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  2. VENTURE LINEUP 2016 – 2017 RECREATIONAL 5' 6' 7' 8' 9' 10' 11' 12' 13' 14' 15' 16' 17' 18' Ranger 149 Ranger 162 Prospector 155 Prospector 165 Hunter Prospector 165 shown in Whitewater spec, all other models show Cruiser spec.

  3. VENTURE TECHNICAL INFORMATION RECREATIONAL SPECIFICATIONS MODEL LENGTH cm 450 WIDTH cm 90 CENTRE DEPTH cm 37 ROCKER cm Moderate WEIGHT [CL] kg 35 WEIGHT [CLX] kg 33 MAX LOAD kg 350 Ranger 149 Ranger 162 490 90 34 Moderate 38 35.4 450 Prospector 155 464 91 36 Moderate 36 34 370 Prospector 165 508 90 38 Moderate 40 37 400 Hunter 534 88 35 Straight 40 37 520 Due to the nature of polyethylene roto-moulding some slight variations may occur. Please use this chart as a general guide only. E&OE. Optimal load weight is the weight of the paddler when fully equipped, plus the weight of any gear stored in the kayak. Please note this is provided as a guide only and will depend on your skill level, as well as the conditions which you are paddling. We strongly recommend demoing canoes before purchase. COLOURS Dark Green Ocean Turquoise Sunbeam Lava PRODUCTION & MATERIALS Manufactured In House At Pyranha Venture Canoes are proudly made in the UK by the same team behind the world renowned Pyranha range of whitewater kayaks and the revered P&H range of performance sea kayaks. The same high quality materials, industry leading techniques and over 40 years of experience go into making each and every Venture Canoe, so you can paddle with confi dence, no matter where you are. Construction All models of Venture Canoe are available in CoreLite X, a triple layer material with a foam core, making it both harder wearing and lighter than standard PE canoes. Key Benefi ts of CoreLite X: • Lighter: much easier to carry & paddle than standard PE canoes, particularly for those with minimal experience of canoe handling. More reasons to choose Venture Canoes: • Signifi cantly increased hull stiff ness, bringing it closer than • Greater quality control; we’re paddlers too, and if we ever to composite performance. wouldn’t be happy with it, it doesn’t leave our factory. • Greater durability, meaning you can forget your worries and • Whitewater grade plastic; increased rigidity and better lose yourself in the adventure. resistance to impact and abrasion, just like the Pyranha “To lift a CoreLite X boat is as if you’ve spent months getting fi t, and to paddle one is as though you’ve had an upgrade to a Kevlar/Carbon Lightweight construction too!” – Graham Mackereth, Founder & MD of Venture Canoes / Pyranha Mouldings Ltd. boats trusted on extreme whitewater the world over. • Dynamic design process; the plastic on Venture Canoes is concentrated in key wear areas and each boat is properly supported and monitored during cooling to minimise stress and any potential distortion. • Bright colours; our range goes way beyond dark green and maroon, so you can be seen, whether it’s for style, safety, or both.

  4. VENTURE OUTFITTING & OPTIONS RECREATIONAL CRUISER SPEC Oiled Wood Web Seats Ergonomic Plastic Seats (Prospector & Hunter) Reliable for relaxing family adventures, its Not just an optional upgrade, these dependable construction and impressive versatility durable and attractive seats come as Alloy reinforced for heavy-duty use such make this spec the backbone of outdoor centres standard on all Venture Canoes. as groups and centres. across the world. Contoured Carrying Yoke Plastic Tank Seats (Ranger) Durable, Moulded End Decks Oiled to match the seats and shaped for Inherent buoyancy increases the ease Integrated, ergonomically shaped comfortable shoulder carrying. The Yoke of rescue of the canoe, a fi shing rod handle for comfortable carrying. The also provides rigidity to the boat’s shell. holder, cup holder and accessory tray one-piece end deck provides protection keep the essentials close to hand and Tough Vinyl Gunwales and strength to the bow a contoured seat pan with integrated and stern. Scratch resistant and highly resilient to drainage ensure comfortable and dry the forces exerted on gunwales. bottoms for everyone. There’s also the Heavy Duty Alloy Seat Hangers option of a single or wide double OPTIONAL Strong enough to cope with the centre seat. Buoyancy Blocks excited wriggles of generations of new canoeists, and the demands of all Increased longevity and durability over shapes and sizes of paddlers. airbags, but with slightly reduced fl otation. WOOD WEB SEAT PLASTIC SEAT TANK SEAT

