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  1. 1 Nelson Contingent at Parihaka November 1881; Archives NZ Reference AD1 158d M&V 1881/1528 1.H-Battery and Attached permanent staff 2.Nelson City Rifles 3.Stoke City Rifles 4.Waimea City Rifles Additional information is included, where available, and is taken from the nominal rolls. Most of these snippets are obituaries for the Volunteers or for their family members taken from digitised newspapers in Papers Past. They provide insights into about 50 of the 189 men listed below. H-Battery 1.Major Albert Pitt 1873 Married a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume xli, issue 306, 20 November 1906, page 2. b.Ken Wright,” Pitt Memorial Gates Nelson”, (Prow) c.Albert Pitt, d.Image: e.From: O’Sullivan, Barry “New Zealand Dress Regulations 1852-1909. Militia. Volunteers, Constabulary, and Permanent Forces” 2019, page 144:“Patrol Jacket for Service in the Field. Albert Pitt took command of H Battery (Nelson) when it was formed in April 1873. He was in charge of the Nelson contingent to Parihaka and later, as a lieutenant-colonel, he commanded the Nelson Military District. In 1897 Pitt lead the New Zealand Jubilee contingent to England. He is shown wearing a dark blue undress patrol jacket (for service in the field). The edges of the Jacket are trimmed with mohair braid traced with Russian braid. The front is closed by hooks and eyes with five rows of flat mohair braid loops and two olivets on each side. The jacket and forage cap, with a drooping peak, are as described for ‘Colonel on the Staff’ of the 1883 and 1891 War Office dress regulations. His gold badges of rank can be seen on his shoulder straps. “ 2.Lieutenant Burton West 1873 Single a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume xv, issue 242, 3 December 1880, page 2. b. Colonist, volume xxvii, issue 3904, 8 August 1884, page 3. “ Death of Mr Burton West” 3.Sub-Lieut Philip Topliss Jul 1879 Single a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume xliii, issue xliii, 4 November 1909, page 2, “The late Mr Philip Topliss. A military funeral.” b.The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Provincial Districts], Military, page 49, Captain Philip Topliss, V.D. : 4.Sgt-Major Thomas Martin Wimsett 1873 Married 5.Sergeant George Armstrong 1873 Married 6.Sergeant Charles Jennings Jan 1878 Single [Probably Charles Henry Jennings] 7.Sergeant Horace Wimsett Jul 1879 Single a.Image: 8.Corporal William Henry Doyle Feb 1880 Single 9.Corporal Balfour Stewart Clouston Nov 1877 Single a.Colonist, volume lxii, issue 15211, 25 October 1919, page 2, “Personal”. 10.Corporal Henry H. Batchelor 1878 Single 11.Bombadier James Way Apr 1876 Single [Typo: Bombardier] a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume lxi, 20 December 1927, page 4. b.“Rebecca Gibney apologises for ancestor's Parihaka role”, 12.Bombadier Francis Marorney 1881 Married [Typo: Bombardier] 13.Gunner William Bingham Jan 1881 Single 14.Gunner Richard Burley Jul 1880 Married 15.Gunner Philip Slight Broadwood Jul 1881 Single [Typo: 2nd name Sleigh in NZ BMD] 16.Gunner Thomas Catherina Broadwood Jul 1881 Single [Typo: 2nd name Catherena in NZ BMD] 17.Gunner John Bevan Oct 1881 Single 18.Gunner John Cockram Apr 1881 Single 19.Gunner Henry Clouston Aug 1881 Single 20.Gunner Joseph Feeney Apr 1881 Single 21.Gunner Richard Squire Fall Mar 1878 Married 22.Gunner Alexander David Frazer Feb 1880 Single

