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  1. Bioenergy 2016 Bioenergy 2016 July 13, 2016 July 13, 2016

  2. Bio-Res PLA Bio-Res Powder

  3. Compostable Target is Soil Degradable Nutrient Effect Root Growth Effect ◦ Less Root Wrap Renewable, plant based content Shorter Greenhouse Cycle Time Better Transplant Survival Less returns

  4.  Invented a Technology  Developed a Process  Tested and Scaled Up  Secured Feedstock  Designed and Built a Plant  Quality Assurance/Consistency  Developed Relationships  Understand what Customers Want.

  5.  USDA Rural Development ◦ Lengthy, Difficult Process ◦ High Value to Launch of Project  Security Bank, Laurel Nebraska ◦ Huge Value in Local Partnership

  6.  Qualification Process  Value to Market ◦ Limited recognition and value in non governmental marketplace.  Applicability to Bio-Res Products ◦ Bio-Res Products are components of finished good. ◦ Would like to see change:  If all components that go into final manufactured part are qualified products than final product is qualified.

  7.  We strongly support ethanol  Ethanol industry will continue to improve efficiency  It is estimated that each pound of traditional plastics we replace with Bio-Res products saves 1/3 of a gallon of oil.  Conversion of cellulose from distillers grain to Bio-Res may be a better energy trade off than conversion of this cellulose to ethanol.

  8.  How do we understand policy  How do we influence Policy  How do we share information across groups  Lack of policy that drive bioplastics in the commercial market

  9.  Tim Bearnes, CEO Laurel BioComposite, LLC 504 West Industrial Road Laurel, NE 68745 402-256-9053 Office