Back to School Night with Mrs. Csizmadia - Grade 6 Language Arts

Back to School Night with Mrs. Csizmadia - Grade 6 Language Arts

Welcome to Back to School Night with Mrs. Kelly Csizmadia for Grade 6 Language Arts. Parents and guardians are requested to sign

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About Back to School Night with Mrs. Csizmadia - Grade 6 Language Arts

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Slide1Welcome to Back to School Night! Grade 6 Language Arts Mrs. Kelly Csizmadia Please sign in on the easel at the front of the room .

Slide2About the Teacher…• Graduate of Fairfield University with B.A. in English (Dual concentration in writing and literature) • Masters Degree in Special Education from Fairfield University • Certified in both Secondary English and Comprehensive Special Education • Thirteenth year teaching at Hillcrest • Hillcrest Teacher of the Year 2009-2010

Slide3Grade  6  Language  Arts  –Curriculum  Overview • Our curriculum is based on the Connecticut State Frameworks, which includes reading, speaking, listening, and writing components. • Our focus in grade six is grammar and writing.

Slide4Writing Genres• Expository & Compare/Contrast Essays • Personal Narrative • Short  Researched Report • Poetry • Letter to the Editor (Introduction to Persuasive Writing) • Journal Writing ______________________________________ Activities will align with the 6 Traits of Writing: Ideas, Organization, Fluency, Voice, Word Choice, and Conventions

Slide5Grammar• Topics include parts of speech,     sentences, clauses, etc. • Worksheets are used to     reinforce concepts ; grammar     rules are at the top of most worksheets. • Corrected worksheets should be studied to prepare for quizzes and tests. • Check my website for practice links:       http// .   - under information and staff directory.

Slide6How   Instruction   isInformed • What do we want students to learn? • How do we know if they have learned it? • What do we do if they have  not learned it ?

Slide7Differentiation = Opportunitiesfor Remediation & Enrichment REMEDIATION • On-going assessment of strengths and weaknesses to form flexible groups • Targeted instruction with assistance from Chairperson of Language Arts/Reading, team- teacher, intern, and paraprofessionals • Skill Days to continue to address essential language arts skills ENRICHMENT • Flexible grouping to challenge those students who have mastered the basic content. • Writing opportunities including occasional writing contests. • After-school activities such as: literary magazine, (Expressions) school newspaper, Young Authors, etc.

Slide8Grading and HomeworkGrades are a combination of: • Quizzes • Tests • Assignments (including polished writing pieces) • Class participation/responsibility/effort Homework is posted on my homework board  and my website. • No homework = stamp in the agenda pad • Parents will be contacted if it becomes a recurring problem

Slide9How  Parents/Guardians  can Help:• Provide a quiet, structured time for homework and review of daily notes. • Encourage your child to use the agenda pad each night as a to-do list, checking off assignments and planning long-term projects. • Check your child’s agenda pad each night for any notes or stamps regarding missing or incomplete work. • Familiarize yourself with my website by going to . (located under information/staff directory) Daily homework, upcoming assessments, and important announcements will be posted. • Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your child’s well- being or academic progress. Please include a telephone number in your e-mail where I may reach you between 12:45 – 1:15 p.m.and 2:30 – 3:30 p.m.. • We are in this together!

Slide10What I can do to help : Language Arts class issues : • Extra help is on  THURSDAY  afternoons and by appointment. • Late buses run on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. • Encourage self-advocacy and responsibility • Peer Tutors : Wednesdays afterschool for help with any subject area, or organization of materials. Issues outside of Language Arts class: • At Hillcrest, we stand for making everyone physically, mentally, and emotionally safe. If your child has been a target of anything mean, let us know.

Slide11Parents, You’ve Made it toMiddle School…. Now, let’s work together to make this school year a great one! Thank you for coming  