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Acronym Definitions

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  1. Acronym Definitions ACD Automatic Call Distribution, Automatic Call Distributor ACN Automatic Collision Notification AIP Access Infrastructure Provider ALI Automatic Location Identification ALI DB Automatic Location Identification Database ANI Automatic Number Identification APCO Association of Public Safety Communications Officials API Application Programming Interface APU Answering Position Unit AQSI ALI Query Services Interface AVL Automatic Vehicle Location BCM Business Communication Manager CAD Computer Aided Dispatch CAMA Centralized Automatic Message Accounting CBN Call Back Number CCS Common Channel Signaling or Hundred Call Seconds CCS7 Common Channel Signaling 7 CDMA Code Division Multiple Access CDR Call Detail Record CGI Common Gateway Interface CIF Critical Issues Forum CO Central Office CODEc Coder/EDCoder or Compression/DECompression COG Council of Government CoS Class of Service CPE Customer Premise Equipment CPN Calling Party’s Number

  2. CPU Central Processing Unit CS1000 Communication Server 1000 CSSI Console Sub-System Interface CTI Computer Telephone Integration DBMS Data Base Management System DCE Data Communications Equipment DHS United States Department of Homeland Security DMR Digitial Mobile Radio DMS Data Management System DMS100 Digital Multiplexing Switch DN Directory Number DNS Domain Name Server (or Service or System) DoD Department of Defense E9-1-1 Enhanced 9-1-1 E9-1-1M Mobile E9-1-1, Mobile Emergency Service EENA European Emergency Number Association EMS Emergency Medical Service EMT Emergency Medical Technician ENS Emergency Notification Systems ENT Emergency Notification Technology EOC Emergency Operations Center ERDB Emergency Services Zone Routing Database ERL Emergency Response Location ESN Emergency Service Number, Electronic Serial Number, Emergency Service Network ESP Emergency Services Provider, or Emergency Services Protocol ESRI Environmental Services Research Incorporated ETNS Emergency Telephone Notification System ETSI European Telecommunications Standards Institute

  3. FCC Federal Communications Commission FSI Fixed Station Interface FTP File Transfer Protocol GA Go ahead GIS Geographic Information Systems GPS Global Positioning System IP Internet Protocol IPBX (or IP PBX) Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange IP-CAN IP Connectivity Access Network ISSI Inter Sub-System Interface KMF Key Management Facility/Function KSU Key Service Unit LAN Local Area Network LEC Local Exchange Carrier M1 Meridian 1 MDN Mobile Directory Number MIS Management Information System MLTS Multi-Line Telephone System MSAG Master Street Address Guide NCIC National Crime Enforcement Center, National Crime Information Center NEBS Network Equipment Building Standards NENA National Emergency Number Association NG9-1-1 Next Generation 9-1-1 NGES Next Generation Emergency Services NGESN Next Generation Emergency Services Network NGN Next Generation Network NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, United States Department of Transportation NID Network Interface Device

  4. NMS Network Management System NSP Network Service Provider OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OTAP Over the Air Programming OTAR Over the Air Rekeying PAN Personal Area Network pANI Pseudo Automatic Number Identification PBX Private Branch Exchange PSAP Public Safety Answering Point or Primary Public Safety Answering Point PSAP-ECR Public Safety Answering Point – Emergency Call Register PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network QoS Quality of Service RAS Remote Access Server RCC Remote Call Center or Rate Center Consolidation RFSS Radio Frequency Sub-System RMS Records Management System RSU Remote Switching Unit SIP Session Initiation Protocol SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SOP Standard Operating Procedures SP Service Provider SSP Signal Switching Point SS7 Signaling System 7 TCP Transport/Transmission Control Protocol TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol TDD Telecommunications Device for the Deaf or Time Division Duplex Mode TDD-TTY Telephone Device for the Deaf-Teletypewriter (Text Telephone) TDM Time Division Multiplexing

  5. TDMA Time Division Multiple Access TELCO Telephone Company TN Telephone Number TTY Teletypewriter (a.k.a. TDD, Telecommunications Device for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing) UNI Unbundled Network Interface URL Uniform Resource Locator (location sensitive) VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol VON Voice over Network VPN Virtual Private Network WAN Wide Area Network WAP Wireless Access Point