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  1. This course provides comprehensive overview of symptoms, potential causes of sciatic pain, eval- uation, diagnosis, and various treatment / therapy applications that are known to be effective in treating debilitating pain of the lower extremities. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to learn: • Define sciatica and common medical terms for sciatic pain • The signs and symptoms of sciatica • The most common site of nerve root compression • The pathophysiology, anatomy, and sensory functions of the sciatic nerve • The risk factors and causes of sciatica • The diagnostic testing for etiology of sciatica • The role of conservative management in sciatica • The components of a thorough subjective history in physical therapy evaluation • The elements of objective examination and interpretation of objective findings to determine etiology of sciatica • The role of modalities in management of sciatic pain • The anatomy and pathophysiology of spinal disc herniation • The physical therapy treatment considerations for spinal disc herniation • Define derangement syndrome • The clinical applications of the McKenzie technique for derangement syndrome • Define neural gliding and neural flossing • The anatomy, pathophysiology and function of the piriformis muscle • The clinical treatment of piriformis syndrome • Define spondylosis • Define spinal stenosis • Treatment considerations for spinal stenosis • Define spondylolisthesis • The types of spondylolisthesis • The pathophysiology of musculotendinous injuries causing sciatica • Appropriate treatment options for sciatica caused by musculotendinous injuries • The role of pregnancy in causing sciatica • Appropriate treatment options for pregnancy related sciatica • The role of posture and body mechanics in the causes and treatment of sciatica • Importance of patient education in long-term management of sciatica • Role of Occupational Therapy in management of pain due to sciatica Author: Chele Heid PT, CLT, CMT, RYT Contact Hours : 5 Hours / 5 PDR Teaching Method : Online Independent Self-Study (Training + Post-Test). Need Computer & Internet Access. Target Audience: PTs, PTAs, OTs, OTAs, Nursing and Other Healthcare Professionals Cost: $40 / Participant Course Completion Certificate : A Printable (Pdf) Certificate By Email / Mail (If Requested, we will mail printed certificate at no additional cost) Cancellation / Refund Policy: By completing your purchase from Biologix Solutions LLC through PayPal, you agree that you are purchasing digital, non-tangible product / service / training courses, and as such are not entitled to a refund once