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  1. MICROSOFT NETWORK ADMIN CERTIFICATE (1101013349) Student ID: Name: REQUIRED COURSES Credit Grade Complete Approved Level I Networking Course* 4 CIT 213 Microsoft Client Configuration 3 CIT 214 Microsoft Server Configuration 3 CIT 215 Microsoft Servicer Administration 3 CIT 216 Microsoft Server Advanced Services 3 Approved CIT Technical Course** 3 TOTAL CREDITS: 19 Approved Level I Networking Courses* Credit CIT 160 Introduction to Networking Concepts 4 CIT 161 Introduction to Networks 4 Approved CIT Technical Courses** Credit Additional CIT Course(s) EXCEPT CIT 103 1-3 ** Or other courses approved by Computer & Information Technologies Program Coordinator NOTES: Requirements taken from 2018-2019 KCTCS Catalog Students graduating with a degree or certificate in Computer and Information Technologies may only use a course with a grade of “C” or higher (or a “Pass” for Pass/Fail course) to fulfill a core or track graduation requirement. The Computer and Information Technologies department does not accept non-Gen Ed courses older than 5 years from returning or transfer students without the consent from the local program coordinator. Students may not use one course to fulfill multiple requirements.