10 Ways to Make Your Photos More Visible on Flickr - PDF Document

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  1. GUIDE 10 Ways to Make Your Photos More Visible on Flickr GETTING STARTED You’ve probably heard about Flickr, the popular online photo- sharing site. Maybe you’ve used it as a place to upload your photos or to download someone else’s cool image for your presentation. But did you know you can maximize your Flickr account so that it drives more traffic of interested people to your Web site? In this guide, we’ll show you how to give your photos more exposure to new and larger audiences to help expand your support base. Here are ten tips to optimize your Flickr profile and photos for highest visibility: 1. Establish a great foundation first.Take the time to fill out your Flick profile completely, including your organization’s logo, Web site and other social media community URLs and a keyword-rich description of your group. The title of your Flickr account should be the name of your organization, so Flickr users can easily find you when they conduct a targeted search. 2. Give your photos succinct, keyword-rich titles. By default, when you upload a photo to Flickr it makes the photo’s file name its title. Some digital cameras assign a random combination of numbers and/or letters to its photos files when they’re created. Take the extra minute or two to give your new Flickr photos descriptive, keyword-rich names that will help appear more visibly in searches. 3. Add tags to your photos. Tags are essentially keywords. Not only do they help you describe and categorize your photos, but more importantly they help people who are searching or surfing through photos. We recommend you assign tags to each of your photos liberally. There really isn’t a downside to having too many tags for a photo, it will only help you expose them to new and larger audiences. 4. Incorporate relevant popular tags. If you scroll to the bottom of Flickr’s “Explore” page you’ll find a cloud of the most popular tags members are using at any given time. Many Flickr users go here to find new content and if you have relevant photos, you’ll want yours to appear here. Review Flickr’s most popular tags and if one or more describes your images, then add those exact words to your photos. To maximize exposure, use the keywords for those trendy tags in your photos’ titles and descriptions, too.    

  2.   FLICKR GUIDE Doing so increases your chances of appearing in the search results when someone clicks on one of these popular tags on Flickr’s “Explore” page. 4. Include photo descriptions. Think of using the photo description as an opportunity to tell a mini story. Use language that will help Flickr users emotionally connect with your photos and pique their interest to click on your organization’s link. Your photo descriptions should also contain keywords used in the photos’ corresponding titles and tags for consistency and relevancy purposes. 4. Target specific geographic audiences. If you’re an organization focused on an audience in a specific town, city, state/province or country, Flickr’s Organizr tool gives you the ability to drag and drop photos onto a map to show where they were taken. Flickr users can then browse for photos in specific geographic areas and find your associated photos, which exposes them to more people. 5. Customize your privacy settings. Make sure you choose the privacy option for your photos that allows anyone in the Flickr community to view them, not just the friends and family you’re personally connected to. Loosening your privacy settings for photos will expose them to new, larger audiences. 6. Invite members to interact with your photos. Because Flickr is first and foremost a social network, the more comments and ratings your Flickr photos receive, the higher they appear in Flickr’s search rankings. Explore Flickr’s various ways to befriend current Flickr account holders and invite non-Flickr community members known as “guests” to view, rate and comment on your photos using their “guest passes” option. 9. Enable statistics reports on photo performance. Take advantage of the free feedback Flickr provides on how your photos are performing. This feedback includes which photos are most popular with the Flickr community, which photos are shared most often and which Web sites drive the most traffic to your photos. Capture data over time and take notes of surprising findings. Use the data to refine your future plans for Flickr content, promotional activities, etc. 10. Locate and join Flickr groups relevant to your photos’ themes. Once you’re a member of relevant Flickr groups, you’ll be able to share your photos with these like-minded people, who are more apt to post comments and ratings about them. PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER Focus on these three areas: Optimize your profile and photos with the right keywords to make your photos more easily found, invite traffic and comments to your photos, and keep an eye on the performance of your photos for regular evaluation and adjustments. These easy, no-cost actions can make a big difference on generating exposure for your photos and organization to new and larger audiences. Picture the possibilities!