The Power and Politics of Art 2021 Rome/Florence/Vienna/Berlin Tentative Itinerary Monday/Tuesday, Jan. 4-5: TRAVEL - PDF Document

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  1. The Power and Politics of Art 2021 Rome/Florence/Vienna/Berlin Tentative Itinerary Monday/Tuesday, Jan. 4-5: TRAVEL Depart Spokane Arrive Rome Wednesday, Jan. 6: ROME ANCIENT ROME City orientation AM: Ancient Rome (Forum, Coliseum, Palatine Hill) PM: Group expeditions Thursday, Jan. 7: ROME ANCIENT ROME TO RENAISSANCE MICHELANGELO AND RAFAEL Vatican City: AM: Museum PM: St. Peter’s Basilica Friday, Jan. 8: ROME ANCIENT ROME Ostia Antica Saturday, Jan. 9: POMPEII Train to Naples and on to Pompeii Guided tour, followed by pizza Sunday, Jan. 10: ROME Church: Mass at St. Peter’s (optional) Noon: Papal appearance Monday, Jan. 11: ROME EARLY CHRISTIANITY AM: Catacombs at San Callisto Optional: explore other catacombs, Appian Way PM: Free Tuesday, Jan. 12: ROME THE BAROQUE AM: Borghese Gallery PM: Free Wednesday, Jan. 13: FLORENCE RENAISSANCE AM: Train to Florence PM: Walking tour Thursday, Jan. 14: FLORENCE RENAISSANCE: MEDICIS AND MICHELANGELO Medici Chapels Accademia (David!) Bargello Gallery Friday, Jan. 15: FLORENCE THE ART OF THE RENAISSANCE Uffizi Gallery Depart on night train to Vienna Saturday, Jan. 16: VIENNA Morning: Arrive Vienna Check-in Afternoon walking tour of Vienna Sunday, Jan. 17: VIENNA Church (optional) Afternoon: Free time to explore Vienna Monday, Jan. 18: VIENNA AM.: Schönbrunn Palace PM: Free Tuesday, Jan. 19: VIENNA AM: Haus der Musik, Opera, Musikverein PM: Free Concert TBA Wednesday, Jan. 20: BERLIN AM: Depart Vienna PM: Arrive Berlin Thursday, Jan. 21: BERLIN AM: Walking tour with Berlin Walks PM: Museum of German History Friday, Jan. 22: BERLIN ART AND THE ROMANTICS AM: Alte Galerie Berlin Philharmonic Saturday, Jan. 23: WITTENBERG Train to Wittenberg, guided tour of Luther/Reformation sites Sunday, Jan. 24: BERLIN Church (optional) ART AS POLITICAL RESPONSE PM: Kollwitz Museum Gallery Monday, Jan. 25: BERLIN ART AND WESTERN DEMOCRACY AM: Flick Gallery PM: On your own: Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Museum of the DDR, Staasi Museum, etc. Tuesday, Jan. 26: TRAVEL Depart Berlin Arrive Spokane

  2. The Power and Politics of Art: Italy/Germany Dr. Richard Strauch, Professor of Music, ext. 4587/Music 110 3 credits in Fine Arts Meets FINE ARTS or GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES requirement Description: Why should anyone care about Art? Is it worth valuing and supporting, or is it just an expensive luxury for the wealthy? In “The Power and Politics of Art”, you will wrestle with the big questions of Art’s purpose in and value to a culture – including our own. You will experience the history of western art, from Ancient Greece to the 21st century, and examine its relationship to culture and worldview. Through on-site visits to artistic, historic and cultural sites in Rome, Florence, Vienna, and Berlin, students will become more familiar with the various artistic styles and many of the facets of the interaction between art, community, and political power. In addition through the experience of living in major European metropolitan centers, you will become aware of the various cultural resources located in major cities, and develop confidence in accessing them, and also develop confidence in using basic cross- cultural skills, such as using public transportation and functioning in places where English is not the dominant language. Prerequisite course FA 396 Power and Politics of Art Preparation (1 credit, time TBA) This course will meet once a week throughout the fall, and is designed to prepare you to better interact with the art and culture you will experience in the program. What’s so great about this program? Dr. Strauch has been leading this program since January 2001. The course mixes some structured group experiences (guided tours, group visits to galleries and concerts, etc.) with ample time to explore and soak in four great European cities. The pace is not rushed, so that you have time to experience, reflect, and have a blast. And by the way, the food is great. (Dinners are included in the price of the program.) ANTICIPATED COST OF PROGRAM: $3975 INCLUDES DINNERS!!! Included: Airfare Lodging ***Breakfasts and dinners*** Ground transportation (including subway, streetcar and bus passes) Concerts Admissions to sites visited as a group, as well as multiple-day passes to a variety of sites. Optional sidetrips not covered;. - Naples and Pompeii: estimate 70 euros for rail fare and admission - Pisa: 12 euros for rail fair, plus admissions (15 to climb the tower, 2 or so for other admissions) - Wittenberg: 40-50 euros for rail fare Not Included: lunches and Jan term fee RECOMMENDED PERSONAL SPENDING MONEY: $500-600 for lunches, souvenirs, free time activities, shopping sprees, etc. (NOTE: This depends on the individual – some are more frugal and creative and can get by with less, but if you want to regularly lunch at the swankiest restaurants you will probably need more…) DEPOSIT AND PAYMENT Note: a non-refundable deposit of $500 is required within 2 working days of acceptance into the program. Off-Campus Programs recommends regular monthly payments beginning in the spring. This will allow us to pay deposits early and keep costs down. Payments must be complete by 15 Nov 2021. PAYMENT SCHEDULE DEPOSIT $500 NON-REFUNDABLE May 15 $595 June 15 $595 July 15 $595 Aug. 15 $595 Sept. 15 $595 Oct. 15 $500 The Off-Campus Programs Scholarship application is open April 15-April 30th.  *Early Bird Special. Students who are timely with their payments and completion of paperwork will receive a $100 credit. In order to qualify for the EBS, a student must make all payments on time and turn in all required paperwork on time.  Off-Campus Programs contact info: Rebecca Gahl-Partridge rgahl-, 509-777-4499 or Ann Penfield; 509-777-4581