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  1. PRINCIPAL’S SIGHT WORD CHALLENGE SIGHT WORD DAILY PRACTICE SIGHT WORD DAILY PRACTICE ATTENTION PARENTS: Your child is invited to participate in the Principal’s Sight Word Challenge! There are 60 sight words that all first graders need to know in order to fluently read grade level texts. This challenge will help students achieve this goal. Attached you will find sight word flash cards. Please have your child cut and save these words for daily practice at home. He/she should spend at least 5 minutes each day practicing reading these words aloud. For this task, the goal is for your child to be able to quickly read the provided words. Please see the following suggestions for how your child can practice reading these words at home. Sort: While reading words aloud, sort the cards into two piles. Place known words in one pile and unknown words in another pile. Air writing: Read the word aloud. Use finger to write word in air. Speed Read: Time how quickly you can read the known words. Try to beat your time Record the total number of flashcards that your child can successfully read each day. Students will receive 1 Jaguar Buck for each parent signature on their daily log. Sight Word Test & Awards Test Date: January 6, 2017 Bronze Award Celebration: Able to read 40 out of the 60 words Silver Award Celebration: Able to read 50 out of 60 words Gold Award Celebration: Able to read 60 out of 60 words

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