  2. 2 23.Gunner Arthur Beatson Giblin Mar 1881 Single 24.Gunner Charles Godfrey Oct 1881 Single 25.Gunner John Glover 1875 Married a.Colonist, volume xliv, issue 10042, 26 February 1901, page 5, “Death of an Old Nelsonian”. b.John Glover (1834 - 1901), 26.Gunner Henry Francis Hodgson 1875 Married 27.Gunner John Humphrey Feb 1881 Married 28.Gunner John Hale May 1881 Single 29.Gunner George Jennings Nov 1881 Married a.Death of George Jennings - Colonist, volume xxxvi, issue 7605, 19 April 1893, Motueka 30.Gunner Nathaniel Jennings Sep 1881 Single a.George & Nathaniel Jennings, mentioned in, Nelson Evening Mail, volume xxix, issue 307, 30 December 1895. 31.Gunner Frederick Liley Mar 1876 Married a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume lvi, 1 November 1922, page 4,” Obituary, an old Crimean soldier Mr Frederick Liley” 32.Gunner Alexander Charles Moore 1876 Single 33.Gunner William Marris Nov 1880 Single 34.Gunner Frank Manning Mar 1881 Single 35.Gunner William Henry Orsman Oct 1881 Single a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume xlvi, issue xlv, 25 May 1911, Obituary. 36.Gunner Charles William Poynter Jan 1880 Single 37.Gunner John Stewart Oct 1881 Married 38.Gunner William Henry Scott Apr 1876 Single 39.Gunner Alfred Small Jun 1881 Single 40.Gunner Samuel Street Oct 1881 Married [Probably Samuel Burn Street] a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume lxiii, 11 May 1929, page 7, “Mr Samuel B. Street.” 41.Gunner Walter Smith Oct 1881 Single 42.Gunner Walter Smallbone Mar 1880 Single 43.Gunner Edwin Smallbone Mar 1881 Single 44.Gunner Arthur Edward Stanton Nov 1880 Single 45.Gunner William Tevist 1879 Married 46.Gunner Thomas Wigzell Apr 1876 Single 47.Gunner Richard Weller Oct 1881 Married Attached Permanent Staff 1.Captain & Adjutant William Holden Webb 01 Jan 1880 Married a.William Holden Webb J.P. (bef. 1843 - 1914), b.Colonist, volume lvi, issue 13466, 12 May 1914, page 5, Colonel W. H. Webb. 2.Sergt-Major William Alborough 04 Apr 1860 Married a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume xvi, issue 276, 19 November 1881, “Latest from the front.” b.Colonist, volume liii, issue 13217, 21 September 1911, page 2. c.Image: d.From: O’Sullivan, Barry “New Zealand Dress Regulations 1852-1909. Militia. Volunteers, Constabulary, and Permanent Forces” 2019, page 85:“Sergeant-Major Alborough. Alborough started his New Zealand Volunteer career in 1860 as the sergeant-major of the 1st Company of the Nelson Rifle Volunteers. Later he served with the Waimea Rifles and the Stoke rifles corps, retiring in June 1885 after 25 years of service. On his retirement Alborough was presented with an engraved and illuminated address and a purse of sovereigns by Lieutenant- Colonel Pitt, in recognition of his service to the Nelson Volunteers. Alborough is wearing a dark coloured frock that has five rows of square worsted cord loops with a crow’s foot at each end. On his cuff is the same cord in an Austrian knot above a chevron of mohair braid. His rank is displayed with four white chevrons on each upper arm. His soft crown cap has a French peak and an RV badge to the front.” Nelson City Rifle Nominal Roll Rank Name Date of Joining Married or Single Notes by Tom Broad in square brackets 1.Surgeon Leonard Boor 1872 Married a.Nelson Evening Mail, 12 February 1917, page 4, Obituary, “Dr. Leonard G. Boor.”

