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  1. COMMUNITY MAPPING: Linking Pictures to Your Map Using Picasa ASK How can I attach pictures to geographical objects on my map? Which tools are available for doing this? In this section, you will work with pictures that show and describe geographic objects on your map. You will take pictures, upload them in one of the online picture serving sites, and use these pictures to enhance certain geographic objects. INVESTIGATE When pictures are used with geographic objects on a map, they provide an interesting feature which can improve the reader’s interest and understanding of both your map and the object. For example, if you are interested in history, you may use GPS to record the position of a museum and then use pictures to describe different facets of the museum. You can use online mapping tools to share this information and explain about the museum to your friends who may be thousands of miles away from you and the museum. There are several sites on the Internet where you can upload, store, organize and share your digital photos. Go to Picasa. com (an online site that allows for uploading, organizing, and sharing pictures) and explore its features. CREATE 1. Take pictures with your digital camera that you would like to use to enhance your map. 2. To download pictures to you computer (Picasa Web Album) a. Create a Google account if you do not already have one. b. Go to i. Go to the drop down menu more on the upper left of the screen and from the drop down list, click Photos. ii. Sign-in using your Gmail account. iii. Click Upload at the right side of the screen. iv. In the next screen, give a meaningful name to your photo album. You may provide information to the optional fields, including a description of the photo album and place where the photos were taken. v. Check Unlisted from the “share” menu at the bottom of the page. vi. Click Continue. vii. Click Add Photos to select photos you have taken, and click Upload. Your photos should now be online at 3. To add pictures to your map a. Go to and sign-in. b. Click on the photo album you created. c. Click Link to this Album and copy the HTML.

  2. d. Return to GoogleMaps. e. Click on the marker for your location and in the pop up window click Edit HTML. f. Paste the HTML, copied from Picasa web album, into the description box. g. Click OK and remember to save your map so that you don’t lose these updates. 4. Share your map with others. DISCUSS • Are pictures a more effective way of communicating geographic information than mere positions? • What do your pictures teach about your topic? REFLECT • How can you use this experience to communicate and address the issues of your community? • What other map topics can be enhanced with pictures? Developed by Dr. Lisa Bouillion Diaz, Barb Roberts, Terri Myers, Dr. Nama Budathoki, Wilbon Anthony, Susan Hayden, and Dawn Waller. University of Illinois Extension, 2011. College of Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences/State/ County/Local Groups/USDA cooperating. University of Illinois Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.