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  1. Making Music with Ease: A Comprehensive Workshop in Alexander Technique and Body Mapping Patricia O’Neill, Professor Emerita of Voice, Alexander Specialist Katherine Kemler, Professor Flute, Body Mapping Specialist Louisiana State University School of Music Baton Rouge June 18-22; 9:00-3:00 The Making Music with Ease Workshop will be held in the School of Music at Louisiana State University. This interactive workshop is designed for musicians (performers and teachers) who wish to reduce tension, pain, and stress while increasing efficient, coordinated body movements. Registration for the Making Music with Ease Workshop is NOW OPEN. Enrollment is limited to allow for collaborative experiences among participants. Cost: $300 Housing: On your own. There are a number of affordable motels near the LSU campus. Food: On your own. There will be a one-hour break for lunch. Register: Deadline for Registration: We ask that you register by June 8; however, registration will remain open until the first day of the workshop. We hope to see you on the LSU campus in June! Please register by June 8. ______________________________________________________________________________ The Alexander Technique Have you been wondering what the Alexander Technique is all about? Here is an opportunity to find out. We will explore the basic principles of this popular and practical technique, and discover how unconscious habitual use of “self” can sabotage optimum functioning. Through discussion, experiential movement, and hands-on work, class members will be guided in recapturing their natural poise, ease, and economy of movement. Body Mapping Body Mapping is an innovative and specific technique to enhance musicians’ abilities and to help those in pain or discomfort. Clear, concise, and practical information about how the body moves in order to make music will be presented in this course.