  5. VENTURE OUTFITTING & OPTIONS RECREATIONAL WHITEWATER SPEC Factory Fitted Foam Blocks rescue attachment and gear lashing All the solid, traditional essentials to allow you to truly For whitewater use buoyancy blocks point. The deep dish design also allows master the fl ow with grace and aplomb. are essential to reduce the weight and for increased comfort when shoulder momentum of a boat when attempting carrying. High-Strength Rope End Grabs a rescue, preventing damage or loss of OPTIONAL Rope end grabs are the ideal solution your canoe. Airbags (Instead of Foam Blocks) for whitewater rescues, fi tted above the Premium Wooden Carry Handles waterline through the main body of the Lighter and off er increased buoyancy boat, ensuring suffi cient strength to deal Low profi le end decks and wooden over foam blocks. with the forces involved. carry handles perfectly compliment the wooden seats of the whitewater spec Ash Framed Webbing Seats and create something that looks as The webbing seat area provides good good off the water as on it. levels of comfort and friction for control Deluxe Deep Dish Yoke of the boat, and the premium quality ash frame adds a touch of class whilst Provides added rigidity to the structure being highly durable. of the boat as a whole, as well as a solid OPTIONAL ON BOTH CRUSIER & WHITEWATER SPECS Kneeling Thwart Promotes an effi cient and comfortable paddling style. Motor Mount Optimized for a 2HP motor, ideally electric, these mounts are easily fi tted in seconds to the gunwales. 3RD CENTRE SEAT 3x Available on all models except Ranger 149

  6. VENTURE STABLE FAMILY CANOE RECREATIONAL MODEL RANGER OUTFITTING Cruiser SHELL CoreLite CoreLite X COLOURS SIZE LENGTH WIDTH CENTRE DEPTH WEIGHT CORELITE WEIGHT CORELITE X LOAD CAPACITY 149 450cm 90cm 37cm 35kg 33kg 350kg 162 490cm 90cm 34cm 38kg 35.4kg 450kg The Rangers are really stable, fast and all round fun and they can handle a bit of everything. Ideal for beginners looking for a confi dence inspiring fi rst canoe to get across lakes, slow rivers and sheltered coastline. KEY FEATURES • Confi dence Inspiring stable hull that’s great for bird watching, fi shing or photography. • Low profi le design performs well in windy conditions. • Enough carrying capacity for overnight trips • Optional third seat available on Ranger 162. The Ranger 14 will carry a solo paddler or two smaller paddlers on day or overnight trips. The Ranger 16 is perfect for family canoeing, or demanding outdoor centre use. The Ranger 16 is stable and fast when paddled tandem, but not too much boat for a solo trip when I heel it over. As a photographer I really appreciate the stability of the boat and the CoreLite X weight makes it easy to shoulder during a carry. I haven’t enjoyed a plastic canoe this much in a long time! Dave Hulburt. OPTIONS Plastic Tank Seats / Wood Cane Seats / Wooden Kneeling Thwart / Straight Thwart / Motor Mount / Highline

  7. VENTURE THE FAMILY RECREATIONAL KAYAK RECREATIONAL MODEL PROSPECTOR OUTFITTING Cruiser Whitewater SHELL CoreLite CoreLite X COLOURS SIZE LENGTH WIDTH CENTRE DEPTH WEIGHT CORELITE WEIGHT CORELITE X LOAD CAPACITY 155 464cm 91cm 36cm 36kg 34kg 370kg 155 508cm 90cm 38cm 40kg 37kg 400kg The Prospector inspires confi dence in all paddling conditions with its classic symmetrical hull and soft tumblehome for great all round performance. This versatile canoe is at home on day trips or longer expeditions, tracks and manoeuvres easily and is responsive to edging. KEY FEATURES • Classic symmetrical hull with great edging capabilities. • Moderate rocker for easy manoeuvrability and good tracking. • Wide beam and soft tumblehome off ers excellent stability. • Optional 3rd seat. • High freeboard for a dryer ride and impressive load Profi cient canoeists will enjoy the Prospector 15’s edging capabilities, with great initial and secondary stability, you’ll quickly gain confi dence paddling in all conditions. carrying capacity. • Ideal for whitewater or wilderness tripping, from day trips to long weekends. The 16 is perfect for load carrying and expeditions, this classic gives great paddling performance to anyone looking for longer trips on lake, river or sea. It was the combination of design, Venture’s enthusiasm and CoreLite X that convinced me to paddle the Prospector 155. The new material is far stiff er and gives an enhanced experience on the water. Not only am I going to be paddling CoreLite X myself but I am introducing more Venture canoes into my fl eet. Ray Goodwin, Author of ‘Canoeing’ and Freelance Paddlesport Coach. OPTIONS Plastic Tank Seats / Wood Cane Seats / Wooden Kneeling Thwart / Straight Thwart / Motor Mount / Highline

  8. VENTURE FAST TOURING RECREATIONAL MODEL HUNTER OUTFITTING Cruiser SHELL CoreLite CoreLite X COLOURS SIZE LENGTH WIDTH CENTRE DEPTH WEIGHT CORELITE WEIGHT CORELITE X LOAD CAPACITY 534cm 88cm 35cm 40kg 37kg 520kg The Hunter is our load-carrying expert, load it up with people or equipment and it will take you anywhere you want to go. Designed for long distance touring but equally at home on a simple day trip with all the family. The Hunter is a versatile craft that can take up to 3 people or more equipment than you will need, which is what you usually carry! KEY FEATURES • Confi dence inspiring stable hull that’s great for bird watching or fi shing. • Ample load capacity for any purpose. • Low profi le design performs well in windy conditions. • Optional third & fourth seat (fourth seat replaces yoke). OPTIONS Plastic Seat / Wood Cane Seats / Wooden Kneeling Thwart / Straight Thwart / Motor Mount / Highline