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  1. Sports Performance & Rehab Worksheet Do’s and Don’ts of Low Back Pain and Sciatica Pain Do: 1.Sleep 7-9 hours each night in a cool dark environment void electronics. 2.Perform all movements and exercises in a safe and pain free manner. This is very important. Pain is a warning sign. 3.Train your hips to be mobile and spine to be stable in a safe pain free way. 4.Make sure you move your body in all 3 planes of motion (forward/back, side to side, rotation left and right). Don’t: 1.Train or exercise into painful ranges. 2.Follow the advice of gurus and one size fits all programs. 3.Listen to anyone or anything that promises the overnight cure or miracle magical bullet. Common Causes: Too much spinal motion, not enough hip mobility, abdominal weakness, low back muscle weakness and lack of endurance, motion in the spine at wrong time, too much sitting, wrong type of exercises. Who is most vulnerable: People who have had: back pain in the past, prior surgeries, previous injuries, recent fall, poor balance, sit a lot at work, poor nutrition. Recommended treatment: Acupuncture, massage, chiropractic manipulation, functional medicine specialist, qualified physical therapist that searches for the root cause of your pain. Chad Clark, MSPT, CSCS – Physical Therapy Connections, P.C. 719-565-6678