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FSFAutomatic screwdriver for flowdrilling screws with automatic feeding

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  1. SCREWDRIVING AND FASTENING SYSTEMS WITH AUTOMATIC FEEDING FSF Automatic screwdriver for flowdrilling screws with automatic feeding Our automatic screwdriver for fitting flow drilling screws has been specially developed for use in the automotive industry. Different materials with thicknesses of up to 5 mm each can be connected to each other. The system can be used stationary or on robots. The drive for the axial movement is situated directly above the screwing tool. The force is therefore initiated centrally over the screw. This means that only very small masses are moved, leverage effects are eliminated. When feeding the screws, the customer can choose between direct feed and magazine- loaded feed with automatic or manual filling. In all variants, the screw is always fed forwards with the screw head and only turned briefly in front of the feeding head in order to preserve the screw tips. The controller monitors and documents all screw parameters. THE ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE: h Fully monitored system with monitoring and documentation of all screw parameters: Torque, rotational angle, screw-in depth, force, contact pressure h Immediate identification and reporting of any incorrect assemblies h Screw parameters can be individually parametrized per screw location h Compact design for hard-to-access screw locations h Fast bit change without tools h Feed head can be removed without auxiliary tools h Feed arm can be changed without auxiliary tools h Very low moving masses h Automatic feeding of the screws h Magazine on the automatic screwdriver with separate filling station h Gentle feeding principle h Compact working radius of clamping surface to the screw axis, beneficial robot lever arm h Can be used as a robot solution in any position

  2. Modules Centering aid 1To teach the fastening points 1No lifting movements required 1Teaching when de-energized for increased safety 1Integrated predetermined breaking point prevents collision damages 1 NOK stroke 2 Feed stroke 3 Tool stroke 4 Torque sensor 5 Screwdriving head 6 Feed hose 7 Magazine (optional) 8 Clamping surface 8 1 2 7 3 Nozzle Predetermined breaking point 4 A Flattened outline for optimum accessibility to interfering contours. B Quick release for easy change of feeding arm C Locking jaws for over-head screw connections D Two jaws: Safe „finding“ of the driving characteristic by actively clamping the screw Spring-loaded centering pin 6 Direct feed A screw unit with direct feed is available as an alternative to the magazine design. Later conver- sions are also possible. The same feeder unit is used for both versions. A B 5 D C D Interfering contours Technical Data Dimensions L x W x D with magazine Dimensions L x W x D without magazine Tool contact pressure Retaining device contact pressure Rpm Torque Weight Cylce time 750 x 350 x 280 mm 750 x 320 x 280 mm < 3,300 N < 1,200 N 5,100 min-1 max. 15 Nm approx. 45 kg 2.7 - 3.5 sec. (depending on the sheet combination) 6 bar 6 60 m 120 mm 30 mm 20 mm 120 17 ø 20 12,5 Compressed air supply Necessary lines Max. cable length Tool stroke Feed strocke (retaining device) NOK stroke (eject screw) 1Max. interference contour height 120 mm 1Spacing interference contour – screw centre 12.5 mm 1Nozzle tip Ø 20 mm

  3. Feed unit Modules Advantages Technical Data h Compact Dimensions (WxDxH) 600 x 600 x 1150 mm 5 1 h Vibration-free sorting container Conveying speed max. 40 pcs./min h Gentle feeding principle Fitting quantity 10 litres 3 2 1 Hopper 2 Step feeder 3 Fill level control 4 Separator 5 Acoustic cover 6 Base frame 4 6 Magazine handling Direct feed Filling station 1. The screw unit is automatically positioned to the change position. 2. Empty magazine is removed. 3. Swivel device is turned by 180°. 4. Full magazine is transferred. 5. Empty magazine is refilled. A Feed screw forward with head B Rotate the swivel device by 90° C Feed the screw forward with tip in nozzle D Swivel device moves to the starting position while the new screw is fed Filling station Dimensions (WxDxH) Filling speed 1200 x 900 x 1650 mm 40 sec./magazine A Magazine with 27 chambers Dimensions (WxDxH) up to 9 codes can be mechanically coded; for different screws to avoid confusion 120 x 120 x 63 mm B D The screw unit is initially aligned to the magazine changing position. A positioning aid is available for this purpose. C

  4. Controller Faster bit change without auxiliary tools h Cabinet housing individually selectable h 15“ touch display h Open program structure h Up to 4 screwdriving systems with feed unit can be controlled h Interface to various bus systems h Evaluation of all process parameters h Up to 1,000 screwdriving programs h Docking mode for robot use Hanging the feed arm out Removing the feed arm Unlocking and removing bit Complete system overview Screw unit (on robot arm) Filling station Feed unit Controller CAD data available on www.stoeger.com/en/downloads.html under file “automatic screwdrivers” STÖGER AUTOMATION GmbH Gewerbering am Brand 1 82549 Königsdorf Phone: +49 8179 997 67-0 info@stoeger.com www.stoeger.com Stand 07/2017