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  1. THE CONCEPT Bowery restaurant is where the Netherlands and Asia come together. The name itself derives from the Dutch word “bouwerij” (farm), as well as an area and street in Lower Manhattan, New York. It represents a perfect link between Dutch legacy and a cosmopolitan approach. Bowery provides authentic yet contemporary flavors; healthy grill dishes, Asian specialties as well as carefully selected authentic classic dishes. Our products have a story and we would like to share this! www.boweryrestaurant.nl At any time Freshly sliced Black pepper sausage Dried sausage from Amsterdam Brandt en Levie chorizo Dutch chorizo with paprika and garlic Livar ham Coppa ham from the Livar pig Prosciutto Crudo San Daniele Dried for 12 months 7 Our Executive Chef, Edwin van den Heijkant, is always looking for the best ingredients. As we only work with fresh local products, certain dishes may not be available at times. 8 9 Your Bowery team 12,5 Chef’s suggestions Lacquered salmon Poached plaice Dutch MRIJ veal Nasi goreng Tsuyu | Apple syrup | Kimchi | Roasted bell pepper Artichoke | Celery | Girolles | Cream sauce Parsnip | Beam mushroom | Ravioli ‘Oudwijker Robiola’ | Vealgravy Chicken satay | Pork satay | Tempura prawn | Peanutsauce 26 28 32 27 Create your own salad Seasonal salad Tomato | Cucumber Choice of toppings Avocado | Grilled vegetables | Mushroom Buffalo mozzarella | Goat cheese | Parmesan cheese Livar coppa | Brandt en Levie chorizo Grilled salmon | Prawns Choice of vinaigrette Asian | French | Mustard | Caesar | Yuzu Served with: Chutney of Cevenne onion | Pickled vegetables 6,5 Lalab Crudité | Sambal trassi Gyoza 4 pieces Chicken | Chili | Soy Umami oyster Asian Style cold - per piece Cucumber | Radish | Black pepper | Bok choy | Ponzu Umami oyster warm - per piece Gratin | Spinach | Hollandaise Selection of dim sum 8 pieces Steamed | Chili | Soy Oyster mushroom ‘‘Bitterbal’’ 4 pieces Our oyster mushrooms are cultivated on our old coffee grounds 4,5 3 3 4 5 3 steps away from the perfect grill dish 8 BEEF SELECTION 1 From the Josper oven & the lava grill Seabass MRIJ rump steak 200 grams ‘Weiderund’ dry aged sirloin 200 grams USA Creekstone Black Angus rib eye 250 grams USA Creekstone Black Angus côte de boeuf 800 grams 2,5 29 29 35 45 75 Throughout our menu we use both Dutch “Weiderund” beef as well as premium Dutch “MRIJ” beef from the passionate butcher Piet van den Berg. “Weiderund” means that the cows are allowed to free-range the fields, which creates a beautiful fat percentage that covers the meat. For some of our premium cuts, we have selected USA Black Angus beef. This meat is more marbled, which generally gives it a soft texture. 2,5 All about vegetables Risotto Wild mushroom | Celery | Poached egg | Remeker rijp cheese Vegetarian stir fry Egg noodles | Tofu | Soy | Seasonal vegetables | Cashews Gado Gado Haricot vert | Egg | Tofu | Cabbage | Peanut 12 21 4 2 Choose your side Cauliflower | Lemon | Panko | Almond Stewed spinach Mushrooms | Garlic | Parsley Yeung-chow | Fried rice | Chorizo | Spring onion Hand cut fries Roseval potatoes 16 19 LIVAR, A DIFFERENT KIND OF PIG! Sweet surprise Chocolate brownie Walnut | Quince | Toffee | Mascarpone ice cream Pandan sponge cake Coconut | Mango | Red pepper | Yogurt ice cream Yogurt Caramel | Pumpkin | Coffee | Pistachio Doyenné du Comice pear Champagne | Cheesecake | Figs | Vanilla ice cream Vanilla parfait Nougat | Cranberry | ‘Speculaas’ | Orange The Livar pig is allowed to walk freely in the gardens of the Lilbosch monastery in Limburg. For nine centuries the monks have lived a simplified lifestyle, which is focussed on respect towards nature, the animals and human standards. 9 3 Choose your sauce Marsala Béarnaise Butter | Sage | Lemon Green pepper Mushroom 8 9 Let’s begin Tartar of MRIJ beef Mustard | Shallot | Truffle vinaigrette | Brioche Marinated sirloin Fennel | Tomato | Green lentils | Yogurt | Rosemary Poke bowl Tuna | Ponzu | Avocado Goatcheese gratin Eggplant | Artichoke | Piccalilly | Sourdough Sashimi tuna and salmon Wasabi | Radish | Cucumber | Soy Caesar salad Grilled chicken | Croutons | Anchovy | Dutch matured cheese 8 15 9 13 Served with a salad of little gem, marinated beetroot and aceto balsamic dressing All additional sides 3,5 14 SELECTION OF DUTCH CHEESES 12 Sensational Asian dishes Livar porkbelly Teriyaki | Sweet potato | Sesame Prawn Curry | Nasi Kuning | Broccoli Crispy corn fed chicken Paksoi | Eggplant | Tomato Asian beef stir-fry Egg noodles | Seasonal vegetables | Soy | Ginger | Cashews 24 Our cheeses are selected with care by our local supplier L’Amuse and owner Betty Koster, the one and only queen of cheese in the Netherlands. For L’Amuse, it is all about the maturing process. The right temperature and humidity allows their cheeses to gain perfect ripeness and to become surely irresistible. 17 26 13 24 Say cheese Our selection We serve a selection of 5 fine Dutch cheeses, selected for their ripeness and quality 23 From the kettle Shellfish cream soup Razors | Carrot | Sourdough Parsnip cream soup Watercress | Beam mushroom | Cauliflower | Tortilla Soto ajam Chicken | Egg | Bean sprouts | Emping 12,5 13 Burgers and breads Bowery burger Dutch MRIJ beef | Brioche bun | Fried egg | Truffle mayonnaise | Livar bacon | MRIJ cheese | Fries Pulled chicken Barbecue | 5 Spices | Mandarin pancake | Sweet&sour Wrap Chicken | Ras el hanout | Pumpkin | Hummus 8 21 11 Boweryrestaurant Boweryamsterdam Boweryrestaurant 14 15 For those with special dietary requirements or allergies who may wish to know more about the ingredients used, please ask a member of staff. All prices are in euros and including VAT.