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  1. Know Before You Go... Zika Virus Information for NJ Residents Zika Virus Testing For more information about Zika Virus and other mosquito-borne diseases: vVisit your healthcare provider if you think you may have Zika virus. NJDOH Communicable Disease Service http://www.nj.gov/health/cd vYour provider can contact your local health department to seek approval for testing. Only providers can obtain approvals. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention http://www.cdc.gov/zika vTesting requires a prescription from a healthcare provider. Pan American Health Organization http://www.paho.org/zika Fees:Contact the testing facility used by your healthcare provider and/or your health insurance company for information about potential fees for Zika testing. World Health Organization http://www.who.int/csr/disease/zika/en Low cost healthcare services: New Jersey’s Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) offer a wide range of healthcare services for the entire family, including Zika virus testing. For more information and to find an FQHC near you visit: http://nj.gov/health/fhs/fqhc. @NJDeptofHealth Know the facts and protect yourself Pregnant women: You may qualify for immediate assistance with healthcare costs, including Zika testing. Call the 24/7 Family Health Line at 1-800-328-3838 for more information. New Jersey Department of Health Communicable Disease Service PO Box 369 Trenton, NJ Phone: 609-826-4872 #ZapZika C2338

  2. Zika Virus: Know the Facts and Protect Yourself Protect Against Mosquito Bites What is Zika Virus? Sexual Transmission vZika is a viral infection usually spread through the bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. vSexual transmission of Zika virus is of particular concern during pregnancy. vUse Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered insect repellent with one of the following active ingredients: vThis includes vaginal, anal and oral sex, and the sharing of sex toys. vZika can also spread from an infected man or woman to his or her sex partners and from a pregnant woman to her unborn baby. RDEET ROil of lemon eucalyptus or Para-menthane-diol (PMD) RPicaridin RIR3535 vThe risk for sexual transmission of Zika virus can be eliminated by not having sex and reduced by using barrier methods against infection (male and female condoms and dental dams) correctly during every sexual encounter. There is no specific treatment or vaccine for Zika. vAlways follow the product label instructions. Symptoms vDo not use insect repellent on babies younger than two months old; do not use products containing oil of lemon eucalyptus or para- menthane-diol (PMD) on children younger than three years old. Pregnancy Most people with Zika virus have no symptoms. In the 20% of people who do get symptoms, illness is usually mild. Zika virus infection during pregnancy is a cause of a serious birth defect called microcephaly, and may cause other severe brain defects. The most common symptoms include: vFever vRed Eyes vPregnant women in any trimester should avoid travel to areas with ongoing Zika virus transmission. vOnce a week, empty, cover, or throw out any items that hold water like tires, buckets, and planters. vJoint Pain vHeadache vRash vMuscle Pain vWomen planning to become pregnant should discuss travel plans and the risk of Zika with a healthcare provider. vUse larvicides to treat large containers of water that will not be used for drinking and cannot be covered or dumped out. Areas with Zika vPreventing the sexual transmission of Zika should be practiced throughout the entire pregnancy. vAnyone who lives in or travels to an area where Zika is found is at risk for infection. For a current list of areas with Zika, visit: www.cdc.gov/zika/geo. vKeep windows and doors shut and use air conditioning when possible. vAfter travel to an area with Zika: Men: wait 6 months to conceive; Women: wait 8 weeks to conceive. vAll travelers should take steps to prevent mosquito bites for three weeks after they leave an area with Zika, even if they do not feel sick. vUse, install, or repair window and door screens.