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  1. Normal Saline Flush Orders Only Meds and Orders Screen Be sure During Visit (Bed icon) is selected 1.)Enter NS Flush or 7319 into Search Field. Select sodium chloride (NS) syringe flush. 2.)Hit Accept . 3.)Open order, by clicking the blue hyperlink

  2. 3.) Dose defaults to 3 ml. Change if needed. 4.) Route is Intravenous 5.) Frequency defaults to As Needed, which is prn  Line care is preselected. You may enter comment for nurse in the PRN comment field. For: Enter 1 and select Days. Starting: Use calendar icon to select date of visit. At: Use clock icon to select 0600    6.) Admin Inst- Click blue hyperlink to add instructions nurse will see on the MAR (Medication Administration Record) 7.) Note to Pharmacy- Click blue hyperlink to message Pharmacist 8.) Click Accept 9.) Research Associate (If study team provides NS Flush, do not Reasearch Associate.) 10.) Pend 11.) Close

  3. 12.) Select Send Chart 13) Click CC’d Charts- (Note: The default is E- Consult, you will need to select CC’d Charts) 11.) Select Close. The PI will receive the order in his In Basket for signing