Unpacking the Challenge of Green Skills

Unpacking the Challenge of Green Skills

In this article titled "Unpacking the Green Skills Challenge," Dr. Garry McDonald from the National Centre for Sustainability at Swinburne University of Technology sheds light on a crucial aspect of

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PowerPoint presentation about 'Unpacking the Challenge of Green Skills'. This presentation describes the topic on In this article titled "Unpacking the Green Skills Challenge," Dr. Garry McDonald from the National Centre for Sustainability at Swinburne University of Technology sheds light on a crucial aspect of. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Text lineUnpacking the green skills challenge Dr Garry McDonald National Centre for Sustainability Swinburne University of Technology

Slide2Text lineAustralia’s emissions trends, 1990 to 2020

Slide3Text lineDefinition Skills for sustainability, also known as green skills, are the  technical   skills, knowledge, values  and  attitudes  needed in the workforce to develop and support sustainable  social, economic  and  environmental  outcomes in business, industry and the community Green Skills Agreement (GSA) endorsed by COAG November 2009     Swinburne

Slide4Text lineWhich  jobs  need ‘skills for sustainability’? Emerging ‘clean and green’ jobs & industries Existing jobs that provide green outcomes All other jobs (professions, trades and disciplines)     Swinburne

Slide5Text lineEmerging ‘clean and green’ jobs & industries     Swinburne Examples include:  Electric & hybrid car design, manufacture and operation  Develop /assess / install low energy lighting  Carbon Farming  Wind, solar, geothermal energy  Water recycling Which  jobs  need ‘skills for sustainability’?

Slide6Text lineExisting jobs that provide green outcomes     Swinburne Examples include:  Sustainable landscape design  Building retrofits  Construction of 6&7 star buildings  HVAC – Install / upgrade/ maintain  Reforestation  Gas fired power station system operator Which  jobs  need ‘skills for sustainability’?

Slide7Text lineAll other jobs (professions, trades and disciplines)     Swinburne Sustainable, resource efficient practices in:  Hairdressing  Sport & recreation  Fine arts  Finance  Hospitality  Nursing etc Which  jobs  need ‘skills for sustainability’?

Slide8Text lineSkills implications?     Swinburne

Slide9Text line    Swinburne     Swinburne GSA – Revise Training Packages Education (knowledge and skills)  about sustainability 1. Green technical skills 2. Skills for sustainability “bolted on” 3. Skills for sustainability “embedded” 4. Qualifications in sustainability

Slide10Text line1. Green Technical skills • Green Skills and Energy Efficiency Training Units (NSW Dept Education and Community) https://www.training.nsw.gov.au/forms_documents/industry_programs/workforce_develop ment/greenskills/bus_incent_units.pdf • Energy and systems literacy?     Swinburne

Slide11Text line2. Skills for sustainability “ bolted on ” Sustainable, resource efficient practices Competency standards for sustainability  Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices (AQF II)  Implement & monitor environmentally sustainable work practices (AQF IV)  Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability (AQF V & VI) Core in all MSA, CPSISC, EE-Oz qualifications     Swinburne

Slide12Text line3. Skills for sustainability “ embedded ”     Swinburne Analyse and apply sustainability skills to learning programs  (TAESUS501A)

Slide13Text line4. Sustainability-focussed qualifications Diploma of Sustainability (21645VIC) Voc Graduate Certificate in Sustainability (21545VIC) Diploma of Carbon Management (22059VIC) Certificate IV, Diploma  and Vocational Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Operations (MSA) Certificate IV and Diploma Environmental  M onitoring and Technology (MSA) Vocational Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management (MSA) Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne Australia 13     Swinburne

Slide14Text line    Swinburne - Manufacturing Skills Australia (NEW) Sustainability site www.sustainabilityskills.net.au - TAFE NSW (NEW) Sustainability Hub http://ecommunities.tafensw.edu.au/course/view.php?id=19 - Sustainability Resources for Learning & Teaching in Higher Education (ALTC)   http://sustainability.edu.au/ - Sustainability Victoria – Resource Smart – Sust Courses http://www.resourcesmart.vic.gov.au/for_educators/trades_professions.html - Go Green Sample Apprenticeship programs www.bsv.org.au/Careers/Go-Green/Go-Green-Resource - AACC: The SEED (Sustainability Education and Economic Development) Centre     http://theseedcenter.org/default.aspx - AASHE: Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Equivalent to ACTS  http://www.aashe.org/ Resources and support     Swinburne

