A Universe of Possibilities: 6th Grade Overview

A Universe of Possibilities: 6th Grade Overview

Mrs. Kamiyama Calonge, the Director of Operations and a GATE coordinator with 23 years of teaching experience, shares her insights on the coming academic year

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PowerPoint presentation about 'A Universe of Possibilities: 6th Grade Overview'. This presentation describes the topic on Mrs. Kamiyama Calonge, the Director of Operations and a GATE coordinator with 23 years of teaching experience, shares her insights on the coming academic year. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1A Universe of Possibilities:to College and Beyond 6th Grade Overview Mrs. Kamiyama-Calonge 2014-2015

Slide2District Welcome Back Video

Slide3The Director of Operations  • My 23 rd    year of teaching • HIS G.A.T.E. coordinator • B.A. in PE (1986), M.A.in Teaching (2006) • Married with two sons, Andrew-15 and Alex-11 • I am a life-long learner!

Slide4And let’s not forget…Otto and the Tortoises-Ready & Set

Slide5The Three B’s  Be  Respectful:   Be  Respectful:   in your words/actions, with adults, students, and property. Be  Responsible: Be  Responsible:  in your school work, homework, life at home/school/class, for yourself and with your behavior. Be  Safe: Be  Safe:  Conduct yourself in a safe manner wherever you are, if you have to ask…it probably isn’t safe.

Slide6Signs of Success•   Verbal Praise / “Whoosh” • Positive Note/Email Home-ClassDojo.com • Positive Phone Call Home • Good Grades • End of Trimester Reward: Renaissance, Movie/Game Day

Slide7Consequences  1-Verbal/written warning. 2-Communication home, Consequence Essay, and/or detention. 3-Classroom Referral, detention, and/or possible loss of privileges. 4-Conference with parents, student, and teacher(s), office referral, class restricted list, possible in-house or formal suspension. Severe Incident-Violations of Ed Code 48900 may result in suspension or expulsion. Incidents are documented and may affect citizenship marks.

Slide8Homework Policy•   Work is turned in on time, neat, and complete. Follow the criteria reviewed in class. • Your own work, not copied or “borrowed” from a friend. See BINDER REMINDER for Policy on Cheating and Plagiarism. • Proper heading on each page. • Keep organized, use the Binder Reminder!

Slide9Homework Policy• Absent work is made up and returned based on number of day(s) absent • Your BEST effort is reflected on each assignment • PARENTS!  If you have extenuating circumstances at home, please send a note with your child.  I will then allow them to make up the assignment within reason. • Homework website

Slide10What about EXTRA CREDIT?  It is my belief that a student’s assigned work is the main evaluative measure that is relevant to the course material. Students should strive to make each assignment reflect his/her BEST effort and work. Therefore, I don’t offer ‘extra credit’ to bring up grades. Occasionally, I do put ‘BONUS’ questions on math/science tests. Students may earn extra points on a test, but are not penalized for wrong answers.   Online Tests may also earn extra credit. 90-100% = 5% , 80-89%=4%, 70-79%=3%, 60-69%= 2%, <60%=1%. This is optional and offers students practice tests to prepare for exams. EVERY  student is encouraged to do all BONUS problems and to take the Online Practice Tests.

Slide11Grading Policy  Math/Science: Homework = 10% of total grade Classwork = 25% Quiz/Project = 30% Tests = 35% Letter grades: A= 90-100% B= 80-89% C= 70-79% D= 60-69% F= 0-59%

Slide12Grade Notification  Work will come home weekly, please review and sign acknowledgment and return with folder by Tuesday of following week. DO NOT throw any assignments away until end of each trimester. Verify grades, catch mistakes, etc. ESPRI online grade book is “OPEN” for all students. Updated weekly. I will not be sending home weekly grades! (ESPRI demo) A campus-wide goal to have all parents using online gradebook to monitor student progress.

Slide13Tools for Success  • Pencils (at least 2 sharpened)- mechanical pencils preferred • Erasers dark  blue   black red • Pens ( dark  blue ,   black ,  red ) • Notebook (2” capacity) with 5- dividers • Notebook Paper (wide ruled) • Highlighters (at least two different colors) • Colored pencils/Non-permanent markers • Dry Erase marker for mini- whiteboards • Teacher  Web

Slide14Donations Appreciated  Items for the Classroom- KLEENEX/Facial Tissue-Need plenty throughout the school year. Hand Soap in dispenser Notebook paper Pencils Glue Sticks Colored Pencils Red Red  ink pens Dry erase markers (low odor, please)

Slide15CA Common Core Standards  • CA adoption of standards that address college and career readiness. depth   application   interdisciplinary  activities • The new standards focus on  depth   of understanding, the  application   of knowledge and skills, and interdisciplinary  activities .

