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  1. Machine Gun Sight (MGS) Crew Served Weapon Sight (Model: MGS-XXX) 2016 Company Proprietary

  2. The Machine Gun Sight (MGS) T ested with 20,000+ rounds

  3. Background • IT&Tsuccessfullyintroducedred-dotsightsfor crew-servedweaponsto SOCOM, USAF , USMC,Army and Navy offering: • Reduce time to target engagement • Ensure first round hits • Increase weapon accuracy • Reduced collateral damage • The MGS designis the resultof 5+ yearsof Crew-ServedOptic marketexperience: • Low Cost • Universal-One sight for all crew-served weapons • Modular design enables • Easyto upgrade • Easyto configurefor a specific mission • Simpleproduct maintenance • Improved quality and reliability • MGS sightis designedandmanufacturedin USA • Factoryin Midland,VA • T est rangein MidlandVA

  4. Machine Gun Sight (MGS) • The MGS is designedand developed primarily for crew-served weapons. • The MGS design allows for quick target acquisition and simplifiesthe shooting process- Just point & shoot. • The MGS with a very large FOV enables: • One-Shot-One-Hit capability • Improved Situational awareness • Improved accuracy helps to relieve collateral damage concerns • With extra wide field of view for heads-up-display , the MGS offers both-eyes-open shooting both stationary and moving targets. • It offers shooters a pinpoint accuracy and enhances operator's confidence in the field. • The MGS reduces the training time and save ammunition !

  5. MGS Main Components (Model:MGS-M1X) • The MGS is a Universal CSW sightand following modules: – Lens Body consists of the – Main Body -5.56 mm Removable LED Module Reticle (A) -7.62 mm Removable LED Module Reticle (B) -12.7 mm Removable LED Module Reticle (C) – Magnification Mount •3X magnifier •5X magnifier •3-8X magnifier •Camera •Others

  6. Main Features LeftFrontRail Brightness Sensor MountingLock LeftMag Rail Protective Lens Lens Body Brightness Control Main Body Removable LED Module Red or Green On/Off Battery Elevation Anti Reflective Surface TopRail RightMagRail RightFront Rail The MGS achieves faster target acquisition times and increase first burst probability of hit (P(h)) for machine gunners firing from vehicle mounted platforms -Stationary or moving.

  7. Controls On/Off Control Brightness Control Battery Green On Red On NVG Auto Manual The MGS includes an adjustable brightness setting for use with image intensified devices on the low end and in full sun brightness on the high end.

  8. M134 Universal Machine Gun Sight Universal

  9. Applications with Heavy/Medium & Light Machine Guns • The MGS is manufactured forthe followingCrew ServedWeapons: – Heavy Machine Gun –The M2 Machine Gun, or Browning.50 Caliber Machine – The MiniGun –The M134 is a multi-barrel machine gun with a high rate of fire – M240Machine Gun – M249 Light Machine Gun (LMG) – MK19 (40mmGL)

  10. Installation-.50 Cal With 12.7 mm Reticle

  11. Installation-M240 With 7.62 mm Mil Dot Reticle

  12. Installation-M60 With 7.62 mm Reticle

  13. Installation-M134 Minigun With 7.62 mm Reticle

  14. Installation –MK19 The MK19 Mount is needed Circle dot Reticle

  15. Modular Design • Patented Modular Design • Easy to UPGRADE • Easy to Repair • Easy to configure for a specific mission Lens Body Magnifier with a mount Protective lens Main Body

  16. Various Magnifiers 8X 5X 3X Users can install 3X or 5X or 8x magnifier

  17. Stadia Line Style Reticles • The MGS comes witha removableLED modulewithvarious stadia line style reticles. The newStadiaLine StyleReticle enables gunner to acquire and effectively engage multipletargets at ranges faster than the current baseline configuration. • The removableLED modulecan be easily replaced with other type of reticles. 200 – 5.56Mil Dot Reticle (A type) – 7.62Mil Dot Reticle (B-type) – 12.7 Mil Dot Reticle(C-type) 500 750 1000 1200 • The new reticle withinthe optichave a reference aim point thatallows the user the ability toadjust theirpoint of aim based on a ballistic solutionof the M240or M2/M2A1 or theMK 19.

  18. 7.62 mm Mil Dot Reticle (Red or Green Light) 200 500 Note: Width of hash marks = 5 m at that range (~ length of technicalvehicle) 750 1000 1200 Ranges The MGS has a milliradian scale or additional reticle that will assist users in azimuth, elevation, estimating range and engaging targets at various ranges.