Slide15Text lineGreen skills Skills for sustainability Job Done ?     Swinburne

Slide16Text line    Swinburne GSA: Upskilling VET practitioners 1. Sector-specific green competencies

Slide17Text lineEmerging ‘clean and green’ jobs & industries Existing jobs that provide green outcomes All other jobs (professions, trades and disciplines)     Swinburne GSA: Upskilling VET practitioners The role of educators: mobilising skills into action

Slide18Text lineEmerging ‘clean and green’ jobs & industries Existing jobs that provide green outcomes All other jobs (professions, trades and disciplines)     Swinburne The role of educators: mobilising skills into action Education  for Sustainability GSA: Upskilling VET practitioners

Slide19Text lineBendigo Advertiser the skills, attitudes and values needed for: • Envisaging a better future • Systems thinking • Problem solving • Critical thinking and reflection Education for sustainability     Swinburne

Slide20Text lineProfessional Development for VET Practitioners • TDC Professional Development Series “Integrating sustainability into teaching practice” • NSW Sustainability workshops • Voc Graduate Certificate in Education and Training for Sustainability (NCS Swinburne) • Dip TAE10 Sustainability Skills Set > Analyse and apply sustainability skills to learning programs (TAESUS501A) > Identify and apply current sustainability education principles and practice to learning programs (TAESUS502A)       Swinburne

Slide21Text lineUnpacking the green skills challenge Conclusions 1. Green skills - embedded into training packages and qualifications   2. Enormous challenges for the next 8 years a) Equipping our teachers with: • Technical green skills • Capability in Education for Sustainability b) Equipping our students with • A commitment to act on knowledge • Energy literacy c) Training the existing workforce!     Swinburne

Slide22Text lineThank you Garry McDonald National Centre for Sustainability Swinburne University of Technology gmcdonald@swin.edu.au Ph 0419 521 238     Swinburne

Slide23Text lineOne perspective on green jobs Low Carbon Growth Plan ClimateWorks Australia     Swinburne

Slide24Text lineEducation about Sustainability Emerging ‘clean and green’ jobs & industries Existing jobs that provide green outcomes All other jobs (professions, trades and disciplines)     Swinburne

Slide25Text lineLow Carbon Growth Plan From ClimateWorks Australia Energy efficiency Land management Power generation     Swinburne

Slide26Text lineSolar PV

Slide27Text line(national) Green Skills Agreement Primary objectives: 1.  Develop national standards for skills for sustainability instruction 2.  Revise Training Packages to incorporate skills for sustainability 3.  Upskill VET teachers and instructors to deliver skills for sustainability; and 4.  Support vulnerable workers through the transition to a low carbon economy.     Swinburne

Slide28Text lineLow Carbon Growth Plan Lowest cost opportunities to reduce emissions by 249 Mt CO 2 e 1 From ClimateWorks Australia - 250 - 150 - 50   50 150 Cost to Society A$/tCO 2 e   50   100  150   200  250   0  $$    0 Mt CO 2 e     Swinburne

Slide29Text lineVoc Graduate Certificate in Education and Training for Sustainability It’s changed the way I view my role as an educator… I’ve gained a new motivation in my working life.  I now believe I can make a real difference to the way we equip students to face complex societal problems in moving to a more sustainable future. As a result I feel like there is a huge amount of good that can be done. Miriam Downes     Swinburne

Slide30Text line30 National Centre for Sustainability Who are we? Established since 2003 as a Specialist Centre A collaboration of  6 institutions including:  Challenger TAFE (WA)  South West TAFE Institute (Vic)  Sunraysia TAFE Institute (Vic)  Swinburne University of Technology (Vic)  Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE (Qld)  University of Ballarat   (Vic)     Swinburne

Slide31Text lineAustralian policy drivers Australian policy framework for carbon and energy Kyoto and post-Kyoto emissions reductions targets Emissions Trading Scheme – carbon pricing Carbon Farming Initiative Building standards (6 star homes, etc) National Greenhouse  and Energy Reporting System (NGERS) Industry Energy Efficiency Programs  (eg VEET) Mandatory Energy Performance Standards  (EEO) Mandatory Disclosure (commercial & residential) Enhanced Renewable Energy Target (MRET) Clean Energy Initiative and Energy Technology Innovation Strategy Feed-in-tariffs     Swinburne

Slide32Text lineA sustainable living journey     Swinburne

Slide33Text lineThe legacy?     Swinburne