New SAC Chair Training Materials

New SAC Chair Training Materials

Includes PowerPoint, handouts, sign-in sheets, bylaws and forms for SAC members. Also covers guidelines, election info, website tools.

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About New SAC Chair Training Materials

PowerPoint presentation about 'New SAC Chair Training Materials'. This presentation describes the topic on Includes PowerPoint, handouts, sign-in sheets, bylaws and forms for SAC members. Also covers guidelines, election info, website tools.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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1. NEW SAC CHAIR TRAINING Thank you for serving!

2. Handouts New SAC Chair Training PowerPoint SIP/SAC Timeline Agenda Minutes Punch List Sign-in sheets Bylaws SAC Membership Form SAC Additions/Deletions Monitoring Form Sunshine Law FAQs Definitions Acronyms Items Omitted: A+ Guidelines, Climate Survey, Election Information

3. Accessing the SAC Website

4. SAC Website Tools

5. SAC Website Tools

6. SAC Calendar SAC SIP Calendar Accreditation Focus & Priority

7. SAC Website Tools

8. A+ Recognition Process A+ Money

9. SAC Website Tools

10. SAC Agendas & Minutes Agenda Minutes Meeting Punch List Sign-in Sheet

11. SAC Website Tools

12. Bylaws Sample Bylaws

13. Bylaws Sample Bylaws come from statute Sample Bylaws ( red items ) are the minimum standard; these must be in all schools bylaws Schools can add more bylaws as long as they do not conflict with the red items of Sample Bylaws

14. Bylaws Article I: Name Article II: Purpose SIP & SAC Funds Article III: Members Stakeholders 51% Elected vs. Appointed Majority vote of Quorum 2 unexcused absences Article IV: Duties SIP & SAC Funds

15. Bylaws Article V: Officers SAC Chair & Secretary SAC Chair is appointed by principal, approved by SAC quorum SAC Chair provides agenda; Secretary keeps minutes Article VI: Meetings 3 days notice of meetings and items to be voted upon Quorum is simple majority Minutes must be approved at the subsequent meeting and sent to SIP office Article VII: Committees Article VIII: Parliamentary Authority (Roberts Rules of Order) Article IX: Amendment of Bylaws

16. SAC Website Tools

17. Climate Survey More information in January Window: FebMarch

18. District Advisory Council Ensure attendance at this monthly meeting Ensure reporting of DAC minutes SAC members can share this duty DAC Website

19. SAC Website Tools

20. Elections More information in March Window: AprilMay

21. SAC Website Tools

22. SAC Membership The SAC Membership must: be comprised of 51% or more non-Volusia County Schools employees; consist of a diverse makeup of varied ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups; contain a variety of stakeholder groups including parents, teachers, support staff, students (for middle and high schools), principal, community members, and business partners.

23. SAC Membership The SAC Membership Rosters must be updated four times annually Sept. (to confirm SAC membership for the current school year) Dec. (to check SAC membership at the mid-year point) April (to confirm SAC membership before elections) May (to update SAC membership for the coming year after elections)

24. SAC Membership Any member who has two consecutive, unexcused absences must be removed from the membership roster Each time SAC Membership is updated, two forms must be updated and emailed to the School Improvement Office SAC Membership Form SAC Additions/Deletions Monitoring Form

25. SAC Website Tools

26. Sunshine Law SAC meetings operate in the Sunshine; public must be allowed to attend All meeting agendas, including items to be voted upon, must be shared at least three days in advance with all SAC members (Email) Meetings must be face to face Any action involving the expenditure of SAC funds must be voted upon Any action involving the School Improvement Plan must be voted upon Voting cannot occur unless a quorum is present A quorum is defined as a majority of the membership roster

27. Sunshine Law Refer to Sunshine Law FAQs No conversation or communication (verbal or written) may occur between two or more members of a SAC on any matter which foreseeable action will be taken by the SAC. No SAC member should discuss any SAC issue with a SAC member unless at a SAC meeting Assume all notes, emails, documents or other records created by a SAC member during or outside of a SAC meeting are a public record subject to inspection by the public. If you create any such record, you responsible for providing the original or a copy of it to school improvement contact for your school.

28. SAC Website Tools

29. Trainings To refer to these training materials, See New Chairs Training ppt on site See SAC Chairs Training on site Possible materials for SAC Binders

30. SAC Website Tools

31. SAC Website Tools

32. Vocabulary Definitions Acronym List

33. SAC Resources SAC Quick Reference Info: Roberts Rules SACS-CASI Forms SAC RESOURCES SIP TOOLBOX

34. SIP Toolbox SIP Quick Reference Info: SIP Volusia Toolkit State SIP Website SIP Data SIP & SAC Calendar SAC RESOURCES SIP TOOLBOX