Acceptable Use of Computers Review

Acceptable Use of Computers Review

This activity involves a review of the acceptable use of computers. The user is presented with two questions, and must select the correct answer. The first question asks about using technology in the classroom, and

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About Acceptable Use of Computers Review

PowerPoint presentation about 'Acceptable Use of Computers Review'. This presentation describes the topic on This activity involves a review of the acceptable use of computers. The user is presented with two questions, and must select the correct answer. The first question asks about using technology in the classroom, and. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Review the Acceptable Use ofComputer

Slide2Click on your answer. #1• You should ask the teacher before you use a computer, TV, or phone in your classroom.

Slide3Great job on #1!• Click on Wow for the next question.

Slide4Ouch!• Click on the shark to try #1 again!

Slide5#2 From a computer at homeor school • It’s OK to tell someone on the Internet your full name, phone number or address.

Slide6Awesome job on #2!• Click on Smiley Face for the next question.

Slide7Sorry. Try again.• Click on the jellyfish to try again!

Slide8#3 At school, I see a file.• It doesn’t belong to me, but it’s OK to open it or throw it in the trash.

Slide9Way to Go on #3!• Click on the plane to go to your next question.

Slide10Try again on #3• Click on the angler fish to try #3 again.

Slide11#4 Click on your answer.• It’s OK to look up the weather on the Internet on a school computer if you have permission to use the equipment.

Slide12Way to Go on #4!• Click on the orca to go to your next question.

Slide13Try again on #4• Using the Internet is OK. • Click on the seagulls to try #4 again.

Slide14#5 I’m doing a report.• It’s OK to copy all the words from a page on the Internet and paste them into my report.

Slide15Way to Go on #5!• Click on the fish to go to your next question.

Slide16Try again on #5• Click on the Bruce to try #5 again.

Slide17#6 My computer• My computer follows instructions called

Slide18Dude, you so totally rock! #6• You’re right! Hardware includes things like a keyboard or monitor. • Software is what we call the code that tells your machine what to do. • Click on Crush to go to the next.

Slide19Looks like you’re in troubleon #6 • Click on the swim mask to try #6 again.

Slide20#7 Messages• If someone sends me an inappropriate or upsetting message by e-mail or instant messaging, I should: – Reply and tell them to stop – Just forget about it – Tell my parents right away. Click the arrow of your choice.

Slide21Are you a genie or a genius! #7• You’re right! Don’t reply to an upsetting message. • Log off or quit. Then tell a parent right away. • Click on the Genie to go to the next.

Slide22Looks like you’re in trouble  on#7 • Click on the lamp to try #7 again.

Slide23#8 Online friends• I have a friend that I play games with online. He or she would like to meet me in person. – Never agree to meet with someone you have met only on the computer. – It’s OK if he or she seems nice. Click the arrow of your choice.

Slide24Incredible!  Great job on #8!• You’re right! Never agree to meet with someone you have met only on the computer. • Click on the Incredibles to go to the next.

Slide25Looks like you’re in trouble  on#8 • Click on Ratatouille to try #8 again.

Slide26School Equipment #9If someone takes school equipment or computer files or misuses them on purpose, – The teacher will call his or her parents. – He or she might get suspended. – He or she might not be allowed to use school computers. – All of these are correct. Click the arrow of your choice.

Slide27No worries!  Great job on #9!• You’re right! Your parents could be called or you could be suspended if you harmed school equipment on purpose. • Click on the friends to go to the next.

Slide28Let’s think about this …• You’re close, but not correct enough. • Click on Shenzi the hyena to try the question about school equipment again.

Slide29Citing a source #10I found a website that has all the information I want for my school report. I should – Copy the words, then just paste them into my report. – Copy the words, then paste them into my report, and say where I got them. – Read the website. Then put the information into my own words. Then say where I got the information. – All of these are correct. Click the arrow of your choice.

Slide30A gold medal on #10!• You’re right! Copying someone else’s words is cheating. • You should always put the information into your words, but also give credit to the website that provided the info. • Click on the champion to go to the next question.

Slide31Careful!• Copying someone else’s work is cheating. • Click on the picture to try #10 again.

Slide32Bonus Question• Below are some measurements for computer information. Which is the largest? – gigabyte – megabyte – kilobyte Click the arrow of your choice.

Slide33Zoom zoom!  Great job on thebonus! • You’re right! A kilobyte is 1 thousand bytes, a megabyte is 1 million bytes, and a gigabyte is 1 billion! • Click on Lightning to go to the next.

Slide34Let’s think about this bonus…• Click on Dash to try the bonus again.

Slide35Congratulations!• Looks like you’re ready for your test! • You’ve reached the end!

Slide36Seriously!• There isn’t any more.