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  1. The Wonderful Sucking Pig You all have heard of the Christmas Goose and the walloping Great Pie But I think to myself it’s not much use to tell such a precious lie But I’ll tell you of a wonder new, as true as I’m a sinner About a wonderful sucking pig we had for Christmas dinner. Chorus So come on all both great and small and listen to my lay As I tell you of the sucking pig we ate on Christmas Day! The very first day this pig was born he cut some cunning capers – He swallowed a field of turnip tops and forty ton of taters. So then they pulled out all his teeth but it only made him snarly, And he bolted a wagon load of swedes and a stack of oats and barley. This sucking pig, he grew so fat, you might think it a lark, But when he was only three weeks old he was big as Noah’s Ark. His leg was like a greasy pole with a ton of bristles on it And his curly tail when pulled out straight was longer than a comet. To kill this wonderful sucking pig it took no end of trying, And strike me down if I tell a lie, he was seventy years a-dying. The men who had his leg for lunch, up to Hyde Park they took it And they had to boil the Serpentine before that they could cook it.