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  1. Escape Box Guide Introduction Introduction Topic: PIZZA Learning Objective: 1) The students will be able to follow a set of directions and navigate a map. 2) The students will be able to perform a sequence of mathematical operations. 3) The students will be able to analyze and apply information from a bar graph Initial Materials for Provided to Escapees: 1)Pizza Ag Mag 2)Letter from Coach (directions) 3)Map 4)Restaurant Menu 5)Placemat 6)Pizza Toppings chart Full Materials List: •Escape Box/ Black Lights/ Black Light Marker •Directional lock, 3 number lock, 4 number lock and 5 letter locks OR (worksheets) •Paper/Pencil to take notes •Pizza Ag Mag •Letter from Coach (directions) •Map •Restaurant Menu •Placemat •Pizza Toppings chart

  2. Story Story Storyline Objective: As the assistant coach of a little league baseball team, you must hurry to the pizza place and order the appropriate pizzas for the team. Story Background: You are the assistant coach of the Farmersville Slicers. Your team just won the big game! To celebrate, you are all going out for pizza. The head coach, Coach Neapolitan, is going to drive all the players, but wants you to go ahead to the restaurant, Bob’s Pizza Palace, to order all the pizzas. He has emailed you will more information. Just make sure you get all the pizzas ordered and paid for before the hungry team shows up in ____ Minutes! Initial Instructions: Pass out the materials to each group. Read the script (Story background) Start Timer

  3. Puzzles Puzzles Puzzle 1. – 3-digit Lock Solution: Solution: 425 Materials Materials: : •3-digit lock •Map •Directions (email) Story Connection: Story Connection: The Coach can’t remember the exact address of the pizza place, but did provide directions. Follow them to the correct location. Procedure: Procedure: 1)Read the directions in Coach Neapolitan’s email 2)Follow the directions to the correct restaurant 3)The 3 digit address is the code

  4. Puzzle 2. – Directional lock Solution: Solution: 7 7- -4 4- -2 2- -2 2 Materials Materials: : (Lock, Resources) - - - - - 4-Digit lock Coaches email Pizza Menu Pizza Graph Coupon Story Connection: Story Connection: The coach tells you to order the pizzas and use a coupon. With gratuity (from the menu) the total is $74.22. Procedure: Procedure: Add up the total cost of the pizzas. Use the graph to determine which pizzas should be ordered (Cheese, Pepperoni, Sausage, Veggie) Subtract 15% from the subtotal because of the coupon Add 18% gratuity for having a large group (see menu) Puzzle 3. Solution: Solution: W W- -H H- -E E- -A A- -T T Materials Materials: : (Lock, Resources) - - Word Lock Placemat Story Connection: Story Connection: The placemat at the reataurant has fun and games to solve. Procedure: Procedure: Answer the riddle on the placemat. The answer is WHEAT.

  5. To: From: Coach, The team did a great job this season! They’ve really earned this pizza party, and luckily, I have a coupon! The team and I will meet you at Bob’s Pizza Farm soon. But boy, are they hungry. You go ahead of us and order the pizzas. The kids voted on their favorite pizzas. Order the four most popular pizzas. There are 13 different Bob’s Pizza Farm locations in town. I can’t remember the exact address, but I included directions below and a map of all the locations. Since you’re leaving from the baseball field, I marked that as your starting point with a star. 1.Head south down Farnham St. 2.Take the fourth right. 3.Take the sixth right after the train tracks. 4.Turn East on Dayton St. 5.After four blocks, head north. 6.At the dead end, turn left. 7.Take the first right to find the restaurant Let me know the total price after you order! See you there soon, Head Coach Neapolitan

  6. COUPON DINE IN ONLY DINE IN ONLY 15% OFF 15% OFF Bob’s Pizza Farm Bob’s Pizza Farm Use at ALL of our locations! Use at ALL of our locations!

  7. Favorite Pizza Toppings 15 14 13 12 11 10 Number of Players 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Cheese Pepperoni Sausage Meat Lovers Veggie Lovers Pizza Toppings

  8. Bob’s Pizza Farm Bob’s Pizza Promise At Bob’s Pizza Farm, we promise to give you the best pizza experience of your life! Menu Open 24 hours The best pizza comes from the farm! We have the best pizza in town! Check out any of our 13 locations! Phone: 314.159.2653 Fax: 589.793.2384 Believe it or not, pizza comes from the farm. That golden brown crust is made from wheat. The gooey cheese is a dairy product, like milk. And your favorite toppings, from savory meats to colorful vegetables are all products of a farmer’s hard work! Bon Appétit !

  9. Appetizers Dessert Pizzas Our pizzas are made with wheat crust, real cheese, fresh specialty vegetables, the best pork and beef available. $ 8 Nachos $ 6 Cookie Pizza $ 8 Mozzarella Sticks $ 5 Slice of French Silk Pie $ 1 7 Cheese classic red sauce, four cheeses, traditional crust $ 1 0 Wings $ 6 Brownie a la Mode $ 9 Fried Pickles $ 2 0 Pepperoni classic red sauce, cheese, pep- peroni, $8 Potato Skins traditional crust $ 1 9 Sausage classic red sauce, cheese, sau- sage, traditional crust Salads $ 5 $ 2 2 Lettuce wedge Meat Lover’s classic red sauce, cheese, sau- sage, pepperoni, bacon, Canadian bacon, traditional crust $ 4 Bean Salad Beverages $ 6 House Salad $ 1 8 Veggie Lover’s classic red sauce, cheese, mush- rooms, green pepper, onion, tomato, traditional crust $2 By the glass $ 3 Side Salad $ 5 By the Pitcher ** 18% gratuity added to groups of 10 or more people. $19 White Garlic garlic sauce, cheese, sausage, onion, traditional crust

  10. WHERE DOES YOUR PIZZA COME FROM? Pizza Probability... Do you know where the things you eat, wear and build with start out? •Farms •Fields •Forests m x y k p o g f f h r v z h c r m g d n e x u m h g q j s g k h l i q k p x x m j p i c g c t o j e m e p i u m z a t s k n q k o r r y e b y s p d u b d b v z q a o x r o i q c z i c l a d c n u c u z f x l i z k t w g f e s a y x o x c n f r t d o g g i v s s q d i o l v t f a t g q k c y s s l r f f p s w b p q c m v r c q e l v u c h e e s e u i i o o p y a o r e a m q u b p u d q p s d s w a h y i d i q c t b e w f c h t e v i l o w k a a p Pretend you are making pizzas and you have pepperoni, green peppers and mushrooms for toppings. How many different pizzas can you make with these toppings? (None of these pizzas can have the same toppings as any of the others.) Fill in the circles until you run out of pizza topping combinations. The first one is done for you. Most of these products must be processed in some way before we can use them. Processing changes raw agricultural products into thousands of things we use every day. Farmers plant tiny kernels in the ground. Those kernels pass through a cheese milling process to wheat become flour for Complete the pattern: olive pizza dough. What onion kind of kernels are pepperoni planted? _____ pepper _ _ _ _ _ sausage Pizza Starts On The Farm!