Morocco Offshore Potential and Promises

Morocco Offshore Potential and Promises

A comprehensive analysis of offshore oil and gas potential of Morocco by John Crowle, exploring the opportunities and challenges for Shell Exploration & Production.

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About Morocco Offshore Potential and Promises

PowerPoint presentation about 'Morocco Offshore Potential and Promises'. This presentation describes the topic on A comprehensive analysis of offshore oil and gas potential of Morocco by John Crowle, exploring the opportunities and challenges for Shell Exploration & Production.. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Copyright 2004 SIEP B.V. Shell Exploration & Production Morocco Offshore Potential and Promises John Crowle

Slide2Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001Contents 1. Morocco – the background to deepwater exploration 2. The ingredients for exploration success  Commercial  Technology  Geology 3. What happens next?

Slide3Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001Morocco - the background to deepwater exploration  History of offshore exploration without commercial development  Unexplored deepwater acreage  Growing industry success in deepwater developments elsewhere  Improved risk reduction tools based on 3D seismic


Slide5Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001Ingredients for success - Commercial  Straightforward tax/royalty regime  10-year ‘tax holiday’  Clearly defined work programme  Informed, professional and challenging local partnership

Slide6Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001Ingredients for success - Technology  Exploration risk reduction  An understanding of the environmental sensitivities  Environmentally sensitive, safe drilling operations  Deepwater development skills

Slide7Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_00140 40 44 44 108 108 81 81 101 101 Amplitude Amplitude measurements measurements Amplitude Amplitude measurements measurements Technology  –  seismic  attributes Technology  –  seismic  attributes

Slide8Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001600 m 800 m 1000 m 1200 m 1400 m 1600 m 1800 m 2000 m 2200 m 2400 m Cognac 1978 Bullwinkle 1988 Conoco (Julliet) 1989 Petrobas (Marlim) 1989 Na Kika 2003 Petrobras (Roncador) 1999 Mensa 1997 Petrobras (Marlim Sul) 1997 Ursa 1999 Ram-Powell 1997 Mars 1996 Auger 1993 Technology - deepwater milestones

Slide9Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001Technology  -  Na Kika development concept   Gulf of Mexico

Slide10Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001Ingredients for success - Geology  A thick sediment pile – up to 10 kilometres  Potential for  Jurassic and Cretaceous source rocks  Cretaceous and Tertiary reservoir rocks  Structural development to create traps – salt movement

Slide11Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001shallow marine deposits Channelised fans (West Africa, West of Shetlands) Unconfined fans (North Sea, Brazil) deep marine sands deep marine shales salt Confined fans (Gulf of Mexico) Geology – reservoir rocks

Slide12Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_0015 km Salt  Ridges  &  Mini- Basins Salt  Ridges  &  Mini- Basins 2 sec 6 sec 4 sec Inverted  Structures Inverted  Structures Inner  Diapir  Trend Inner  Diapir  Trend     West West East East Geology – traps Agadir - Tarfaya Basin Play Domains

Slide13Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001Geology - Agadir–Tarfaya Basin play domains Diapirs Inversion structures Salt ridges Toe-Thrust Unconfined By-Pass Slope Platform / shelf Agadir 0 25 50 75 100 km 3D SEISMIC 3D SEISMIC

Slide14Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001Geology - play segments Salt Ridge Play Middle Miocene Top Base Miocene Base Tertiary Top Albian Top Jurassic ? Salt Sub - Salt Truncation ? Sub - Salt Truncation ? ? Salt Sub - Salt Truncation ? NW SE Sub - Salt Truncation ? Salt 2 km Base Tertiary Top Jurassic Base Tertiary Top Jurassic Top Basement Salt 2 km NW SE Toe Thrust Play Salt Base Tertiary Top Jurassic 2 km NW SE Inverted Structures Play Base Tertiary Top Jurassic Salt 2 km NW SE Salt Diapir Play

Slide15Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001Drill potential hub class prospect DRY Evaluate remaining exploration potential and decide whether or not another hub class prospect will be drilled. HUB SIZE Appraise and Develop Re-evaluate remaining exploration strategy Evaluate remaining exploration potential and select most promising  prospect that is either a hub on it’s  own or can help in justifying a cluster development TOO SMALL FOR HUB Exploration and Development Strategy

Slide16Copyright 2004   SIEP B.V.             P04148_001Morocco – offshore potential and promises  The political will is there  The commercial terms are there    The geology has the right elements  The seismic has been shot and interpreted  Time to drill