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  1. LOWER BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA WORKSHOP SIMPLE STEPS TO QUICK AND NATURAL HEALING Presented by Mike Bills MS PT, at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center 1.Common statistics about low back pain and sciatica a._____________ % of Americans experience low back pain at least one time per year b._____________ % of adults 25 + experience low back pain an average of 3 + times / year c.Back related conditions account for ______ loss of time from work and play 2.Who is Mike Bills a.Therapist for 23 years b.Treated over 5000 patients with back pain and sciatica c.Husband and Father d.Owner of Loudoun Sports Therapy Center since 2005 e.Soccer coach, Boy Scout Leader f.Top 10 Burning Questions for Sciatica 3.What are the four major components of the spine a.____________________________________ b.____________________________________ c.____________________________________ d.____________________________________ 4.What is Sciatica? a.The Sciatic Nerve is the ____________________________ nerve in the body. It is actually ______________ nerves that join together. b.It travels from the _______________________ down the back of the _______________ to the ___________________. c.People who experience Sciatica may feel i.____________________________________ ii.____________________________________ iii.____________________________________ In the leg. 5.TRUE OR FALSE: All disc problems will cause Sciatic Nerve Pain 6.The 4 COMMON CAUSES OF LOWER BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA ARE: a.Herniated ________________________. This causes pain with bending forward b.Stenosis, Degenerative Disc Disease, ________________________. This causes pain with standing and walking. c.SI joint or _______________________________ problem. This causes pain with sitting. d.____________________________ that are either to tight, too weak, or both. 7. How will we at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center treat your back or sciatic pain successfully? a._____________________________________________ Physical Therapy b.__________________ exercises to increase mobility and decrease _________________ c.__________________ exercises to improve stability of the pelvis and spine BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA ALERT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

  2. LOWER BACK PAIN AND SCIATICA WORKSHOP SIMPLE STEPS TO QUICK AND NATURAL HEALING Presented by Mike Bills MS PT, at Loudoun Sports Therapy Center ***** IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE that there are many different treatment programs for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica. Doing the right one to address the cause of your pain results in permanent relief of symptoms, feeling better, and moving better. Doing the wrong treatment frequently results in either worsening of the symptoms or only temporary relief of symptoms. How do I find the right Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Specialist? When researching a practitioner, ask if they are trained and licensed in Lumbo-pelvic mobilization. Additionally, ask them if the treatment will also include hands on physical therapy and an exercise program specifically designed for your needs. If they do not use both of these approaches, keep looking. You may not need all of these treatment techniques but you definitely want a physical therapist who is able to determine exactly what your spine needs and treat it appropriately rather than be limited by a practitioner who only has some of the skills needed. IF YOUR READY TO RETURN TO PAIN FREE LIVING, we are happy to schedule you for a FREE ASSESSMENT If you attended our workshop today, we want to offer you the opportunity to get a free assessment. If you have an injury, ache, or pain that you want to talk about with a physical therapist to determine if physical therapy could be the right treatment for you, a free assessment is a great opportunity to do that! What is a free screening? The Free Assessment consists of a one – on – one appointment with one of our physical therapists. The PT will talk with you about the history of your problem. They will assess specific movements of the involved area, assess muscles and soft tissue affecting the area, and perform any needed tests. After the assessment they will be able to tell you: 1.The cause of your pain or problem 2.The plan for a successful outcome. Once they have written up your assessment, they will help you determine what the best treatment option is whether that be some physical therapy sessions or something else. A free assessment is ideal people suffering with: Lower back pain Sciatica Arthritis Neck pain Shoulder pain Knee pain If you are having pain or problems with day to day activities such as walking, standing, sitting for long periods of time, going up or down steps, getting in or out of the car, sleeping, driving, exercising, or participating in your sport, then this is an excellent opportunity to see one of our highly trained and skilled Physical Therapists to find out the cause of your pain. Foot and ankle pain Hand, wrist, or elbow pain Problems walking Problems with balance Pain or problems with training for your sport or leisure activity