  19. 12.7 mm Mil Dot Reticle (Red or Green Light) Note: Width of hash marks = 5 m at that range (~ length of technicalvehicle) Ranges The MGS has a milliradian scale or additional reticle that will assist users in azimuth, elevation, estimating range and engaging targets at various ranges.

  20. Range Estimation Using the circle reticle, the range of various targets can be estimated. Figures below shows some common targets and estimated ranges, based on the reticle size of 35 MOA. target Targetfills 100% Targetfills 50% Targetfills 25% Car (1.5 m high) ~150m ~300m ~600m Humvee /Toyota Pickup (2 m high) ~200 m ~400 m ~800m Soldier (~2 m high) ~200 m ~400 m ~800 m Truck (3 m high) ~300 m ~600 m ~1200 m

  21. NGV Compatible Night VisionMode

  22. Right Hand Magnifier Mount • Users can easilyattach: – 3x or 5x or 8x or 3-8X Magnifier – NVG & Thermal – Cameras and other accessories With 3X Magnifier With 3-8X Magnifier With a Bullet Camera


  24. The MK19 Sight (MKS) • The MK 19 sight consists of: – MK19 mount – MGS with a circle dot

  25. Option: Larger Lens Body (Model:MGS-L1X) • IntelliOptix also offers a larger lens body for the MGS. – Lens size: 120mmx 70mm – Quick replacement Large Lens Model: MGS-L1X Medium Lens Large Lens Model: MGS-M1X

  26. Option: Left Hand Magnification Mount Left sidemount for the 3-8 X mag Part Number:MMT-800L 3-8X Magnifier Variable 3-8X magnifier provides gunners with the ability to recognize three personnel sized targets at 1500 meters.

  27. Option: Day & Night Sight Thermal Weapon Sight Day Sight Thermal Display Patented Design & Technology

  28. OPTION: DigitalMachinegunOptic(DMO) • Gunnersoperatingcrew-servedweaponson groundcombat vehicleshave a very limitedprotectionagainst enemyfire. • The MGS can be easilyequippedwith a bulletcamerato convertit intoa corner shotmachinegunor DigitalMachinegunOptic(DMO). • Typically,soldiersexposetheirupper-bodyin positioningbehinda crewserved weapon. RetrofittingtheMGS with a bulletcameraallowsa soldierto remain in therelativesafe protectionof the vehicle. Like a remoteweaponstation,the MGS with a bulletcam providessoldierstheabilityto acquireandengagetargetswhile stayingunderan armoredshieldorbehindprotectedarmor . • It is a perfectsolutionduringtrainingsfor moreeffective After Action Review. W/L Connection Wearable Display (Model: DMO)

  29. Option: CameraInstallation/Displays Rugged Display Flat Screen-Instructor Wearable Display Head Up Display Hand Held Display

  30. Options: Mounts and Rugged Case Model number: M2M-S Model number: M2M-T M2 Mounts MK19 Mount Model: MKM-100 Sigle and Tri Rails Rugged Case

  31. Specifications MGS-M1X Model MGS-L1X Caliber 5.56/7.62 / 12.7/20 5.56/7.62 / 12.7/20 Dimensions[L x W xH] 8.6x 4.7 x 4.5 in [220x 120 x 115 mm] 8.6 x 5.7 x 5.1 in [220 x 145x 130 mm] Weight ~3 lbs( 1.4kg) ~4 lbs(2 kg) LensSize 3.25 x 1.89 in [82 x 48 mm] 4.7 x 2.7 in [120 x 70mm] TotalFieldof View 96m at200m [25 degrees] 96m at200m [25 degrees] Azimuth/ElevationAdjustment ~0.5 MOA/click ~0.5 MOA/click Eye Relief Unlimited Unlimited Red Dotor Green Dot Size Dot= 3 MOA Dot= 3 MOA Circle= 35 MOA Circle= 35 MOA LEDcolors Red andGreen selectable Red andgreenselectable Nightvision Compatible Compatible BrightnessAdjustments 13 settings 13 settings [1 off,1 auto,10 manual] [1 off,1 auto,10 manual] Magnification 1x (3X - 5X option) 1x magnifier(3X-5x Option) PowerSupply 1 type123 3V lithium 1 type123 3V lithium BatteryLife~1000+ hr ~1000 hr ~1000 hr Mounting MIL-STD-1913rail -41°C to +71 °C MIL-STD-1913 rail -41°C to +71 °C OperationalTemperature The MGS is designed to survive in operational military environments in accordance with MIL-STD-810G.

  32. Laser Boresight T arget

  33. IT&T 703-929-0595* Midland, VA 22101 – U.S.A