Manor Fields Park, Sheffield: From Deprivation to Revitalization

Manor Fields Park, Sheffield: From Deprivation to Revitalization

The Manor Fields Park in Sheffield was once seen as the worst estate in Britain due to its high level of deprivation, long-term unemployment, crime and anti-social behaviour

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PowerPoint presentation about 'Manor Fields Park, Sheffield: From Deprivation to Revitalization'. This presentation describes the topic on The Manor Fields Park in Sheffield was once seen as the worst estate in Britain due to its high level of deprivation, long-term unemployment, crime and anti-social behaviour. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Manor Fields Park, Sheffield

Slide2Manor Fields Park, Sheffield• An area of High depravation • Described as the 'worst estate in Britain‘ • Large areas of open space that was neglected, unmanaged, undervalued and unloved • Commonly held view that  ‘green’ equalled a severe liability • Underlying problems of long term unemployment, crime and anti-social behaviour and areas of poor environmental quality.

Slide3Manor Fields Park, SheffieldEarly challenges

Slide4Manor Fields Park, Sheffield• However, there is a strong sense of community and family attachment, pride in the place where they live and a determination of community organisations to build a brighter future is always highlighted in discussions with people who live, work or are connected to the area.

Slide5InspireMasterplan and design • Conceptual masterplan – set the challenge – develop the big idea – identify your partners • Understand the site – constant reviewing – evolving landscape – optimise site potential – ongoing Process • Robust design to meet social and environmental needs – identify with user aspirations – minimise the impact of development on the environment

Slide6Partner• Understand the users – change is a major challenge – identifying the needs of a changing community • Building confidence – process of engagement • Substantive and subtle processes – a need for sensitivity • Turn negative landscapes into positive experiences – shows respect • Change is becoming acceptable Including the community

Slide7Enhance and protect  An incremental approach • Interim work – doing the basics – basic infrastructure • Layering the design – building on the good things • Defining character – making a place that is unique, special and exciting – a place where residents and visitors want to be • Having patience – building only when the time is right

Slide8Benefit  GI profiting the local economy • New opportunities – building on the good things – Protecting the environment – planning for the future • Business investment – businesses benefiting from increased trade – new opportunities being considered • Visitor attraction – a place where residents and visitors want to be – bring in visitors on the strength of its popularity

Slide9Design and InnovateDesign and specification • Challenge perceptions of what a park is? • Designed to be robust, durable and sustainable • Conceived with play in mind • Best practice eco principles – aim to minimise the effect of development on the site – use environmentally preferable products – minimise energy consumption – protect and conserve water • Increasing specification as culture changes

Slide10ManageBuilding on our green legacy • Management integral to the creative process • Slow, manageable improvement • Social enterprise company involvement • Dedicated site team • Simple, cost effective and easy to maintenance • Easily modified or reinstated • Continual development

Slide11Monitor Achievementand Celebrate Success • Monitor progress – building on the good things – planning for the future – are we practicing lessons learnt ? • Checks in place – are we continually improving? – are we delivering our stated objectives? • Celebrate – publicise success – champion good achievement – learn from others

Slide12Lessons learnedWhere to next? • Sheffield Core Strategy and Development control guidance • Support developers through the planning process • Surface Water Management plan • Green & open spaces strategy • Agreements to adoption • Champion SUDS, green roofs and water management • Apply the lessons learned

Slide13Summary• The challenge – to create a sustainable public park • Incremental approach – right for big, socially complex sites • Core team – ensures continuity • Multifunctional landscape – presents a strong case • The big picture – look holistically • Adapting to the future – minimising the effects of development on climate change

Slide14Manor Fields Park, Sheffield