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  1. Automatic Font Substitution DID YOU KNOW . . . the TNT products provide automatic font substi- tution if the font used for text in layouts is not found on the computer displaying the layout? What Automatic Font Substitution Gives You • Overcome missing font problems • Interface font for TNT products used as for fallback font • Manually specified font substitution also available Platform Font Family Font File Name Platform Font Family Font File Name Sans SansBold Fixed FixedBold Serif Serif Bold SerifItalic SerifBoldItalic arial.ttf arialbd.ttf cour.ttf courbd.ttf times.ttf timesbd.ttf timesi.ttf timesbi.ttf Sans SansBold Fixed FixedBold Serif Serif Bold SerifItalic SerifBoldItalic Helvetica.dfont:1 Helvetica.dfont;2 Courier.dfont;1 Courier.dfont;2 Times.dfont;1 Times.dfont;2 Times.dfont;3 Times.dfont;4 Windows Mac OS X Sans SansBold SansItalic SansBoldItalic Fixed FixedBold FixedItalic FixedBoldItalic Serif Serif Bold SerifItalic SerifBoldItalic Arial.ttf Arial-Bold.ttf Arial-Italic.ttf Arial-BoldItalic.ttf CourierNew.ttf CourierBold.ttf CourierItalic.ttf CourierBoldItalic.ttf TimesNewRoman.ttf TimesNewRoman-Bold.ttf TimesNewRoman-Italic.ttf TimesNewRoman-BoldItalic.ttf Sans SansBold SansItalic SansBoldItalic Serif SerifBold SerifItalic SerifBoldItalic helr____.ttf helb____.ttf heli____.ttf helbi___.ttf timr____.ttf timb____.ttf timi____.ttf timbi___.ttf Sun Linux outline font fallbacks Sans Fixed Serif duck.of raven.of cardinal.of In automatic font substitution, the font to substitute for a missing font is automatically chosen from the same font family as listed in the illustrated table. For example, sans serif fonts are replaced by other sans serif fonts. Mac OS X Windows TNTmips substituted Helvetica for Arial automatically. The DataTip is designed in Arial (arial.ttf). How to Use Automatic Font Substitution • Let TNT products do the font substitution automatically. • Specific fonts can be specified for substitution if desired. WANT TO KNOW MORE? See the Technical Guide entitled: Font Substitution in the TNT Products