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  1. Susheela Sababady Children’s Sure Start Dietitian 0207 346 4434 MARCH2003 WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES

  2. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO START WEANING? Fork or potato masher to mash up food A sieve to pass cooked foods through which will make the foods smoother You can use a blender or liquidiser instead of a fork/sieve if you like Baby bowl or plate Baby spoons Bibs! And Napkins! News papers-to place on the floor around the baby’s high chair in case of any mess Relax when you are weaning your baby and you will both enjoy the experience Do not worry if your child refuses the first spoon this is normal as it is new to your baby-don’t panic just give your baby time and try again WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES

  3. COOKING TIPS Fill the pan 3/4 of the way with water when boiling vegetables Peel Veg with a potato peeler as it is much easier and safer than a knife and is much quicker! When mashing Veg make sure there is a little water left in the pan, as it will make the mashing process easier Sieve or liquidise Veg to make it into puree You can add water or breast milk or formula milk to make the vegetable dish sloppier You can add baby rice to mashed /puree food You can add 2 or 3 Veg together when cooking your dishes You can freeze any extra Veg for use at a later date, put extra Veg in little yoghurt pots or in an ice cube tray when freezing so that it is easier to defrost individual potions Defrost and reheat foods well before giving to babies Solids should not be too runny but like thick custard Do not add salt/pepper/sugar/honey or any other flavourings to you baby’s food, as they do not need it. FROM 1 YEAR You baby should be eating the same foods as the rest of the family Baby should be drinking from a cup Baby can now have full fat milk as a drink instead of formula and breast-feeds WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES

  4. STAGE ONE STAGE THREE At this stage baby should be eating all family foods, which are chopped up. Your baby should also be having finger foods Encourage cup feeds instead of bottle feeds. EASY CARROT Peel washed carrots and boil in a small pan of water until very soft Drain most of the water away Use a fork and mash well or pass the cooked carrot through a sieve Add more water to make it sloppier Do not make it watering it should be like thick custard To make it more exciting add baby rice! Do not add any salt or flavouring Tip: freeze any extra carrot puree SIMPLE RICE Using baby rice follow the directions on the packet- once cooked you can add: Puree apple or Puree banana or Puree carrots or Puree broccoli/pumpkin Or any other fruit or vegetables that you yourself eat in your family WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES

  5. STAGE TWO FISHING FOR VEG STAGE ONE BEST BANANA Take one ripe banana and mash well with a fork To puree further add a little breast or formula milk and pass through a sieve or puree in a liquidiser Do not add any sugar or honey INGREDIENTS: 1/2 a portion of fish or 1/2 a tin of fish 1/4 sweet potato-cooked A hand full of grated cheese Spinach-a few chopped leaves 1/2 carrot-cubed 2 VEG BLEND To a pan of water add 3 broccoli heads and 3 cauliflower heads Boil until they are soft Once soft mash with a fork To puree further add a little water and mash further, then pass through a sieve OR liquidiser Any extra Veg can be frozen for a later day Do not add any salt or flavourings Boil the sweet potato chunks and carrot chunks in 1/2 a pan of water until soft enough to mash In another pan heat a little oil and once warm add the chopped spinach and cook for 5 minutes until soft Then add the sweet potato + carrots + spinach + tinned fish + hand full of grated cheese in a bowl and mix well. Serve with mash potato WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES

  6. STAGE ONE Sweet Potato Smile Take one sweet potato and peel Cut into small chunks and add to a small pan of water and boil until very soft (20-30minutes) Once cooked and soft drain most has the water and then mash the sweet potato with a fork To puree further add a little water and mash, then pass through a sieve OR liquids You can do the same for potato, cassava and yam Do not add any salt or flavourings STAGE TWO Chicken Combo INGREDIENTS 1/2 a baby bowl of minced chicken 1/4 of a courgette-cut into cubed 1/2 a green banana-sliced 1/4 of a red salad pepper-cut into small pieces 1/2 tin of tomato Cooked Rice or Cooked Pasta Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan In another pan boil the green banana for 20 minutes. Once the oil is heated add the minced chicken and cook well Once the chicken is cooked add the cubed courgette, the cooked green banana the salad pepper and the tinned tomato. Cook for a further 15-20 minutes. Serve with cooked Rice or Cooked Pasta YUM- YUM YAM Peel a small yam and add to a pan of water and boil until very soft. You may need to boil it for 30 minutes Once boiled-mash well with a fork and serve You can always mix the cooked yam with other foods e.g. yam and spinach or Yam + any cooked vegetable YAM WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES

