The Effects of Chemical Dependency on the Family

The Effects of Chemical Dependency on the Family

Chemical dependency, or addiction, can have a profound impact on the entire family unit, not just the individual struggling with the addiction. The addiction can affect how family members view their family,

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PowerPoint presentation about 'The Effects of Chemical Dependency on the Family'. This presentation describes the topic on Chemical dependency, or addiction, can have a profound impact on the entire family unit, not just the individual struggling with the addiction. The addiction can affect how family members view their family,. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1Chemical Dependency in the Family

Slide2Affects on the family: Addiction in the family affects  any family member in  any  area of their life – now or in the future.

Slide3Affects on the family: It affects their view of a family  How they relate to each other in their family  How they communicate with each other  How they handle their problems and conflicts  It affects future relationships – usually carries over from what they learn

Slide4Family Roles: The family will take on roles to reduce stress in the family.  They are used as a defense mechanism to try to have a “normal” family.

Slide5Chemically Dependent Person Things Others See :  Charming person who gets others to do things.  Perfectionist  Inner Feelings:  Pain  Guilt  Fear of what might happen

Slide6Chemically Dependent Person Job in the family :  Focal point:  everything revolves around them. Depends on if they had been drinking, what mood are they in…  Characteristics :  Blames others for their problem  Makes excuses for their use/abuse

Slide7Chief Enabler Things Others See :  Overly responsible for the family  Easily manipulated by the chemically dependent person  Inner Feelings:  Fear  Anger  Guilt

Slide8Chief Enabler Job in the family :  Try the best to keep the family together  Characteristics :  Makes excuses and covers up for the addict  Pays off debts for them, call in sick for them, etc.

Slide9Family Hero Things Others See :  Very successful and always does what’s right  Inner Feelings:  Inadequate  Confusion  Anger  - all of this conflicts with what others see

Slide10Family Hero Job in the family :  Gives the family something to be proud of  Characteristics :  Very high achiever – has to be the best in grades, sports, etc. VERY STRESSFUL ROLE

Slide11Family Scapegoat Things Others See :  Angry  Defiant  Aggressive  Inner Feelings:  Lonely  Hurt  Guilty  Rejection  Resentment

Slide12Family Scapegoat Job in the family :  Take focus off the addict  Family takes out anger on them

Slide13Family Scapegoat Characteristics :  Can’t compete with the hero, so goes for negative attention.  Gets in trouble – suspended, arrested, flunking classes.  Strong ties to friends that are also trouble  At risk to use/abuse drugs – their escape

Slide14Lost Child Things Others See :  Withdrawn  Loner  Passive  Inner Feelings :  Feel as if they are unimportant

Slide15Lost Child Job in the family :  Appreciated because they are not looking for any attention  Characteristics :  Escapes into a fantasy world – books, TV.  A daydreamer.  Very quiet, not a lot of friends.  May be attached to an object like a doll.

Slide16Family Mascot Things Others See :  Immature, a “class clown”  Inner Feelings :  Anger  Insecure  Confusion  Low self-esteem

Slide17Family Mascot Job in the family :  Make everyone laugh – even in tense situations  Characteristics :  Hyperactive  Short attention span  Needs to be the center of attention

Slide18Stages Family MAY  Go Through:  Stage one:  Denial  “We have no problem”  Try to hide the problem from themselves and others, embarrassed and worried about their reputation.  Makes excuses for the addicts’ behavior.  Tries to create the “perfect family” illusion

Slide19Stages Family MAY  Go Through:  Stage two:  Home Treatment  “We can handle it ourselves”  They try to control the addict themselves – nagging, threatening, getting rid of the supply, etc.  They become socially isolated  They blame each other and themselves when this fails

Slide20Stages Family MAY  Go Through:  Stage three:  Chaos and Disorganization  A crisis occurs because of the addict’s abuse of drugs – can no longer deny or hide the problem.  Family feels helpless, violence may occur, frightened  May look for help – want “magic solution”

Slide21Stages Family MAY  Go Through:  Stage four:  Reorganize  Family gets help for themselves – not waiting for the addict to want help  Ignore the addict or treat them like a child  Conflicting feelings – love, fear, anger, shame and resentment