  3. 3 b.Dr Boor, 2.Captain Charles Edward Bunny 1877 Married a.Colonist, volume xxv, issue 3433, 12 April 1882, page 3, “Presentation to CaptainBunny.” b.Evening Post, volume xxxviii, issue 16, 18 July 1889, page 2, “Death of Mr. C. E. Bunny.” c.For image, see: d.From: O’Sullivan, Barry “New Zealand Dress Regulations 1852-1909. Militia. Volunteers, Constabulary, and Permanent Forces” 2019, page 55:“Captain Charles Edward Bunny was elected captain of the Nelson Artillery Cadets in November 1875 and in December 1877 a full captain in the nelson City Rifles. He is seen here wearing the full-dress uniform of a captain in the artillery. His rank is displayed on the collar in the way of a crown and a star and the lace to the top of the collar, and on his cuffs with the traced Austrian knot being surrounded by a row of eyes. His tunic is slightly different from the regulation Royal Artillery pattern in that it has an embroidered grenade on his shoulder straps. The buttons feature a single gun and crown and the waist plate shows the Royal Arms of Queen Victoria and symbols of England, Scotland and Ireland. These waist plates were worn by artillery volunteers until replaced by the deign mentioned in the 1881 dress regulations. The black bear skin busby has a white goat’s hair plume with a ring halfway. The plume is secured in a grenade with an artillery gun embossed on the side. Around the upper left upper arm is a black crepe band to indicate mourning. “ 3.Lieutenant Ralph Richardson 1881 Single a.Mentioned in, Max D. Lash. 'Richardson, Effie Newbigging', Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, first published in 1996. Te Ara - the Encyclopedia of New Zealand, 4.Lieutenant Samuel Crossman 1869 Married 5.Color Sergt Alexander G. Gray 1874 Married a.Colonist, volume xlvii, issue 11265, 24 February 1905, Personal. 6.Sergeant Gaynor 1881 Married [Probably John Gaynor] a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume xxii, issue 31, 8 February 1888, page 2, Death. b.Colonist, volume xxxvii, issue 7950, 28 May 1894, “Death of a Volunteer.” 7.Sergeant Robert Louisson 1875 Single 8.Sergeant George Salmond 1873 Single 9.Corporal Thomas Kitching 1875 Single 10.Corporal John Kitching 1873 Single 11.Corporal Thomas Rowlings 1878 Married 12.Corporal John Mercer 1878 Married 13.Bugler Major Robert Russell Adam 1880 Single a.Waikato Times, volume 97, issue 15199, 27 March 1923, page 4, “Obituary, Maori War veteran.” 14.Private Joseph Allen 1881 Single 15.Private Edward Armstrong 1881 Married 16.Private John William Akersten 1881 Single [Seaman, member of Nelson Navals?] 17.Private Arthur Barker 1881 Single 18.Private John George Braddock 1881 Married 19.Private Thomas William Bradshaw 1879 Single 20.Private Edward James Blick 1881 Single 21.Private Walter Bedfold 1881 Single 22.Private Henry Brewer 1881 Widower 23.Private Edward Boyce 1881 Single a.Mentioned in Colonist, volume lvi, issue 13408, 4 March 1914, page 4, “Obituary, Mrs Ann Boyce”. 24.Private John Bolton 1881 Single 25.Private Joseph Bradcock 1881 Married [Petty Officer, Nelson Navals?] a.Colonist, volume xxxi, issue 5120, 1 February 1888, page 3, “Recognition.” 26.Private James Calder 1881 Single 27.Private Thomas Capper 1881 Single 28.Private William Canavan 1880 Single a.Images: b.From: O’Sullivan, Barry “New Zealand Dress Regulations 1852-1909. Militia. Volunteers, Constabulary, and Permanent Forces” 2019, page 82:“Campaign Dress. Mr Canavan December 1881 is most likely William Scott Canavan who, as a young boy, settled in Collingwood with his family in 1874. In 1897 Canavan was a

  4. 4 lieutenant in the Marlborough Mounted Rifles rising to the rank of captain and serving as 2nd lieutenant with the 2nd company of the 1st Contingent NZ Mounted Rifles during the Boer War. In April 1901 he was appointed a lieutenant in the New Zealand Militia and then captain in March 1902. He retired from the volunteers in 1913 and was given the rank of honorary major. In this image he would have been in his very early 20s and a member of the local volunteer unit. He wears the campaign dress that is typical of what was worn at Parihaka in 1881. His great coat, blanket, and waterproof sheet are rolled and carried bandolier style. 29.Private Edward Campbell Cator 1881 Single 30.Private Alfred Carlson 1881 Single [Seaman, member of Nelson Navals?] 