  7. STAGE TWO Finger foods: from 6months onwards Bread (can be toasted)-cut into long strips-you can put margarine or marmite on the toast/bread Bread sticks Pitta bread/Chapatti-strips Sweet potato, green banana and cassava chips Pasta twirls-cooked Fruit cut into chunks e.g. apple slices, banana chunks, orange segments, kiwi slices, mango stripes, avocado stripes etc. Vegetable- soft cooked e.g. carrots, broccoli, and cucumber slices/chunks, pepper slices Cooked meat pieces-not too large Cheese-strips or cubs Well-cooked boiled egg pieces Pizza slices Experiment with home food to give your child a good variety Always remove pips and seeds to prevent choking To prevent chocking never leave your child alone when feeding! STAGE ONE Angelic desserts-some ideas Take 1/2 a soft pear and 1/2 a soft apple-peel and remove pips and core. Then mash well or put through a blender. You can serve straight away or you can mix with some baby rice to give a different taste! Mash together 1/4 of a mango and 1/4 of a paw-paw and serve. Instead of paw-paw you can use banana or even kiwi! Do not add sugar or honey WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES

  8. STAGE TWO Fruit Purees: STAGE TWO Bolognese Ingredients: Pear + apple Banana + rice Avocado + kiwi Mango + banana Melon + grapes Vegetable Purees: Pumpkin + baby rice Courgette + carrot puree Butternut squash + spinach Sweet potato + cauliflower Parsnips + carrot + cauliflower Yam + cho cho Mash potato + baked beans Green banana mash + carrot Always peel and remove any seeds/pips before cooking and giving the fruit to your child 1/2 onion chopped 1 clove of garlic 1/2 baby bowl of mince (beef or lamb or chicken or turkey) 1/2 cup of tinned tomato 1 carrot-cubed 1/2 can peas (or frozen) Heat a teaspoon of oil in a pan and add 1/2 of a chopped onion & chopped garlic Add the minced meat and cook well Add the cubed carrots, peas and tinned tomato Leave to cook for 15-20 minutes. You may need to add 1/2 a small glass of water to stop the meal from drying out Serve with cooked Spaghetti or mash or rice. WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES

  9. STAGE TWO Fish-mashed tinned or fresh can be used You can use any fish e.g. tuna, cod, salmon, haddock etc STAGE ONE Meat, Chicken, Turkey, Liver, etc Cook any of the meats above well-until soft enough to puree in a liquidiser or mash with a potato masher or fork. Mashed fish can be added to: •Milk sauce •Cheese sauce •Tomato sauce Some ideas for combinations: Mashed/minced fish + /mashed mixed vegetable Mashed/minced fish + carrots and cheese sauce Mashed/minced fish + puree sweet corn Mashed/minced fish + mash potato Mashed/minced fish + mashed sweet potato or parsnips or cassava or yam Once pureed you can make it more exciting by added any cooked vegetables to it e.g. Tomato and chicken Spinach and turkey Carrots and lamb Sweet potato and beef mince etc. You can also add meats to baby rice, potato, yam, cassava, maize etc. Any left over can be frozen in small portions Make sure that these foods are re-heated well before use WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES

  10. STAGE ONE Weaning Recipes Instead of meat Lentils, Dahl, split peas etc are good sources of protein and can be used to make exciting meals! They can be mixed with all different foods: Try these super tasty combinations: Lentils+ puree spinach Chickpeas puree and tomato puree Dahl and aubergine puree Mushroom + tomato + hand full of cheese Tofu + chick peas + carrot Soya mince + tomato + peas NEW FOODS FROM 6 MONTHS Wheat Foods: Pasta Bread Flour Breakfast Cereal Pitta Bread Chapatti Couscous Other New Foods: Eggs Meat, chicken, lamb, beef Fish Full Fat Cow’s Milk-TO BE USED IN COOKING ONLY e.g. custard, sauces Yoghurts, fromage frais etc WONDERFUL WEANING RECIPES