Understanding Prefixes and Suffixes

Understanding Prefixes and Suffixes

Prefixes and suffixes are essential elements of the English language that help us form new words and alter their grammatical functions. Knowing the meanings and common uses of these word parts can aid in

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About Understanding Prefixes and Suffixes

PowerPoint presentation about 'Understanding Prefixes and Suffixes'. This presentation describes the topic on Prefixes and suffixes are essential elements of the English language that help us form new words and alter their grammatical functions. Knowing the meanings and common uses of these word parts can aid in. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1SUFFIXES AND PREFIXESIt’s  helpful  to  have  a  good  understanding of  what  prefixes   and  suffixes   are. Knowing  their  meanings  and  when  they are  generally  used  can  help  you  figure  out unknown  words  and  can  also  help  you  make your  writing  better.

Slide2S uffixes   are attached to the end of a word to form a new word or to alter the grammatical function of the original word. • For example, the verb  read  can be made into the noun  reader  by adding the suffix  - er ;  read  can be made into the adjective  readable  by adding the suffix  -able . • Understanding the meanings of the common suffixes  can help us deduce the meanings of new words.

Slide3prefix  comes before a root word and changes the meaning of a word. For example, if you take the root word  game and add a prefix, it becomes something different. pre game- before the game post game- after the game

Slide4It’s helpful to know the meaning of a prefix to help you figure out a word. Take a look at the following  prefixes  and the root words they’re attached to. un-  means  not : unhappy, untied over-  means  excessive  or  completely : overconfident, overjoyed

Slide5suffix  goes at the end of a root word. It can tell you when something happened by changing the tense of a verb, modify the root word, or change the meaning. run- run n ing strong- strong est care- care less

Slide6Learning prefixes  To learn  prefixes  and  suffixes  takes practice. Be sure to use learning tools, like dictionaries and books that you read every day. • The table below defines and illustrates 26 common suffixes.

Slide7Common Suffixes Common  Suffixes NOUN SUFFIXES SUFFIX SUFFIX MEANING MEANING EXAMPLE EXAMPLE -acy state or quality privacy -al act or process of refusal, rebutal -ance, -ence State or quality of maintenance, eminence -dom place or state of being freedom, boredom, kingdom -er, -or one who does something as a profession protector, teacher, trainer

Slide8Common Suffixes Common  Suffixes NOUN  SUFFIXES NOUN  SUFFIXES SUFFIX SUFFIX MEANING MEANING EXAMPLE EXAMPLE -ism -ism doctrine,  belief doctrine,  belief Communism, budhism,  capitalism Communism, budhism,  capitalism -ist -ist one  who one  who chemist,  typist, biologist, chemist,  typist, biologist, -ity,-ty -ity,-ty quality  of quality  of veracity veracity -  ment -  ment condition  of condition  of argument argument –ness –ness state  of  being state  of  being heaviness heaviness

Slide9NOUN SUFFIXES NOUN  SUFFIXES –ship –ship position  held position  held fellowship,  scholarship fellowship,  scholarship -tion -tion state  of  being state  of  being concession,  transition concession,  transition Common  Suffixes Common  Suffixes We ’ re danc ers ! I ’ M   NOT   A COMMUNIST . I ’ M   A PHILANTHRO PIST I   DON ’ T CARE   WHAT YOU   ARE   AS LONG   AS YOU   SHARE YOUR   OWN STUFF !

Slide10VERB SUFFIXES VERB  SUFFIXES -ate -ate become become eradicate eradicate -em -em become become enlighten enlighten -ify, -fy -ify, -fy make  or  become make  or  become terrify terrify -ize, -ise -ize, -ise become become civilize civilize Common  Suffixes Common  Suffixes

Slide11ADJECTIVE SUFFIXES-able,  -ible -able,  -ible capable  of  being capable  of  being edible,  presentable edible,  presentable -al -al pertaining  to pertaining  to regional regional -esque -esque reminiscent  of reminiscent  of picturesque picturesque -ful -ful notable  for notable  for fanciful fanciful -ic,  -ical -ic,  -ical pertaining  to pertaining  to musical,  mythic musical,  mythic -ious,  -ous -ious,  -ous characterized  by characterized  by nutritious,  portentous nutritious,  portentous -ish -ish having  the  quality  of having  the  quality  of fiendish fiendish -ive -ive having  the  nature  of having  the  nature  of creative creative -less -less without without endless endless -y -y characterized  by characterized  by sleazy sleazy

Slide12Common negative prefixes• Un-          Il-           Ir-             Dis- • ACCEPTABLE – UNACCEPTABLE • CONSIDERATE – INCONSIDERABLE • POLITE – IMPOLITE • PROPER – IMPROPER • RESPECTFUL – DISRESPECTFUL • RESPONSIBLE – IRRESPONSIBLE • LEGAL – ILLEGAL • REAL – UNREAL Many wordsstarting with m-  and  p-  for their negative with prefix  im- . Many words starting with r-  form their negative with the prefix   ir- For example, impossible, immobile, irreplaceable. Exceptions: displeased, disrespectful


Slide14PLAY GAMES AND LEARN!• http://www.vocabulary.co.il/prefixes/high-school/hs-prefix-meaning- match/ • http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/vocabulary-games/synonyms/find- the-synonym.html • http://www.vocabulary.co.il/antonyms/high-school/pick-the-antonym- college-prep-words/ • http://www.vocabulary.co.il/antonyms/high-school/college-prep-word- antonyms/ • http://www.vocabulary.co.il/suffixes/high-school/suffixmeaning-match/ • http://www.vocabulary.co.il/suffixes/high-school/suffixmeaning-match/

Slide15CREDITS• http://grammar.about.com/od/words/a/co msuffixes.htm • http://www.learninggamesforkids.com/voc abulary_games/suffixes-and-prefixes.html • SLIDES BY TEACHER ANGELA CARVALHO – OUT/ 2012 • Images: Google images