31.Private Thomas Crisp 1881 Single 32.Private George Dee 1881 Single 33.Private Charles George Friend 1881 Single 34.Private Robert Desford Gray 1879 Single a.Evening Post, volume cxviii, issue 111, 7 November 1934, page 5, “Nelson News.” 35.Private Edward Herbert Lukins 1881 Single [1st name Edwin, Petty Officer, member of Nelson Navals?]. Mentioned in: a.Nelson Historical Society Journal, volume 7, issue 1, 2009, page 53, “James Lukins and the lime-kiln on Haven Road”, b.Mike Johnston, Pakohe – A Rock that sustained early Maori Society in New Zealand, 36.Private James Lipsombe 1881 Single [Surname Lipscombe, member of Nelson Navals?] a.Evening Post, volume cxvi, issue 14, 17 July 1933, page 12, “Nelson News.” 37.Private Andrew Miller 1878 Single a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume lxi, 3 April 1926, page 6, “Obituary, Andrew Miller.” 38.Private George Nisbet 1881 Single 39.Private George Pamely 1881 Married 40.Private Frederick Perrin 1881 Single 41.Private Oliver Powell 1881 Single a.Colonist, volume lx, issue 14606, 10 January 1918, page 4. 42.Private Edward Thomas Pellew 1881 Married 43.Private Richard Patching 1881 Single a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume lvi, 13 February 1924, page 4, Death notice. 44.Private Henry John Pickett 1881 Single a.Colonist, volume xlviii, issue 11704, 13 August 1906, page 2 (Supplement), “Death of an Old Nelsonian.” 45.Private Joseph Henry Richards 1881 Married 46.Private George Fishenden Richardson 1881 Single 47.Private Robert Henderson Simpson 1879 Single 48.Private John Stringer 1878 Single 49.Private James Edgar Stone 1875 Single 50.Private John Smith 1880 Single 51.Private Arthur Stock 1881 Single 52.Private Richard Charles Sharp 1881 Single 53.Private John Sharp 1881 Single {was he the RM?] a.Colonist, volume lxi, issue 15090, 5 June 1919, page 4, “Mr. John Sharp.” 54.Private Henry Thomson 1881 Married 55.Private John Thomas Veysey 1881 Married 56.Private Thomas Waddell 1879 Married 57.Private James Waterhouse 1881 Single 58.Private William Wanstall 1881 Single Nominal Roll of Stoke Rifle Volunteers proceeded on actual service Rank Name Date of Joining Married or Single Notes by Tom Broad in square brackets

  5. 5 1.Captain Robert John Malcolm 1877 Married a.Colonist, volume xxvi, issue 3482, 15 June 1882, page 1 (Supplement), “Death of Mr R. J. Malcolm”. b.Image: 2.Lieutenant John Paynter 1873 Married a.Mentioned in “Mr. John William Paynter”, The Cyclopedia Company, Limited, 1906, Christchurch 3.Sub-Lieut William Harkness 1878 Single a.Roger Batt 2013, 4.Color Sgt John Doidge 1873 Married 5.Sergeant Edward Paton 1877 Single 6.Sergeant William Condell 1874 Single 7.Corporal George Sutton 1874 Single 8.Corporal Austin Lines 1877 Married a.Mentioned in, Colonist, volume lvii, issue 14227, 28 October 1916, page 4. 9.Corporal John Lammas 1876 Married 10.Corporal Henry Ching 1873 Married a.See: jellyman b.Image: (probably seated) 11.Bugler George Bell 1877 Single 12.Private George Allport 1880 Single a.Colonist, volume xxxiv, issue 6039, 18 February 1891, page 3, “An old Nelson boy.” b.Nelson Evening Mail, volume liv, issue liv, 30 March 1920, page 5, “Death of Mr George Allport.” 13.Private John Beach 1874 Single a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume lxiv, 29 April 1930, page 3, “A friend's tribute.” 14.Private William Burton 1873 Married 15.Private Henry Brown 1880 Married 16.Private Charles Ching 1873 Married a.Mentioned in, Cheryl Carnahan,“Richard Ching and Elizabeth nee Pearce” 17.Private Michael Ching 1876 Single 18.Private William Cole 1877 Single [Thomas William Cole?] a.Colonist, volume xlvi, issue 10863, 2 November 1903, page 2, “Death of an old settler.” 19.Private William Doidge 1873 Married 20.Private David Giblin 1879 Single 21.Private John Palmer 1877 Single a.Colonist, volume xli, issue 9250, 15 August 1898, page 3, Waimea West. 22.Private Richard Palmer 1877 Single 23.Private Thomas Owen 1877 Single 24.Private Charles Thorburn 1877 Single 25.Private Richard Kenning 1876 Single 26.Private Frank Norgate 1873 Married 27.Private John Naylor 1877 Married a.Colonist, volume xlvii, issue 11396, 31 July 1905, page 2, “Death of Mr John Naylor.” 28.Private Hicks Parker 1873 Married a. 29.Private James Doidge 1875 Single 30.Private Charles Ruffel 1881 Single 31.Private John McIntosh 1880 Married 32.Private William Kenning 1880 Single a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume xxxiv, issue 134, 9 June 1900, page 2.

  6. 6 33.Private George Holdaway 1880 Single 34.Private John Mercer 1877 Single 35.Private Edward Sutton 1876 Single 36.Private John Pollock 1879 Single a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume lxiii, 28 May 1929, page 4, Obituary, “Mr J. Pollock.” 37.Private Arthur Percival 1880 Single 38.Private Arthur Lustey 1875 Single [Surname probably Lusty] 39.Private George Bouvey 1877 Single 40.Private Charles Manson 1873 Married 41.Private Charles Martin 1873 Married 42.Private Thomas Stagg 1877 Single 43.Private Henry Windlebourne 1880 Single 44.Private Hamond Hyde 1873 Married 45.Thomas Rowling??? Colonist, volume xxxvii, issue 7986, 9 July 1894, page 5 (Supplement), Riwaka. Roll of Waimea Rifles in Camp at Rahotu 02 Nov 1881 Rank Name Date of Joining Married or Single Notes by Tom Broad in square brackets 1.Captain William Norris Franklyn Jun 1879 Married a.Colonist, volume lxi, issue 15101, 18 June 1919, page 9, “Mr. W. N. Franklyn”. b.Roger Batt, “Wakefield street names. What’s in a name” names 2.Lieutenant William Coleman Apr 1880 Married a.The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Nelson, Marlborough & Westland provincial districts], Military, page 53,” Major-quarter-master William Coleman’ d1-d10.html#name-433083-mention b.Image: 3.Sub-Lieut William Bird Jun 1879 Single 4.Sergeant James Arnold Jun 1879 Married a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume xxx, issue 152, 29 June 1896, page 2. Death. 5.Col-Sergt Charles Tomlinson Jun 1879 Married 6.Corporal Percy Ricketts Jun 1879 Single 7.Corporal Herbert Hall Jun 1879 Married 8.Corporal Charles Ricketts Jun 1879 Single 9.Bugler Edward Arnold Jun 1879 Single 10.Private Hugh Andrews Single 11.Private William Andrews Single 12.Private Arthur Batt Single 13.Private Henry Boddington Single 14.Private Andrew Baigent Single 15.Private Charles Baigent Single 16.Private Samuel Baigent Single a.Mentioned in, The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Provincial Districts], Wakefield, page 133,” Baigent, joseph” d7.html b.Image: (could be Andrew, Charles and Samuel Baigent, Waimea Rifles, in dress uniform) 17.Private David Currin Single 18.Private Patrick Day Jun 1879 Single 19.Private Charles Edmunds Single 20.Private Walter Forster Single 21.Private Thomas Fowler Single 22.Private Rodolph Fowler Single

  7. 7 a.Image: (this could be Thomas or Rodolph) 23.Private William Norris Franklyn Jnr Single 24.Private William Galbraith Single 25.Private James Galbraith Single 26.Private William Hodgkinson Single 27.Private Sydney Higgins Jun 1879 Single 28.Private Jabez Hill Jun 1879 Married a.Mentioned in, The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Nelson, Marlborough & Westland Provincial Districts], The Cyclopedia Company, Limited, 1906, Christchurch, Canvastown, page 415, “Mr. Hollis Hill” 29.Private Frank Neal Jun 1879 Married [Surname Neale?] 30.Private Thomas Newth Jun 1879 Married 31.Private Henry Palmer Jun 1879 Single 32.Private John Robinson Jun 1879 Single a.Lake Wakatip Mail, issue 3760, 6 September 1927, page 4, “John Robinson; aged 67 years.” 33.Private Edward Silcock Single 34.Private Silas Silcock Single 35.Private Levi James Single a.Mentioned in, Colonist, volume lxii, issue 15221, 7 November 1919, page 4. 36.Private Harry Wratt Jun 1879 Single a.Nelson Evening Mail, volume xlv, issue xlv, 27 June 1910, page 4. b.Nelson Evening Mail, volume xlv, issue xlv, 29 June 1910, page 2, Wai-iti & District, “The late Mr Harry Wratt.” 37.Private William Wagstaff Single 38.Private Harry Hopgood Single