meadow Ln Lavender Ln Hollow Dr Luckhardt Rd Freedom Twp Prairie Dunes Ct Exit 34 Marton Rd Pittsfield Twp Whispering Springs Dr Plum Alber Rd Silo Ridge Dr Textile Rd Reno Rd Pleasant Shore Dr Textile Rd Lindemann Rd Pleasant Lake Rd Pleasant Lake Birkle Lake Campbell Rd Textile Rd Pleasant Lake Rd Textile Rd Arnold Lake Hidden Creek Dr Bicentennial Pkwy Golf View Dr Textile Rd Wilson Rd State Rd Hieber Rd Parker Rd Maple St Carpenter Rd Lodi Ln 12 Castaway Ln Ann Arbor Saline Rd Platt Rd Steinbach Rd Weber Rd Heather Ridge Dr Merritt Rd Tamarack Dr Hawthorne Way Campus Pkwy Suncrest Dr Green Hills Dr Wapiti Way Harvest Woodland Dr SCHOOL Elementary School Koebbe Rd Colony Dr Heritage School Lima Center Rd Woodland Meadows Elementary School Parker Rd SCHOOL DISTRICT BOUNDARY Manchester Community Schools Fosdick Rd Saline High School Bethel Church Rd Saline Middle School Ann Arbor St Secretariat Dr CITY / VILLAGE Noble Rd Meridian Ct Thibault Ln Saline Maple St Deppmann Lake Schneider Rd Grass Rd Bethel Church Rd COUNTY BOUNDARY Industrial Dr Saline Waterworks Rd WATER FEATURE Bemis Rd Saline Waterworks Rd Saline River Clark St Harris St Bemis Rd Road System Bennett St Bemis Rd Saline Waterworks Rd Houghton Elementary School Williamsburg On The River Rd HIGHWAY South Arbor Charter Academy Parker Rd Historic Union School Old Creek Dr Platt Rd Warner Rd MAJOR ROAD Ann Arbor St Carpenter Rd Saline Area Schools Saline River Pleasant Ridge Elementary School LOCAL ROAD Bishop Rd Bemis Rd Saline River York Ter Sleepy Hollow Dr Boettner Rd Monroe St RAILROAD Austin Rd Willis Rd Columbia Lake Riverview Dr Exit 31 Valley Circle Dr Austin Rd Willis Rd Austin Rd Ernest Rd Austin Rd Dell Rd Willis Rd Avedon Ln Information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is subject to change on a regular basis, without notice. While CGI makes every effort to provide useful and accurate information, we do not warrant the information to be authoritative, complete, factual, or timely. Information is provided on an "as is" and an "as available" basis. The State of Michigan disclaims any liability, loss, injury, or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, resulting from the use and application of any of the contents of this map. Please feel free to contact CGI with questions regarding the boundary mapping process. However, it should be known that school districts and ISDs are the official authorities in determining school district boundaries. If you believe that there may be an error in a boundary, please contact the affected school districts and ISD(s) for clarification and possible resolution. CGI will welcome the opportunity to incorporate authorized boundary changes into our map information when resolved. Cambridge Dr Sizemore Dr Apple Crest Dr Macon Rd Yorkshire Dr Schill Rd Platt Rd Sherwood Dr Schasser Lake 12 Kaiser Rd Austin Rd Woodbend Dr Johnson Rd Lutz Rd Berger Dr Schellenberger Rd York Woods Dr Joslin Lake Saline Milan Rd Klager Rd Saline River Judd Rd Marion Rd Moon Rd Macon Rd Oak Park Dr 23 Jordan Rd York Twp Milkey Rd Stony Creek Rd Feldkamp Rd Jewell Rd Ella Lee Rd Burmeister Rd Ella Lee Lake Begole Rd McCollum Rd Samer Rd Macon Rd Braun Rd Saline Twp Stony Creek Rd Bridgewater Twp Braun Rd Platt Rd Braun Rd Clinton Rd Saline Milan Rd Lima Center Rd Mooreville Rd Maple Rd Roehm Rd Willow Rd Willow Rd Rd Milan Area Schools Willow Rd Hoelzer Rd McCollum Stony Creek Rd Willow Rd Mooreville Rd Case Rd Willow Rd Saline Milan Rd Jordan Rd Clinton Community Schools Platt Rd Arkona Rd Mooreville Rd Fisk Rd Arkona Rd Clinton Rd Milan High School Ridge Rd 12 Arkona Rd Saline River Mooreville Rd Day Rd Goodrich Rd Produced by: J. Shively Michigan Center for Geographic Information Department of Information Technology Completion: March 2008 Main St Lindsley Rd Petersburg Rd Mohart Rd Macon Rd Abel Rd COUNTY Wabash Rd WASHTENAW MONROE COUNTY Milan Saline River Neblo Rd Hack Rd Milan Middle School For more information: Web: Phone: 517.373.7910 Milan Twp OBrian Dr Dennison Rd Britton-Macon Area Sch. District LENAWEE COUNTY Macon Twp Ridge Hwy Clayton H Symons Elementary School Westfall Rd Tecumseh Public Schools COUNTY WASHTENAW Redman Rd Hack Rd Meters Miles 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 0 1 2