The Importance of Authentic Persuasion in Speeches

The Importance of Authentic Persuasion in Speeches

In this project, you will research a person of your choice and create a persuasive speech on a topic that is important to them. To ensure authenticity in your speech, it is

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PowerPoint presentation about 'The Importance of Authentic Persuasion in Speeches'. This presentation describes the topic on In this project, you will research a person of your choice and create a persuasive speech on a topic that is important to them. To ensure authenticity in your speech, it is. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Going Forward:  From Researchto Speech

Slide2Why we’re doing this research..• You are going to speak for your person in a speech, recorded on a computer (the written script should be 1 – 3 pages double spaced) • You are going to persuade others on a topic that you know is important to your person. • IMPORTANT:  If your person has made a speech, you must NOT just paraphrase what he said himself.  (Maximum of ONE quoted sentence of something famous he or she has said.)

Slide3Step 1:  ResearchResearch Pointers/Remarks • I will grade the research part by spot checking 2 or 3 cards of the  SIX CARDS (MINIMUM)  you should have • Each card must be connected to a single source • You must have two or more sources total in your bibliography

Slide4Research Pointers/Remarks(cont’d) • In addition to searching on your person’s name, search on things you find are important to him or her • For example, for Martin Luther King, the brief biography would tell he was involved with the MONTGOMERY BUS BOYCOTT, and was a leader in the NAACP and SOUTHERN CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP ASSOCIATION.  Search on all those topics.

Slide5Step 2: Write the Script of YourSpeech • Now that you know your historical figure well, you are going to SPEAK FOR HIM OR HER. • Write in FIRST PERSON on a subject you know he or she feels strongly about.  You do NOT have to cite nor quote your research. • Use good writing techniques and 5 OR MORE RHETORICAL ELEMENT, which you should underline or high-light and label on print-out. • Due date for written speech:  Wed, June 4 th

Slide6REMINDERS OF RHETORICALDEVICES TO ADD  (5 required) • Pathos • Logos • Comparisons: – Metaphor – Simile – Conceit – Analogy • Personification • Alliteration • Oxymoron • Allusion • Antithesis

Slide7REMINDERS OF RHETORICALDEVICES TO ADD  (5 required) • Repetition – Beginning of sentences (anaphora) – End of sentences (epistrophe) – Middle word repetition (anadiplosis) – Use or omission of conjunctions (polysyndeton or asyndeton) • Parallel structure or reverse parallelism  (chiasmus) • Rhetorical question • Anecdote

Slide8Step 3:  Record the Speech on theComputer • Begin with title slide (your name and person’s name) • Next you need to introduce the person which you could do in one of two ways. – First way: have 2-3 slides with biographical facts. Here the information will be ON THE SLIDES in bullet format.  Remember, you must also tell the setting and audience  for the speech. • Optional extra: you could have music playing while the message is displayed.

Slide9SPEECH REQUIREMENTS REVIEW• Introduction (cont’d) – Second way: Have a classmate speak a brief introduction that you write, similar to the role the MC at a formal speaking situation would play. • There should be pictures or other appropriate slides visible while the MC introduces you • The introduction should reveal the  AUDIENCE AND SETTING. .

Slide10SPEECH REQUIREMENTS REVIEW• Next come the 4-8 slides that are pictures, photos, sketches, etc. that will show while you speak the person’s message. • Here the words of the speech should NOT be typed onto the slides