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Photos / Picasa

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  1. Photos / Picasa In terms of adding photos to the site, we would strongly recommend that you use the free Picasa application to complete this task. Picasa is an image organizer and image viewer for organizing and editing digital photos, plus an integrated photo-sharing website. As Picasa is owned by Google, it links seamlessly with the Google Sites application while offering a useful variety of functions. In addition to the advantages Picasa offers in terms of managing photographs, photos which are hosted on Picasa and are linked to the site for display as opposed to being hosted on the site itself, don't count towards the site's overall memory allocation of 100MB. Given the fact that photos tend to take up a lot of storage space compared to plain text, if you plan to have more than a handful of photos on your website, we would strongly recommend using Picasa to complete this. To start, download Picasa from the web address When you install Picasa, you have the option to allow it to scan your computer for folders containing photos and images. We would recommend you run this scan as Picasa may even find photos you've forgotten about. Your photos and images will then be organized into these folders and any albums you create. Folders in Picasa represent actual folders on your computer, so changes you make to folders in Picasa also affect the folders on your computer. For example, deleting a photo from a folder in Picasa deletes the photo from your computer. At the same time, deleting a photo from a folder on your computer removes the photo from Picasa. Albums are different from folders because albums only exist in Picasa. They don't represent real folders on your computer. Albums may also contain photos saved across multiple folders. For example, you might create an album called 'Pictures with Granny,' and include photos of granny saved in different folders. It's important to note when you delete or move photos from an album, the original files remain in their original locations on your computer. We would recommend that you organise your photos into various albums to make things as manageable as possible. Also we would recommend that you only move those photos you want to show on the web into albums for upload as depending on the quality of your internet connection, uploading the pictures may take some time. Once you have the photos organised, you will then need to upload the photos you want to share so that they are visible on the internet. Simply select the upload option and select the visibility option of “Public on the Web” so that everyone will be able to see them. Once the pictures are uploaded, you can either select the "View online" option or click WebAlbums in Picasa to take you to Picasaweb which is where the photos are hosted online. Displaying a Slideshow • If you want to display a slideshow, select the album you want to display in Picasaweb. • Click the “Link to this Album” button on the right hand side of the screen. • This will generate a URL similar to the following ; 116912218799287327616/Portlaois?authuser=0&feat=directlink • • • • • • • • • • • •

  2. Go to the page on the club web site you want to add the photos to. Click Edit Page. To add a web slideshow, click Insert and select “Picasa Web slideshow” Paste the URL of the album you'd like to insert. For the moment you can ignore the various display options relating to the gadget, until you are sure that the pictures are showing up. Click Ok and Click Save. Once you have confirmed that the selected pictures are showing up on the page, you can adjust the various options to alter the display of the Gadget. To do this you need to select Edit Page, then click on the yellow area of the gadget which will bring up a blue dialogue box. Select "Properties" to give you the option to adjust the various settings. The procedure for displaying a single photo is slightly different to displaying a slideshow. Displaying a Single image • If you want to add a single image, you cannot use the Insert Web slideshow method as this doesn't work for single images. • If you want to post a single image, select the image in Picasaweb. • Click the “Link to this Photo” button on the right hand side of the screen. • Select the checkbox "Image Only (No Link)" • You can only change the size of the image here with the "Select Size" option. • Once you have this completed, copy the URL from underneath the Embed Image box ; this will be in the format similar to Laois%252520crest.jpg • Click Edit Page. • Select Insert and then Image. • Switch the checkbox from "Uploaded Images" to "Web address (URL)" • Paste the copied URL into the Image URL textbox. • Wait until the image shows up at this stage. • Click Ok and click Save. • Once you have confirmed that the selected picture is showing up on the page, you can adjust the various options to alter the display. To do this you need to select "Edit Page", then click on the image which will bring up a blue dialogue box. Select "Properties" to give you the option to adjust the various settings. Displaying a Thumbnail Gallery • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Select Edit Page. Insert "More Gadgets" In Search Box type in “Display Thumbnails of Picasa”. Click on Display Thumbnails of Picasa. Click on Select. In the User (Picasa) (required) box you need to enter the user number for your Picasa account The easiest way to find this is in one of the Picasa albums you want to share the thumbnails of, click share in order to share the album. In your internet browser's window, this will generate a URL in the form •

  3. uname=116912218799287327616&aid=5628049456179901313&continue=https%3A%2F In this case the user number is 116912218799287327616 or the number after uname= You will also need to enter the album ID in the next box. In this case the album ID is 5628049456179901313 or the number after aid= You also need to set the album to "Public on the web" in Picasa to enable the thumbnail gadget to work. Then you need to enter the number of thumbnails required (A number betwen 1 and 200) For the size of thumbs box, we would recommend that you leave the default value of 72. When you have the gadget working you can easily come back and adjust the display options to what you feel is most suitable for your site For the height of thumbs box, we would recommend that you enter a value of 72. For the options Thumbnails Cropped, Shadow the thumbnails and Open Picture on Click either enter Yes or No. You can come back and adjust these to the optimal settings once the process has been completed. For the URL of Link on the Title we would recommend entering the full URL address of the gallery in question i.e. in our example case this would be the URL emailAlbum?uname=116912218799287327616&aid=5628049456179901313&continue=https%3A In the Title box you should enter the album title. You can leave the various colour codes at the default for now as well. You can leave the width and height settings as they are and adjust them later on. You can do the same with the three checkbox items.. If you click on Ok and then Save Page, you will be able to see the thumbnails displayed. If you want to adjust any of the options relating to the layout of the gadget, simply click on Edit Page, then click on the yellow box of the Google Gadget. This will bring up a blue dialogue box directly underneath the Gadget. Click on Properties to take you back to the dialogue screen giving you the various display options. If you want to have the Picasa Thumbnails Display gadget look as similar to the rest of the default colour scheme for the GAA template, you should just replace the four different colour codes with #ffffff • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •