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  1. Bilfinger Venture Capital Bilfinger Venture Capital SUPPORTING INDUSTRIAL AND SERVICE INNOVATION

  2. BILFINGER VENTURE CAPITAL ▪ We invest in young and technology-oriented businesses which are related to the strategic and operational interests of Bilfinger. We thereby encourage innovative ideas that provide answers to the challenges of future industrial business. ▪ We pursue the establishment of a technological cooperation between Bilfinger business units and start-ups to significantly leverage the development potential and scalability of young businesses. ▪ In addition to our financial commitment we act as a strategic partner and want to make a decisive contribution to the success of the companies in our portfolio.

  3. VALUE PROPOSITION Our support for start-up companies reaches beyond the provision of growth capital. The advantage for start-up companies ▪ We see ourselves as an active partner in all management and organizational issues. We offer access to our global business and research network. We provide access to potential customers and suppliers. ▪ We help to identify additional investors who, together with us, ensure the long-term entrepreneurial success and we also participate in further funding. Our motivation ▪ We support Bilfinger in expanding into new technologies and new markets, in the development of business partnerships and the creation or expansion of technological vertical integration.

  4. INVESTMENT STRATEGY Regional Focus Germany, Europe, Israel and USA Technological and/or business cooperation with Bilfinger Active investor with seat on supervisory committee Value chain Minority interest, typically EUR 1 – 2.5 million in the first round of funding Participation Early and growth stage Acceptance of technological risks Phase Time Typically 4-5 years Mode Lead and co-investments

  5. INVESTMENT FOCUS We seek for innovations with a link to the core business of the Bilfinger Group. Our main clusters of interest are: Industrial Innovation Technologies that could form new markets or market segments adjacent and close to the technologies, storage of renewable energies, smart grid core business, i.e. enabling Process Innovation Technologies enhancing established industrial processes, i.e. solutions for energy efficiency in the areas of industry, power generation and infrastructure, enhancement of existing water supply and disposal Service Innovation Technologies or business models revolutionizing service methods or processes, i.e. solutions for predictive maintenance, innovative industrial sensor technologies, solutions for smart building and smart home

  6. INVESTMENT CRITERIA ▪ Innovative and unique ▪ Link to existing product and service range of Bilfinger Technology ▪ Committed and motivated ▪ Qualified ▪ Ability to execute Team ▪ Sound and feasible ▪ Scalable Business concept

  7. OUR INVESTMENTS (Exit 2015) Process Innovation Service Innovation (Exit 2014) Industrial Innovation (Exit 2016)

  8. Klaren International develops and markets innovative self- cleaning heat exchange solutions for applications in the Chemical Process Industry for both new installations and the revamp of existing severely fouling installations configuration. The revamp opportunity particularly applies for reboilers, evaporators and crystallizers. Other major fields of activity are thermal seawater desalination (MSF/FBE), direct seawater cooling on offshore platforms, seawater cooling for large industrial compounds using self-cleaning treatment of produced water using evaporators and high pressure steam generation from produced water to enhance oil recovery. into a self-cleaning ‘mother coolers’, For further information see

  9. smartB develops a software based energy management solution for commercial buildings. smartB employs cutting-edge non- intrusive technologies, algorithms technologies to make their energy usage transparent for our customers and enable them to achieve step changes in energy efficiency. and advanced sensor For further information see

  10. (Exit 2016) Sunfire develops and markets efficient energy supply concepts, which focus on the transformation of regenerative power into liquid petrol (power-to-liquids) or gas (power-to-gas). Sunfire power-to-liquids units are an ideal way to contribute to the climate-neutral production of synthetic fuels such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, methane and methanol from carbon dioxide and water. A simplification of the process flow also allows the production of gaseous fuels such as methane. The proven solution to generate power and heat on basis of staxera fuel cell technology can also be used for the climate neutral power re-conversion of synthetic fuel. For further information see

  11. (Exit 2014) Corrmoran has developed a measuring technology for the analysis of corrosion processes in steam generators. With the help of sensors, this measuring procedure allows for the recording and analysis of corrosion rates and real-time monitoring of the corrosion process in relevant atmospheres or in critical flue gas streams. This helps to prevent damages to plants. For further information see

  12. CONTACT Bilfinger Venture Capital GmbH Carl-Reiß-Platz 1-5 68165 Mannheim Phone: + 49 621 459-2580 Fax: + 49 621 459-2595