Improvement of Business Climate in Chelyabinsk Region

Improvement of Business Climate in Chelyabinsk Region

In September 2013, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russian Federation, stated that the key priority of Chelyabinsk Region is the improvement of business climate. This became

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PowerPoint presentation about 'Improvement of Business Climate in Chelyabinsk Region'. This presentation describes the topic on In September 2013, Vladimir Putin, the President of Russian Federation, stated that the key priority of Chelyabinsk Region is the improvement of business climate. This became. The key topics included in this slideshow are . Download this presentation absolutely free.

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Slide1September, 2013 Chelyabinsk region Agency for investment development of the Chelyabinsk region

Slide2Vladimir Putin,  the President of Russian Federation, said « Our key priority is the improvement of business climate. It’s our common task » Agency for investment development of the Chelyabinsk region Mikhail Yurevich ,  the Chelyabinsk region Governor, said : « Creating favourable conditions for investment operations is one of the most important directions in our economic strategy »  Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI)

Slide3interaction  with  business  community  based  upon  the  principle  of  “single" window -   promotion  of  investment  opportunities  of  the  Chelyabinsk  region  through  both participation  and  organization  of  forums,  exhibitions  and  conferences   -  consulting  services  for  local  authorities  as  well  as  small-  and  medium-sized enterprises  in  terms  of  the  development  of  business  projects -   interaction with federal and international development agencies -   administrative  support  for  investment  projects  in  all  spheres  of  business -   representation  of  the  region  in  joint  projects Agency main objectives :

Slide44-   is situated in the centre of Russia between Europe and Asia ; -   territory is  88.5  thousand square km.   (0 . 5 % of Russian area ); -   is situated on the crossing of highways Chelyabinsk region

Slide5Economic potential ofChelyabinsk region 5 Long-term credit rating -  BB + national scale rating  «ruAA +»,  forecast -  'Stable' by  Standard & Poor's  credit rating agency Among the regions of Russia 1 st   place -  production of pasta 3 rd   place   -  p roduction of poultry products 4 th   place   -  production of steel pipes 6 th  place   -  the volume of shipped products in manufacturing 8 th  place   -   foreign investment   12 th   place -   volume of agricultural products, retail turnover Our companies output   26.8%  of russian finished steel and  25.7%  of steel,  11.4%  of steel pipes,  24%  of pasta

Slide66« Malaya Sosnovka » Industrial innovations park Industrial parks in the Chelyabinsk region Private industrial park

Slide7«Yuzhnouralskiy » multi-modal transportation and logistics complex 2013 TLC  « Yuzhnouralskiy »/   the Chelyabinsk region

Slide8The main task isUrumqi Chelyabinsk Moscow Munich Zabaikalsk to reduce the transit transportation  distance  from western China through Kazakhstan to Russia  by over 2 times

Slide9Location at the distance of 76 km. south of Chelyabinsk  the area of 180 ha  the distance to the Kazakhstan’s  border ~ 60 km. the  area  is  180  ha.  It   includes  116  ha  for  container  terminal and  storage  of  "A“  class,  and  64  ha  for  assembly  plants

Slide10Area: Top ViewContainer  terminal  including storage containers ground and warehouses of "A" class The first phase of construction N

Slide11railway terminal  multi-modal transport modern warehouses customs clearance   - establishing more than 2 thousand workplaces -  using the best German experience in multi-modal logistics

Slide12the south urals region is remarkable for its naturallandscapes and ideal for active sports, tourism and recreation

Slide13"Kemma"Chelyabinsk plant of construction industry       is  one  of  the  largest  Russian  enterprises  for  outputting  high- quality  ceramic  bricks  and  art  forging  products.  Highly  skilled m а npower  and  high-tech  equipment  allow  not  only  to  increase the  production  output,  but  also  to  expand  the  range  of  products and  to  develop  one’s  own  engineering  base

Slide14is one  of  the  largest  resorts  in  Chelyabinsk  region.  Steppe climate,  pine-wood  air,  clean  area  and  mineral  water  are salubrious  factors  the  Centre  can  boast  of "Karagayskiy Bor“ Recreation Centre

Slide15"Companion“The Real - Estate Agency     provides  all  kinds  of  real  estate  services  in  markets  of undeveloped  houses  and  existing  home  sales  as  well  as commercial,  luxury,  country  and  overseas  real  estate  sales

Slide16Thank you for your kindattention! 16