Slide16CA Common Core Standards  This year we fully implement the Common Core State Standards and will be taking the online test in the spring. Practice Test available at: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ta/tg/sa/practicetest.asp Open-ended types of questions will be integrated into subjects to give students ‘practice’ in thinking more divergently.

Slide17Focus on CCCS for 2014-2015  District-wide implementation of the CCSS through Standards of Mathematical Practice. Students will -make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. -construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. -model with mathematics. Students will also be integrating more writing into their math/science assignments.

Slide18Rigorous Curriculum  Through math/science, I will be working to increase your child’s critical thinking, writing, and social skills. NOT just for G.A.T.E. students, but ALL students!!! Cornell Notes/Costa’s Levels of Questions • Increases understanding and application of information • Study Skills and Active Note-Taking • You can refer to resources on Teacherweb Challenge/Extension Activities • May include more challenging worksheets and involve class activities where students will be required to think at a higher level than just recalling facts.

Slide19Rigorous Curriculum  • As we progress through the year, tests may include short answer/essay questions to develop critical thinking skills. • Socratic Seminars/Discussions/Argumentation: Students will learn how to read critically and using information from the text or research, support their position on the topic. • Social Skills: Through discussions, group work, partners, and peer teaching, students will be expected to work collaboratively and learn how to navigate group dynamics in a respectful way.

Slide20ScienceBy focusing on the universal themes of: Exploration, Structure, Force, Power, Adaptation, and Conflict, students will develop an understanding of  the following units of study: (1)Scientific Methods , 2)Earth’s systems and cycles, (3) Earth’s structure- plate tectonics, and (4) the interactions of living things to their environment.

Slide21Science Thermal (Heat) Energy  Energy in the Earth System  Ecology/Ecosystems (CAMP)  Family Life (Adolescence/Puberty)  Scientific Method- Science Fair (optional)

Slide22Science Plate Tectonics and Earth’s Structure-  November 19, 2014: California Science Center, LA  “Pompeii” exhibit from the 79 AD eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, IMAX Movie – to be determined, and if time allows…. Quick visit to view the Space Shuttle Endeavor  Estimated cost $20-25, NOT including lunch

Slide23Science Camp• February 2-4, 2015 • $260 tuition (candle fundraiser to help with cost). Can make payments on  www.ezschoolpay.com • LOTS OF FUN!!! • Science-based activities, hiking, ROPES course, good food!! • Time away from home to be with friends and teachers!!  

Slide27Technology Projects   Technical Document: Cornell Notes and Research Report  Excel Spreadsheet: Plate Tectonics  PowerPoint-Earth Science Research or Biome Research

Slide28Math   Common Core State Standards  Domain: Ratios & Proportional Relationships-ratios, rates, fractions, decimals, and percents  Domain: The Number System- multi-digit number computations, multiply/divide fractions, integers and coordinate plane.

Slide29Math Domain: Expressions & Equations-expressions, equations, functions and inequalities  Domain: Geometry-Area, Volume, and Surface Area  Domain: Statistics & Probability-Statistical Measures, Statistical Displays

Slide30CCCS Integration•  Journal/Reflection on Student Learning & Concepts- Essential Questions, binder for each chapter (KEEP for end of year review) • Projects/Open-Ended Tasks-Inquiry Labs, Problem Solving Investigations • « Real World » Application of concepts – 21st Century Careers

Slide31Math Help• Online Resources-form coming home with the following: – Connected.mcgraw-hill.com  with username and password. Has online textbook, extra practice, lesson outlines (for when absent), and video/tutorials. – Khan Academy-tutorials for many subjects, not just math. FREE

Slide32Electives• Hawk Academy-two (2) weeks for BAND students, six (6) weeks for all others. Split between HR/SW. • Topics covered: time management, organization, goal setting, class/team building, character education/anti-bullying/Rachel’s Challenge, differentiated activities- remediation, practice, enrichment.

Slide33Electives•   Students will be integrated with other classes and participate in a variety of electives. • Six (6) weeks with Pass/Fail grades, except for Band. • Electives will also focus on integrating elements of CCSS through complexity of thinking, integrating writing, etc.

Slide34Communication  Critical that you are checking: • Your child’s Binder Reminder • Teacherweb.com  Mrs. Calonge • NEWSFLASH-email updates • Email (easiest) or Phone • In-Class Visitation (call to make arrangements) • ESPRI-  create account  go to link to sign up to check grades/assessements online • A “hands-on” approach is needed to monitor your child’s success in 6th grade.

Slide35Thank you for coming!  • Parking Lot- leave me information and your questions/concerns so that I may contact you.   • Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or comments that you would like to talk about in private. • I am looking forward to working with you and your child! • This presentation is on my website!